The World Needs Your Wisdom and Energy

A man of wisdom and energy!

As a result of all the snow today around the UK, a number of schools closed for the day.

Tomorrow, I was due to speak to deliver some workshops to around 300 pupils at my old school, over 20 years after leaving.

But the weather has meant that the workshops have also been postponed – the school will not be open due to the icy roads and terraces.

Of course there is something positive to come out of this – I can now practice my talk even more – it can be hard sometimes being a perfectionist.

I used to be a perfectionist, but now I am not so sure. Work that one out 🙂

A friend called me this afternoon and commiserated me on the workshops being cancelled. He then mentioned how he too would love to one day go back to his school and share some of his lessons of life with the youngsters there.

I suggested he just had to call the school and offer a talk. He replied that he was not ready yet – and would like to wait for a few years still.

I challenged him to call the school over the next few days. I have watched the development of this friend over the last three years and he has come a long way both personally and professionally. He has so much of value to share with anyone, especially young people. And yet he wanted to wait till some day in the future when he was more “perfect”.

He will now hopefully be speaking at his old school soon.

In the meantime, here are some questions for you to reflect on:-

When will you stop reaching for perfection?
What would you share today about life with the pupils at your old school?
When will you go and speak at your old school?

You are the finished product already and you have so much to offer. The world needs your wisdom and energy today – not someday in the future.

Go out and share yourself as of today 🙂


  1. Kavit Haria says:

    Hi Arvind

    Not sure who the friend is. But the conversation you had with him sounds like one you ought to have with me 🙂 I’m in the same boat.

    – Kavit

  2. Perfectionism for me has always worked against me. I don’t think it is a bad thing, but life is too short and sometimes you need to capture the moment when the opportunity arises for it may not come again. During the years I have learnt to move forward and take that one step forward in life and enter a corridor where you can open many doors for yourself.

    Thanks Arvind for you wonderful newsletters.

  3. Arvind Devalia says:

    Dear Kavit,

    As I said to you last night, don’t wait any longer in talking to your high school about delivering a talk. Once your busy February is over, I look forward to hearing how you get on.

    Good luck!



  4. Arvind Devalia says:

    Dear Gaurav,

    Thank you for your kind words.

    Thank you also for sharing about your journey – and your corridor. May many new doors keep opening for you.

    I remember meeting you at my book reading at Borders Bookstore in Brent Cross last summer. Thank you for attending then and being so motivated to improve your life. Good luck – and I hope to meet you again soon.

    Love and best wishes


  5. Yikes that was last summer? Time sure flies. Are you doing any more book reading seminars across North London ? Would gladly attend again!


  6. Arvind Devalia says:

    Hi Gaurav

    Yes – that was last summer!

    I will probably be doing more seminars in the summer and later this year, so look out for the announcements in my newsletter 🙂

    Love and gratitude