Life is Too Short To Be Selfish – So Share Your Love Today and Every Day!

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It is a cliché but you just don’t know what is around the corner for you.

As I write this, an uncle is in hospital in intensive care recovering from a major operation. Just before Christmas, he suddenly blacked out and a brain tumour was soon diagnosed.

Luckily, the tumour was in a place that was relatively easy to operate and all being well, he will soon make a full and complete recovery. However the whole family has been shaken by this and we anxiously await his return home and to full health.

The lesson for all of us is that we cannot take any thing for granted and your life can change in a second. My uncle, once he recovered from the blackout, found himself on a hospital bed with no recollection of what had happened.

Whilst various tests were done to identify the cause of the blackout, his life changed dramatically. For a start, he was not allowed to drive anymore as he counted down the days to the operation. He also got used to my aunt and my cousin, his daughter, suddenly fussing over him more than ever before.

The tumour has impacted everyone in powerful ways. Over the last few weeks, we have visited and been in contact with my uncle more than ever before. As a family we have become closer and there is a new level of communications between us all. But it took a tumour to bring us closer to my uncle.

Today, knowing that he was having surgery reminded me of that day many years ago when he was introduced to us youngsters as my aunt’s fiancé. And then I realised that since that time, I had hardly got to know him as a person and indeed had not seen him for almost two years until recently.

It is another wake up call for me and all of us that life is too short. We have to make the most of this moment and also appreciate all the people in our life. Our busy lives and personal agendas make us forget the one thing that really matters and is most important in our lives – people.

Also, so often we have family disputes and misunderstandings that prevent us from making the time for each other. However it is during times like today that you remember the futility of such petty disputes.

At the end of the day, it is the love for each other that bonds us. This leads to some pertinent questions for all of us:-

  1. Who can you contact today and make up?
    Who can you forgive and move on?
    Who can you call right now and reconnect with?

In the all time classic film “Love Story“, the movie ends with the phrase “Love means never having to say sorry“.

However for me today, love means never having regrets about special moments not shared together.

Life is indeed too short. I am reminded about a quote from Shore Slocum, a great teacher, and a mentor of mine:-

“The love you fail to share is the only pain you live with right now in your life”


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  1. Kavit Haria says

    How timely. I was staying over at Rupa’s new property in Uxbridge yesterday. Her sister was there as well. The three of us were doing some DIY before she gives her house for rent.

    This morning at 7am we get woken to the news that Rupa’s mum’s sister has passed away suddenly with a heart attack in Eldoret, Kenya. Rupa and her sister have flown out to Kenya in a matter of hours.

    Just last night we were talking about our dreams and how life is too short.

    It really is short, but those who live it with energy, attraction and joy don’t ever look back on what they should have done.

    – Kavit

  2. Dear Kavit,

    I am sorry to learn of the loss of Rupa’s aunt. It is always painful when a loved one passes away and even more so when it is so suddenly.

    My uncle has now regained consciousness after his operation and all has gone well.

    Over 30 years ago we were on our way from Nairobi to Kitale for a family wedding. There was a procession of cars travelling late at night and the leading car hit a train crossing the road, just outside of Eldoret.

    Miraculously no one died but all 14 passengers suffered injuries and the person sitting at the front escaped with a fractured skull. Each of the families had someone in the family injured, except mine. Funnily, myself and my two brothers had been in that car, but we changed vehicles at Nakuru!

    So you never know what is around the corner – or in this case what is in front of you as you driving.

    At the same time there is always someone looking after you, even though you may not think so at the time.

    My condolences to Rupa and her family.


  3. Hey Arvind,

    This reminder is constantly coming into my life. I lead my life now just looking at the present and not at the future.

    I was having this conversation with my future mother-in-law just yesterday and the main topic was that “everything changes”. All we can do is go with the flow and adapt according to the circumstances. Like you say, we don’t know what is around the corner and anything that we say is going to happen is just just an assumption. The world can run on assumptions all day long but it won’t get anyone anywhere.

    There is only one certainty in life and that is death. Our bodies will all die one day but are souls and our energy is infinite. Nothing can destroy who we are. Not our family, not our friends, not our associates, not our enemies (should we have any).

    The main lesson that I’ve got from life so far is to enjoy life, enjoy the moment, and not to be ready for any eventuality, but to be ready to ACCEPT any eventuality.

  4. Hi, Arvind, Life is too short, leave it as best as you can. Last summer running around the local park with my boys age 11 and 17, I had some breathing difficulties and went for a routine check up (an ECG). I was told to go for an angiogram at the hospital.

    The cardiologist to my amazement said that my LAD (main ARTERY) was 75 to 80 % blocked and he would do an angioplasty (Ballooning) and put a Stent in the artery.

    At the age of 49, I thought this could never happen to me. I use to play Cricket in summer, Rugby and Hockey in winter, squash and other sports with friends and family. I do not smoke and I am vegetarian and lead a healthy life.

    Since coming out of the hospital with that little extra bit of metal inside me, I have looked at LIFE with gratitude and not a challenge. Now I take everyday as it is and enjoy life with my family and friends.


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  2. […] After I returned home, once again I was reminded of the futility and fragility of our lives. In a previous post I have already written about how life is too short. […]

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