Loans that Change Lives


Have you ever wondered how entrepreneurs in the developing world finance their businesses? Do they have banks and other institutions and what exactly are their borrowing terms?

So often they simply do not have anyone willing to lend or take a chance on them. And this is where you come in!

This December, you all have a chance to do your bit via the BLOG WITH HEART CHALLENGE.

Kiva, is the world’s first person-to-person microlending website, enabling you to make a small loan to 1,000s of entrepreneurs around the world. Their tagline is “loans that change lives.”

Why small loans? Because Kiva serves those people that traditional financial institutions overlook – the poor who want to climb the ladder out of poverty, who just need help to the first rung.

You know that old story about teaching a person to fish and thereby feeding him/her for a lifetime? Well, Kiva does just this – it is a non-profit website that allows you to lend as little as $25 to an entrepreneur that YOU select.

The lenders do not wish to make money, but simply want to help people help themselves. At the same time, the borrowers do not want a simple handout, but a helping hand so they can find their own feet.

You can watch more inspirational Kiva videos here.

For the BLOG WITH HEART CHALLENGE, you can team up with other readers of this blog to leverage your own contributions. The idea is that the readers of this blog contribute to Kiva and we form a lending team with the name of this blog.

This challenge is being held worldwide in the month of December 2009 and it will attract thousands of new lenders to Kiva and consequently help many more entrepreneurs around the world.

You can team up with other readers of this blog to leverage your own contributions.

You will still be an individual making a difference, but in partnership with others here to form a team.

How YOU can join the challenge with my blog – (It only takes two minutes)

Step #1 Register: Go to www.Kiva.Org and register.

Step #2 Join a lending team: Click on COMMUNITY in the navigation bar. Look for the box: ‘Search for a lending team’ and put the name of your favorite blog into the searchbox. Scroll down and push the “JOIN TEAM’ button.

Note: If you wish to support another blogger  – and cannot find his or her blog in the list, write to the blogger and ask them to join the challenge!

(You can join more than one team, if you like).

Step #3 Lend: Click on LEND in the navigation bar. Choose a group or person you would like to lend to. Click on “Lend $25” under the description. Click: “Loan added! Checkout>>” (This line appears when you click on “Lend $25”)

Step #4 Boost your team: On the ‘My Basket’ page. In the upper right hand part it says: “Count towards team:” put the name of your blog team in the box below.

Step #5 Pay: Click on ‘CONTINUE’ and you’ll be taken to the secure payment page.

Step #6 Enjoy lending a hand (and money) in order to alleviate poverty

Are you game? I am!

Please help to make the BLOG WITH HEART CHALLENGE a great success for all. You can do that by telling all your friends about it by email, or Twitter, or on Face Book, or other social media.

Email your other favourite bloggers about it and also get your friends to join the challenge.

Together, we can do it.

Win or lose this challenge, we are all winners!