Friday the 13th – How Never to be Unlucky Again!

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Do you go through life feeling unlucky?

And are you superstitious of Friday the 13th?

Friday the 13th, is here yet again and for some people it comes around all too quickly.

There is even a name for the fear of Friday the 13th – paraskavedekatriaphobia, a word derived from the concatenation of the Greek words for Friday, thirteen, and phobia.

It is also spelt in various different ways – paraskevodekatriaphobia or paraskevidekatriaphobia or friggatriskaidekaphobia.

Due to the quirks of our calendar, Friday the 13th comes around once every 6 to 10 months – and for various reasons in many cultures this day is considered to be of bad luck.

Apparently some people even refuse to get out of bed in case any bad luck strikes them!

I wrote a while about how to make your own luck even on Friday the 13th.

Today what I would like to consider is what makes some people just luckier than others – and how you can be one of them.

“People always call it luck when you’ve acted more sensibly than they have.”Anne Tyler

You know the type I mean – the ones for whom everything always works out well, who are always happy and smiling and they go through life with a skip.

Unlike the people who stay in bed all day on Friday the 13th, these people go through life with a breeze and they go out and make it happen for themselves and others.

Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.” – Lucius Annaeus Seneca

You never hear them moan, nothing is too much of a challenge and they are a delight to be around.

Too good to be true?

Here’s how you too can be one of them:-

1. Stop believing in superstitions.

Friday the 13th is considered unlucky by many people for various reasons, but others consider it to be lucky!

So my point is stop believing in unsubstantiated superstitions. My logical mind cannot see how your fortune can be related to the stars, the day of the week or which side of the bed you got out of.

Maybe one day it will be proved otherwise to me, but for now I believe in a simple logical view of the world.

As for my friend Eduard Ezeanu said, stop believing in undocumented superstitions – you can easily create a self fulfilling prophecy just by believing Friday the 13th is bad luck.

So be prepared to question your own superstitious beliefs and challenge them.

For example, next time you go past a ladder propped up against a wall in the street, deliberately walk underneath it. Start breaking away from your chains of superstitions.

Friday the 13th - time to make your own luck!

2. Don’t let your religious beliefs hold you back from giving your best.

This leads me to a really key point – do your religious beliefs lead you to see life with a fatalistic viewpoint?

Do you believe that no matter what you do or don’t do, your life is destined to turn out a certain way because of some past life or even current life misdeeds? So you might as well not bother trying too hard?

Are you living your life based on the principle of karma from the past, or cause and effect in this lifetime?

If so, I respect your viewpoint. However, be sure to distinguish between superstitions based on religious mumbo jumbo and real scientific facts.

Coming from a Hindu background, I have been exposed to the concept of karma from past lives and how in this life I had to make up for past digressions. Also I had to be “good” in this lifetime so as to be luckier next time around. (actually I can’t even imagine being even luckier than I am now).

However I have come to my own understanding that I am here right now, and I have enough challenges and things to do in this life time rather than having to look back on what happened in previous lives.

And whilst I am here  I shall lead the best life I can, do my best for myself and others, and not worry about past or future lives:-)

You don’t to suffer to have a great life – remember that no pain, no gain is just a myth.

3. Just do it.

I have come to the gradual realisation that the people who succeed and make it happen in their life are the ones who just do it.

“We must believe in luck. For how else can we explain the success of those we don’t like?Jean Cocteau

There is only so much navel gazing you can do, only so many personal development seminars you can attend and only so many gurus you can bow down to.

There comes a time when you just have to take action and make it happen.

“Shallow men believe in luck. Strong men believe in cause and effect.”Ralph Waldo Emerson

Clearly you need to be out there in the world amongst people if you are to attract lucky things in your life. But there has been a whole school of thinking built up around the law of attraction and how you just had to visualise something and then sit back expecting good things to fall in your lap.

Yes, it is good to get clarity about what you want and visualise what you want, but you still have to get off your backside!

As my friend Karol Gajda wrote recently:-

Just. Do it.

But he said it a bit more colourfully than I did!

Good luck is another name for tenacity of purpose.”Ralph Waldo Emerson

I am a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work the more I have of it.” – Thomas Jefferson

4. Look to help others where you can.

A key to success for creating your luck is to look out for opportunities to help others. That will focus your mind away from any perceptions of bad luck you may have but more importantly create good will towards you.

Of course, doing things for others will also make you feel good about yourself.

You can do something simple like introducing a friend to someone who can help him/her such a plumber.

Of course random acts of kindness are always welcome – here are 29 simple ways to carry out random acts of kindness every day.

I am sure you can come up with more of your own.

At the same time, don’t become a doormat either whereby others take advantage of you. Maintain your boundaries and be alert to people who are taking you for a ride.

friday the 13th watch out!

5. Create new connections – it’s so easy now

With the advent of social media, you now have access to people all over the people with the resources and expertise to help you with anything you want.

You will now never be short of finding someone who can change your luck and help you achieve whatever you want.

Learn about the zen of social media marketing and how to make it happen.

Also, if you choose to do so, you can create and cultivate myriad friendships with like minded people, who will not only enrich your life, but you will never again be short of someone to bounce ideas of.

6. Look out for opportunities all around you

They say the streets are laden with gold, but firstly I have never seen this gold and more importantly, I don’t know who “they” are and I have never met them! Not yet anyway.

People who are seen to be lucky are open to experimenting, being out there and trying new things.

My point is that there are opportunities for new business and work all around us. There are also opportunities in other areas of your life such as potential relationship partners, new friends, new things to try out and so on.

There is so much richness and opportunities all around you for “changing” your luck. Just be openly on the lookout for them.

7. Follow your intuition

We all have lucky hunches but often do you follow them through?

As you look out for new ideas and opportunities, learn to follow your intuition. Listen in to that sixth sense and literally follow your gut instinct.

A few weeks, I met a friend of a friend at a social event, who was very keen to meet up to discuss some mutual business ideas and called to meet later the same day. My instinct kicked in and I suggested we met a few days later at a neutral venue.

Sure enough his business proposition just didn’t resonate with my values and by listening to my intuition I avoided wasting a lot of time and energy – which I could then devote to more fruitful and resonant stuff.

From here on, learn to listen to your intuition and never miss an opportunity again.

Give luck a chance to find you.

And talking of intuition, do subscribe to this excellent blog – powered by intuition, written by my friend Angela Artemis.

8. Cultivate a positive attitude – always look on the bright side

Nothing beats having a positive cheerful outlook.

No matter what is going on for you, by adopting a more positive approach to life will bring forth better circumstances sooner rather than later.

Granted – stuff will happen but of course it’s up to you to choose how to interpret these things.

The only thing that overcomes hard luck is hard work” – Harry Golden

Expect good things to happen to you – and they will.

Remember to lighten up and light up the world.

And yes, always look on the bright side:-

9. Learn from the past

It’s a dumb to keep doing the same things again and again and expect things to change.

So learn from your mistakes and do things differently so as to “change” your luck.

Take courage, let go of the past, learn and move on. You know it makes sense.

A pound of pluck is worth a ton of luck” – James A. Garfield

10. Have a zest for life and always do your best

Cultivate a zest for life – and then no matter what happens in your life, you will always have the energy and resources to come back again smiling as ever.

Along with zest for life comes always doing your best

Luck is what you have left over after you give 100 percent” – Langston Coleman

11. Live with an attitude of gratitude

Finally, be grateful for what you already in your life.

Simply look around at all the things to be grateful in your life and learn to live with an attitude of gratitude.

Remember that life is a miracle – indeed live your life as if everything is a miracle – and you will be well on your way to be always lucky.

Everyday is a miracle and a lucky day.

If you just pause and think about it, you are already very lucky to be even alive and have all the amazing things in your life.

Yes, perhaps you maybe just need to fine tune one or two things, but overall what you already have is amazing.

Never again curse your luck – and especially not on Friday the 13th.

So this Friday 13th, this day of paraskavedekatriaphobia, rather than hiding under a bed, take on the world and go out to make your own luck.

You know it makes sense.

PS I was going to wish you the best of luck, but you know you don’t need it!

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  1. Great little seeds, Arvind!

    “Just do it” has been my motto this year. What a difference it has made! Ran my first 8K, signed up to be a Big Sister through Big Brother/Big Sister, tried Hot Yoga, went to the Buddhist Temple for guided meditation and adopted a dog in need of rescue. We’re all busy but life is short. You’ve got to make time for new experiences and the wonders that you are drawn towards.

    Oh and check out and the cool inspiring video. It’s a site you can share your acts of kindness.


  2. Arvind,
    I really enjoyed this article! I do believe we make our own luck in this world too.
    Everything, as I see it, boils down to energy frequencies and vibrations. If we’re sending out an energy frequency of joy and gratitude that frequency will resonate, as sure as a tuning fork, to other people and situations emitting the same frequency. So I agree with you 100% – Friday the 13th is nothing to fear unless perhaps you go see the movie……now that’s something to find scary.
    I love that you used a great big Greek word at the end: paraskevedekatriaphobia!
    I’m Greek and I never heard that word before. Thanks so much for adding to my vocab!
    Also, thank you for the link love x3!
    Angela Artemis’ latest post ..Hey! There’s a Face in That Orb!

    • Angela, you are most welcome – thanks for the very insightful and relevant links which added great value to my post.

      Indeed it is all about energy and I believe that our goal in life is to resonate at as high an energy as we can.

      I have never watched any of the Friday the 13th movies but watched a short clip once which was more than enough. I just cannot see how people class that as entertainment.

      Now that you know what it means, happy paraskevedekatriaphobia day!
      Arvind Devalia’ latest post ..Friday the 13th – How Never to be Unlucky Again

  3. I love the last line in your post “PS I was going to wish you the best of luck, but you know you don’t need it!” 🙂 that’s truly fabulous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Yes we do and can create our luck and it’s a choice to fall into fear & superstition. I love the timeliness of this post – celebrating Friday the 13th tomorrow 🙂

    You offer really great suggestions here – create connections, gratitude, look out for opportunities all around you
    Aileen’ latest post ..The Leg­endary John Wooden Series- Intentness

    • Aileen, welcome again to my blog.

      Fear & superstition versus being open minded & taking action – there is no question which you should go for.

      And of course adopt an attitude of gratitude always – who needs any wishes for good luck?

      Glad you liked the various suggestions. Just remember – always look on the bright side of life!

  4. Hi Arvind,
    I tend to think about the day in a long time ago I decided Friday the 13th would be extra lucky for me..and I make it so..just as I allow for every day to be full of wonder and delight.. you have many valid points, and I’m glad that you shared them…culture, media, social awareness all put a stigma on this day..and it is my choice not to embrace that stigma, but to instead embrace the Truths that I know..

  5. Great post Arvind.

    It makes me wonder why people focus so heavily on the bad luck side of things. I mean even dedicating a day to bad luck really takes the cake!
    I wrote a short story called Superstition about Friday the 13th and the crazy beliefs attached to it.

    Why don’t we start a trend and dedicate a day to good luck? Surely we could find an auspicious day like Thursday (Thursdays child has far to go – according to Mother Goose) or Sunday (day of the sun) and associate an auspicious good number with it like 3 or 7 or better yet 9? Then we can believe that good things will happen to us.
    Andre’ latest post ..Comment on You Control Your Destiny 1 by admin

    • Andre, glad you liked this post.

      I have come to the conclusion that some people so heavily on the bad luck side of things and negative things in general due to their conditioning. There is this geenral feeling that if things are seen to be going too well, then something will go wrong. So might as well focus on the doom and gloom and therefore you will not be disappointed.

      And guess what – it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy!

      I would love to read more of your short story – Superstition. Maybe you can publish at a blog post?

      Great idea to start a trend and dedicate a day to good luck! even better make everyday a day on which we believe that good things will happen to us.

      I once attended a seminar where the speaker had a great way of starting the day. He would wak up and put his arms up – so as to check that he was still alive and not in a coffin! And if he was not in a coffin, then it was a great day already:-)

      So everyone – tomorrow first thing when you wake up, just put your hands up, realise that you are still alive and kicking – and then shout – what a wonderful day!

      PS You may want to forewarn your partner the night before:-)
      Arvind Devalia’ latest post ..Friday the 13th – How Never to be Unlucky Again

      • Thanks for the idea. Never thought of publishing a short story as a blog post being around 2000 words. It is linked on the page Twisted Shorts on my blog. Enjoy!
        As to starting a Good Luck Day, I checked on Facebook and added a page called Good Luck Day. The idea would be to get people to change their thinking about Friday 13th and make the good luck day Thursday 12th. This will get us in the right frame of mind for the so called bad luck day.
        The end result would be to get folk to think of good things happening on that day and every other day.
        Why not? It takes just the same amount of effort but in the positive direction.
        Andre’ latest post ..Comment on You Control Your Destiny 1 by admin

  6. Bonjour Arvind,

    your articles are getting more and more addictive by the day, great job! Great news about the law of attraction, circumstances out here have allowed me to finally get the car I’ve always wanted! And the best thing about it is that I didn’t even have to try too hard to get it, it really has dropped into my lap.

    I caught up with one of my cousins from back home, we hadn’t spoken in years and it turned out that he runs a car dealership in Leicester. In fact, when I used to live there, I had no idea that the dealership down the road from me was actually his. He’s so happy that we’ve caught up and so he’s promised to get me the car of my dreams and drive it all the way over to France.

    I can’t wait!

    Hope all is well in London, really missing you all, but in a good way!


    • Bonjour Sheetal!

      Good to hear from and glad you are now more and more addicted to my articles.

      I have definitely raised my game and there is much more to come.

      Or perhaps you are now just more receptive to my ideas, now that you are in your new liberated environment.

      Great news about you getting a car – it will make a huge difference to your life there. law of attraction in action again – you visualised it, got off your backside and then made it happen. Well done!

      All is well in London – come back and visit us soon:-)
      Arvind Devalia’ latest post ..Friday the 13th – How Never to be Unlucky Again

  7. So pleased to have found you, Arvind! I think we share an attitude to life, for sure.

    I’m a glass half full person – it makes life so much more enjoyable! You are right to say that we can choose how we look at life. Your post has much insight.

    How about this quote?

    ‘If you spend your whole life waiting for the storm, you’ll never enjoy the sunshine.’
    Morris West

    Warm wishes,
    Linda’ latest post ..You Take Yourself With You But Who Do You Bring Back

  8. Lovely Article! I do hope to see you on my first ever blog Arvind and thanks a ton for being there to always help 🙂

    Cheers!! 🙂
    riya’ latest post ..5 Things to Always Remember Come What may

  9. I cannot remember a single Friday the 13th that wasn’t a really good day for me! I always look forward to them as a result 🙂
    Meg – Minimalist Woman’ latest post ..Minimalism and How It’s Shaping My Life

  10. Good job, Arvind. I particularly like points one and two. I’ve been writing about religion vs spirituality a bit in the last couple of weeks.

    People often let superstitions (including religion) stand in their way, and that doesn’t make sense to me. I like to join organizations and systems of belief that support me rather than holding me back.
    Gip Plaster | So Much More Life’ latest post ..Religion is Like The Letter People

  11. I love that Life of Brian clip!!
    I thoroughly believe you make your own luck – by doing all the things above. I’m not really superstitious (although I do still salute at magpies, very daft) but I do believe in karma. However not in a way which wouyld put me off doing things, just in the way that I would always treat everyone how I want to be treated so believe people will also treat me well. It also helps if someone doesn’t treat me well, I just let it go over me as I’m sure they will get their comeuppance at some point.
    Believe you are lucky and you will be, has worked for me:)

  12. I loved the quote: “Shallow men believe in luck. Strong men believe in cause and effect.” It explains all the just do it, perfectly.

  13. I love it Arvind! Luck is a crazy thing. One thing I’ve found to be true about it more than anything is that it is something we can create to a point. Hard, focused, work, on purpose has always been the best way to manufacture a little luck. The stars will line up if you allow them!

    Well done,
    Scott Dinsmore’ latest post ..Dressing Your Mind And Body for Success- A New Look for RFYS … Requesting Your Help

  14. Just putting yourself into action is the only way to reach your goals. Well, if you have any goals. Not many people do, but for those who have goals. It’s what you need to reach it. I don’t mean need in a desperate sense. But need in the sense that this is mandatory to see the results of your thoughts and desires. As long as you don’t give up. You can only give into your desires and achieve what you truly want. Nothing more, nothing less.

  15. Thanks for the interesting article. It makes we wonder about the origins of most superstitious beliefs. I agree that we need to simply change our perspective if we tend to let things such as fri the 13 make us feel anxious. Anything can be taken as a “sign” so we need to choose wisely what we focus on. Looking for opportunities in everything we do is a great approach. Making an effort to seek out people and situations that give us new opportunities provides a perspective change.

  16. In my own experience, many of the best things in my life seem to have the number 13 associated with them. So much so, that I consider 13 to be my “lucky” number! I know that really, I’ve just decided to look at my world in this way and that’s why I see it as so… but it’s more fun than the alternative!

  17. Hi Arvind! There were so many good points that I had a hard time trying to pick my favorites. I love #4 (helping others), #8 (positive attitude), and #11 (gratitude). These can actually be used for anything in life but they also tie in nicely to your topic. I definitely resonated with your quote “Everyday is a miracle and a lucky day”. This is pretty much one of my mottos.

    Thanks for the insights. Loving blessings, Andrea
    Andrea DeBell – britetalk’ latest post ..You with a Thousand Masks

  18. I love that video! I was pretty freaked out about Friday the 13th, not gonna lie. But it actually ended up being one of the best days I’ve had in a long time! Take that, superstition!
    I love the quotes accompanying this post – they really pull the whole idea together. Thanks 🙂
    Michelle’ latest post ..for my own mental sanity…

  19. Great post Arvind. I totally agree with what you said about cultivating the right attitude. It is amazing how things will fall into place when you have the right perspective and attitude about everything that comes your way. There is just something to be siad about having the right energy and always making certain it is integrated into your perception about what is happening and also what you can attract in your life. Great post and great information.