Neemrana Fort Palace

As I write this on Thursday evening with a mug of hot chocolate to keep me going, and continue to recover and rest from the dreaded flu, I reflect on how I should have been in mid-air over the Alps and on my way to India for two weeks.

Do you ever have something happen to you when you just know it is not meant to be?

My good friend Aditi gets married in Rajasthan this weekend and I will be missing her joyous occasion in an awesome setting.

Her wedding takes paces in at the Neemrana Fort Palace, just over an hour from the outskirts of New Delhi. The various events over the two days will be held in its halls, terraces and amphitheatre.

Built in 1464 AD, Neemrana Fort-Palace is one of India’s oldest heritage resorts, and Rajasthan’s closest palace from New Delhi, situated on the Delhi-Jaipur highway only 100 km (60 miles) from Delhi’s international airport. Sited on a majestic plateau, it is concealed within a horseshoe formation of the billion year old Aravalli hill ranges.

The property covers 25 acres and the stepped palaces of this architectural jewel cut into the hillside to sprawl over 3 acres and rise to 10 levels commanding the most splendid views.

Since 1986, the ruins of this fort-palace have been sensitively restored and reconstructed. The rooms are furnished with an eclectic mix of traditional Indian and colonial furniture, antiques and objects d’art. Most rooms have private balconies or terraces and even the bathrooms are designed to have views!”

What a wonderful setting for a wedding!

I was all set to attend this weekend having urgently renewed my passport via the excellent express service, and visited the Indian Embassy only on last Monday for my visa. Getting a visa from the Indian Embassy in London is quite a story in itself of perseverance, patience and penance, but that will have to wait for another day.

However, later the same day I felt dreadful and completely drained, and the dreaded flu was diagnosed. Having already booked my flight, I would have lost my booking fee but then the universe came to my aid.

In my spam folder I found an email from Virgin Atlantic saying that my credit card payment had not gone through and could I call them if I still wanted the booking! So the universe had supported me in reaching the painful decision to cancel my trip.

Now I wonder what is in store for me over the next two weeks. It is always supposed to work out for the best, so I shall wait in anticipation and awe. All will be revealed in due course, I am sure. In the meantime, I am going to pretend I am actually away – I shall simply rest and enjoy this period of grace.

Over this weekend, I shall be thinking of Aditi and Siddharth, and sending them my blessings.

And if anyone tries contacting me, I am away in India 🙂