Mother Teresa

This year in September 2007, it will be ten years since Mother Teresa passed away. Even till the end of her life in her eighties, she travelled world wide and visited the poor, destitute and dying.

During her lifetime, she was often criticised for traveling first class wherever she went. People who didn’t know the real reason behind the scenes felt the money could have been better used for helping the needy.

However, the real truth was Mother Teresa always booked economy tickets, but all airlines upgraded her. When checking in, she would be offered an upgrade. She would graciously accept and ask for her assistant sister to be upgraded too!

The above picture of Mother Teresa was taken just shortly after she was upgraded yet once again 🙂

There are some key lessons here. If something good comes your way, accept it – because you are worth it.

Always get the best things you can afford – and travel first class through your life. If you expect goodness in your life, you are more likely to receive it.

And when you receive this goodness, be sure to share it with those around you.

Believe in a world of abundance for you and everyone else.