time for love!

It is another beautiful spring day in London – enough to make your heart sing!

This reminds me of the phrase:-

In the spring, a young man’s heart turns to love.

And I would add – and in the summer, in the autumn and in the winter!

Why restrict yourself to just the spring? The point is that in spring time, it feels fresh, and people who are single can visualise meeting someone new to share the long summer evenings coming up. It feels like the time for new beginnings all around. So having cleared the clutter from your life, are you now ready to spread your wings?

What amazes me is just how many single people there are around me. In greater London alone, there are supposed to be over 3 million single adults. So what is stopping everyone from meeting “the one”, if such a concept even exists.

Here are some of the key reasons I think there are so many singletons around:-

1. Not enough time for a relationship.
2. Been let down in the past and don’t want to be hurt again.
3. Too fussy – can’t find anyone who fits the criteria – or there may be someone better around the corner.

But the main reason must be this – “I just haven’t met the right person yet.”

Ok – so here is my simple key to increase your chances of meeting someone this spring and summer:-

Put yourself out there!

You are not going to meet someone if you are not giving someone a chance to find out just how wonderful you are 🙂

For all you know, you could meet someone at your local coffee shop or supermarket. To start with begin to do more of the things you enjoy and you are more likely to meet someone with similar interests.

Not enough time? Then make time for a relationship – it could truly augment your life and add a new dimension to you.

Been let down in the past and don’t want to be hurt again? Then get some help to get over your “stuff” and see what happens. Open yourself to new possibilities – as the saying goes, love like you have never been hurt before.

Too fussy? Great – don’t settle for less than what you are worth! But at the same time, be very clear about what you want and be willing to take a chance on someone who may not appear to fulfill all your criteria initially.

As we look forward to the longer, brighter and warmer days ahead, just give yourself a chance to find someone to share them with.

Just get out there!

time for love!