overgrown garden of Eden

Yesterday afternoon after watching the London marathon, I decided to use all that positive energy and finally get down to creating my own organic garden.

We have a beautiful and very spacious landscaped garden. However there is a patch at the back of the landscaped garden that has been neglected for years and has been overgrown.

With a help of a neighbour, within two hours we had cleared up the weeds and ivy which had been unchallenged for years. Though it was kind of sad to disturb the vegetation and any lifeforms living within, I guess it had to be done for the higher good.

vegetable patch almost ready

Yes – believe it or not, the above two photos were taken from almost the same spot but three hours apart.

The next step is to dig up the soil, add some compost and select the vegetables to grow in our own private allotment. And over the coming weeks and months we can look forward to some very healthy and fresh salads etc. Sounds divine and it also feels like the natural thing to be doing – growing your own food.

There are of course other positives too apart from the fresh produce – fresh air and exercise. Perhaps you should all get your own garden or allotment patch and do your bit to bring more organic and fresh food to your tables.

And if you don’t have your own patch, you know where there is one. We can always do with a helping hand or two 🙂