A couple of months ago, I was connected by my good friend Chris Macneil to his friends Jim and Emma Wheat in Dubai.

Such is the power of the internet, I have never met or even spoken over the telephone to Jim or Emma but I already feel I have known them all my life. They are living their dream life in Dubai having just returned from travelling around the world.

They are publishing their new book soon, called “GO! Smell the Flowers“.

The book is all about

– Two People
– One Journey
– Many Discoveries

What started for them as a career break and a quest for new opportunities, soon turned into an amazing journey of discovery. Despite their decision to return to “the real world” they have forever changed the way they live their lives.

As you make your plans for 2007, check out their amazing story and new book at GO! Smell the Flowers

How will you smell the flowers in 2007 and the coming years?