1. GO! Smell the flowers says:

    It’s christmas every day, right? Or is your central heating on too high? You’ve one happy plant whatever the reason….the question is, does it smell? We had to ask…mind you don’t scratch your nose finding out!

  2. Arvind Devalia says:

    Indeed, it is Christmas every day!

    It is my birthday next Monday – and of course it is also my birthday every day!

    I previously posted this article about it being your birthday everyday:-

    I have just smelt the cactus tree flowers – and yes, there is a faint, delicate aroma. Very pleasant indeed.

    My nose is still intact 🙂

    The flowers are so delicate and fine, and yet have so much detail – I wish I could capture their true essence with a camera.

    Happy Christmas!

  3. GO! Smell the flowers says:

    Glad you are smelling the flowers and your nose is OK Arvind – a great inspiration! Happy xmas & birthday to you from GO! Smell the flowers in Dubai.

  4. Arvind Devalia says:

    I have just received an email from a good friend Maureen Goodman, who also has a Christmas Cactus plant. She says:-

    “Thanks for this! You see, this plant is called either a Christmas or an Easter Cactus depending on when it flowers. If you give it lots of love it will flower both times! I have some buds appearing too!”

    So there we are – keep spreading your love and flowers buds will appear everywhere 🙂

  5. GO! Smell the flowers says:

    Xmas and Easter…it’s all good for year round flower smelling! The law of attraction, right?


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