Thanksgiving Week Lesson 4 – How To Harvest the Wisdom from My Top Blogger Friends

time to harvest some wisdom!

Happy Thanksgiving Day everyone!

As you spend this day of thankfulness and togetherness celebrating with your loved ones, I would like to offer you the collected wisdom from my blogger friends.

They are some of the best known, established and renowned bloggers in the world today. And you are in for a thanksgiving treat.

Now I appreciate that you may not even be celebrating Thanksgiving Day today – if so, then please do take some time out to get present to all the goodness in your life.

This is the fourth in my series of five special posts for thanksgiving week.

Check out the first three posts here:-

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Thanksgiving Week Lesson 3 – How To Add a Little Sizzle to Your Relationships

To start with, here’s a question I invite you to reflect on:-

What is the greatest gift you can give to the world on this day?

I asked my blogger friends exactly this question and invited them to share their favourite articles from their blogs for today and explain why they had chosen that particular post.

The outcome is that they have a contributed an awesome bounty of wisdom that will stand you in good stead always and not just today.

I am not given to exaggerating, but your life will never be the same again!

Please do bookmark this page and take your time to go through their articles. Reflect on and absorb their wisdom and teachings into your life. And let me know how you get on.

I feel fortunate to know and call all these bloggers my friends; though amazingly from the list below I have only ever met one of them in person – Jennifer Gresham.

I know that this will change over the years to come as I intent to meet to them all:-)

All these bloggers are committed to making a difference and I invite you to explore their work and also subscribe to their blogs.

As I think about these blogger friends, the words that come to my mind are inspirational, caring, passionate and fun.

I am proud and honoured to present to you these pearls from these friends.

Here they are in alphabetical order, except I chose to put Zeenat at the top as with a name beginning with Z, she usually ends up at the bottom:-)



Zeenat Merchant-SyalHow to be YOU no matter what – 7 simple tips

“Being authentically YOU is not always the easiest thing to be and I know this cause I’ve had a hard time in the past just being me until I found out who I was – sharing this article in your thanks giving post is just my way of acknowledging and giving thanks for the uniqueness of each and every beautiful individual.”


Alex BlackwellThe Best Things in Life

“The best things in life aren’t the things we have, but rather who we get to share these things with. The best things in my life are sitting with me on Thanksgiving Day.”


Amit Sodha 10 Magnificient Messages to Spread Across the Globe

“I want to share this article with the world as it encompasses every core belief that you, I and most other people in the world of personal development will hold dear.


Anastasiya Goers Give yourself the gift of Inner Peace

“If there is one thing you can make happen today – let it be a step towards your inner peace. Everything else – happiness, balance, serenity – will sprout from it.”


Andrea DeBell – A Brief Guide to Loving Everyone

“Besides giving thanks, the Thanksgiving holiday is also an opportunity to express love since we’re grateful for the love the Indians showed towards the pilgrims and the love we share with our dear ones.”


Angela ArtemisAlways Keep Your Dreams Alive.

“On Thanksgiving, remember to give thanks for your dreams because whether we realize it or not, dreams fuel our lives; without them there’s no passion and not much point in going on.”

SPECIAL BONUS Article from Angela for thanksgiving – The Amazing Grace of Thanksgiving


Barrie Davenport Make 2011 the year of you

“I chose this post because this season is a time of reflection and preparation for a new beginning, and I want to support readers in making bold, positive changes for 2011.”


Chris Guillebeau The decision to be remarkable

“Because the world is waiting.”


Courtney CarverLessons from love and marriage

“I am most grateful for love and hope my story inspires others to think about the love in their lives.”


Dave Ursillo11 Ways to Pay Daily Alms Without Paying a Dime

“A piece that expands upon the religious rite of alms-giving and turns the idea of giving to very human, spiritual, non-financial ways.”


Dragos RouaWhy Less is More

“Because we really need to focus more on what we have, and less on what we don’t.”


Farnoosh BrockCelebrating 100th post with 100 lessons about life and blogging

“I never thought I’d feel so grateful about blogging and that I would learn so much about life through blogging, so I marked the occasion. Here I share a milestone celebration with my readers and reflect on the 100 lessons I have learned along the way.”


Gail Brenner Unleash Your Generosity Everywhere!

“When we are able to be generous with ourselves, our hearts are full, and we naturally express generosity toward everyone and everything.”


Henri JunttilaHow to Enjoy Life

“Thanksgiving is all about enjoying life. Life is about enjoying life, but especially thanksgiving, and sometimes we need to be reminded of the fact that we’re here to do stuff we love”


Jennifer Gresham Don’t Go Don’t In Fame: 5 Warning Signs You’re Too Ambitious

“When we take time to reflect on what makes us most grateful, we usually credit the people who surround and support us, not the accomplishments we achieved in hopes of impressing them.”


Karol GajdaHow To Stop Having Problems or “The Eighty-Fourth Problem”

“For whatever reason the Holidays, while bringing out the best in people, also bring up a lot of “problems” and “situations.” This article can help.”


Katie Tallo – How to Be A Girl

“I am thankful that I grew up free to go to school, free to choose when I married, free to decide when to have a child — choices some girls don’t have.”


Leo BabautaBreathe

“I think with the busy-ness of the holidays, it’s good to remember to breathe.”


Linda Hewett – Thanks Dad for the Memories

“I was blessed to have my lovely, modest dad and I know he would be touched and surprised that I’ve written about him for all the world to read.”


LisaMonograms and Doc Martens

“I wish for everyone the chance to become friends with their inner goblins, especially those who cannot be defeated.”

Lisa H (RunningBear)Be Grateful for What You Have

“I have selected this article because it is a good reminder for us to be grateful for what we have and to give to others on this day. To me, that is what Thanksgiving is all about.”


Lori Deschene50 things to love about life that are free

“There’s a lot to appreciate in life that doesn’t cost a dime.”


Sandra Lee 101 Rays of Gratitude

Inspiration for exercising your gratitude muscle.”


Satya ColomboOn building a juicy container for getting amazing sh** done + extreme gratitude

“Because it’s juicy and delicious, it has a mouth-watering picture, and it’s the only post I’ve written that mentions making-love on a bed of orange blossoms.”


Stacey Curnow – Thanks for the Memories: How (and Why) to Keep a Special Memories Journal

“The Special Memories Journal serves the same purpose as a gratitude journal—the mere act of writing down precious moments reminds you that they have happened, and that your life is full of them.”


Tess Marshall – On a Rampage of Gratitude and Appreciation

The exercise I offer in the article takes the focus off our own greed and puts it on giving to others who have less.”


There you are – hearty contributions from bloggers around the world to add that extra zest of wisdom and gratitude to your Thanksgiving Day and indeed any day.

Please do check out their generous contributions to you and me on Thanksgiving Day – and also share their work with the world.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone, today and everyday.

And a happy life:-)


Please do also check out the first three posts here:-

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Thanksgiving Week Lesson 3 – How To Add a Little Sizzle to Your Relationships


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  1. What a wonderful collection of articles that shows the power of gratitude! The wisdom found in each one is inspiring.

    Thanks for including me in your list Arvind.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you!


  2. Abubakar Jamil says:


    Excellent series and thank you so much for mentioning my post. Keep it up bro.

  3. Hi Arvind, Aren’t you the bestest to keep li’l ol’ me right on Top?
    I have got to take some time and read all the amazing posts here. Some I have already read..and many i need to truly absorb. Bookmarking this page NOW!
    And you know what I am most grateful for today…Its my beautiful connection with YOU! Thank you for being YOU.
    You heal the world, just by being YOU.
    With Love & Gratitude,

  4. Arvind,
    You’ve included so many worthy and moving articles here from many excellent writers. I’m looking forward to going through the list and reading those posts I missed.

    I’m so grateful to know you and that you’ve included me among this of stars.
    You are my star! Happy Thanksgiving.
    Angela Artemis’ latest post ..The Amazing Grace of Thanksgiving Day

  5. Arvind,
    You’ve included so many worthy and moving articles here from many excellent writers. I’m looking forward to going through the list and reading those posts I missed.

    I’m so grateful to know you and that you’ve included me among this list of stars.
    I know we’ve only known each other now for a bit short of a year, but I count you among my dearest friends. Thank you for being you.
    You are my star! Happy Thanksgiving.
    Angela Artemis’ latest post ..The Amazing Grace of Thanksgiving Day

  6. Whoa! I’m also surprised that you’ve only met two of your blogging friends in person – although you did meet one of my ambassadors, since you hosted my friend Ashley in London last year. 🙂

    I’m also delighted by the wealth of wisdom you’ve compiled and shared with us here. Thank you SO much for this thoughtful and thought-provoking project – I’m honored to be included! Take wonderful care, and here’s to many more days of Happy Thanks (and) Giving!! Much love, Stacey

  7. Thanks so much Arvind for including me here. I’m going to set some special time aside to read them all and think about what I’ve read. I’m so fortunate to have ‘met’ so many new friends today, on Thanksgiving Day.
    Linda’ latest post ..What Will You Risk For The First Time This Week

  8. Arvind, what a lovely collection of voices and a beautiful tribute to gratitude and friendship. I thank you for including me amongst your friends. It is truly an honour. Much love, Katie
    Katie’ latest post ..How to Feel The Earth Move Under Your Feet

  9. What a beautiful Thanksgiving gift Arvind!

    Thank you for sharing all these wonderful posts and providing a way to experience these other blogger’s work. Looking forward to working my way through all these posts.

    Peace & Blessings,
    Tania Tyler’ latest post ..10 Natural Tips for Cold &amp Flu Prevention

  10. Arvind,

    I feel so blessed to not only be included in this special post, but also to have connected with you (and many of the bloggers featured here) this year. You have all truly changed my life.

    Thank you for your inspiration and your kind heart,
    Courtney Carver’ latest post ..The Drip Method- A Minimalist Guide to Success

  11. I, as one of the two lucky people to meet Arvind in person, would recommend anyone to spend an hour or so in his presence as he is as warm a soul as they come. It’s not hard to therefore see how you have connected to so many amazing people Arvind, who have such great insight, love, learning and encouragment for the world. It’s a great pleasure to be included with lots of bloggers I admire for which I hold out my hand in thanks. On Thanksgiving day may we all be the ones giving thanks more often every single day of the year. With unlimited love and blessings to you all. Be loved and love being!
    John Sherry’ latest post ..If You Need Help Why You Should Have A Coffee

  12. Arvind,
    This is an amazing list of posts, and thank you so much for including me. There is so much love expressed here, so much good intention for making this world a better place. Thank you for all that you do.

    I have met a few of the incredible people here, and love being a part of the blogging community. I’ll be in London next spring – hope I get to meet you!


  13. Hi Arvind,
    What a wonderful post for a wonderful day. Thanks for putting this collection of articles together. It is a great reminder of what is really important. It is really an honor to be amongst the ones listed here. Thanks again. 🙂
    Lisa H.
    Lisa H.’ latest post ..A 5 Step Guide to a Stress Free Thanksgiving

  14. Hi Arvind,

    What a beautiful title and rich beyond rich article! There is so much goodness here and I love seeing it all collected in one place. While most of us haven’t had the good fortune to meet you in person, we feel the power of your presence in the beauty, kindness, and clarity of your words each and everyday.

    I’m deeply honored to be considered one of your blogging friends. Thank you! Wishing you a special day.
    Sandra Lee’ latest post ..Happiness Is An Inside Job

  15. Andrea DeBell - britetalk says:

    Hi Arvind! This Thanksgiving series was a wonderful idea. This holiday I’m grateful for your generosity, your beauty, your kind mention, and your friendship. May you have an awesome Thanksgiving with your loved ones. Let me know how the recipes turned out. I’m in the kitchen right now cooking some of them. 🙂
    Loving blessings!
    Andrea DeBell – britetalk’ latest post ..How to Skyrocket your Happiness Barometer with Tiny Actions

  16. Hi Arvind,
    This is a great post. I will bookmark it, take time to read all the articles and meet your blogger friends. Thanks for bringing them together here.

    I am thankful for your wonderful article on TinyBuddha which gave me the chance to visit your blog, connect with you and get to know you . I am looking forward to reading more of your inspiring articles.

    With deep gratitude,

    Qin Tang’ latest post ..Everyday Thanksgiving

  17. Hi Arvind,
    Happy Day of Gratitude to you:)
    Thank you for this amazing list that I know will enrich my journey as I read and process each essay you’ve selected!
    Joy’ latest post ..The Lost Girl…

  18. Thanks Arvind, I am honored to be your friend and to be part of the blogging team that is making a difference in the world as we shift into a new consciousness.

    I will take my time to read and absorb all these articles as we should give thanks and appreciation each and every day. Blessing.

  19. Arvind, Thank you so much! You are a rare phenomenon – a truly good man. I am the better for knowing you. Lisa

  20. Hi Arvind,

    What a beautiful tribute to your blogger friends for Thanksgiving. I’m honored you included me and grateful to know you. Thanks for all the good you do!


  21. Hi Arvind,
    What a wonderful idea you had to bring your community together like this. I appreciate our friendship and all you’ve done to support me. Let me know how I can help you. Send over your guest article when you have it. hugs, tess

  22. Satya Colombo says:

    What a wonderful collection of posts. Thank you for having me join in the fun, and congrats for really pulling this all together this week Arvind — epic!
    ~ Cheers
    Satya Colombo’ latest post ..On building a juicy container for getting amazing sh done extreme gratitude

  23. Satya Colombo says:

    p.s. i’ve already pulled out a few to read – I think it’s wonderful to see what some of my favorite writers have chosen themselves… will have to come back again soon for more! 🙂
    Satya Colombo’ latest post ..On building a juicy container for getting amazing sh done extreme gratitude

  24. Arvind,

    It’s an honor to be included on this list with some truly amazing people. I’m also quite touched by how earnestly you’ve reached out to understand and embrace the American holiday of Thanksgiving, not for its historical significance, but for its emphasis on gratitude, sharing, and compassion.

    Perhaps we in the States ought to focus less on the history, and so much more more on those ever-important qualities as well.