Penguins in huddle

Penguins are amazing creatures having survived for millennia in probably the toughest environment on earth. They survive the harsh months of winter simply by huddling together in thousands.

The way this huddle works is a lesson for all of us in co-operation, contribution and support for the greater good. The penguins huddle tightly together for warmth, with each penguin taking its turn to stand on the outside of the huddle whiles others move inwards.

Scientists have studied this mass huddle in depth and have been amazed at how well this works for the greater good of the Penguin community. The movement of penguins inwards and outwards of the huddle is beautifully self-synchronised and well ordered, despite the howling winds, snow, sleet and sub-zero temperatures.

As always, nature and the animal kingdom show us how best we can live with each other for the greater good 🙂

It is time we began to heed nature’s lessons.