1. Abubakar Jamil says

    Lovely post about the need for compassion my friend and it shows the golden heart that you have.

    Thank you for the message and thank you for being who you are.

  2. Yes we do need to be more compassionate. But I don’t think people are fatigued or ignoring Pakistan. I think the problem is that there is so much devastation and war going on all over the globe we can no longer respond to each incident with high numbers. We are being spread too thin because of the enormous amount of need in the world.

    Wars and skirmishes in the Middle East, Central America, and on our own US southern border, just to name a few. There have been many earthquakes in the last year, hurricanes, fires in Russia, drought, landslides in China, excessive heat in many countries. I think we are overwhelmed with the sheer amount of need. That fact is paralyzing to some. How do they choose?

    Couple that with the fact that there is high unemployment and underemployment in the world and people are tapped out. They don’t have as much money to give. Money that would support aid organizations. Governments are broke so they don’t have the funds or resources to send. And, how do they choose which ones to help? If they help them all the amount given to each area is lessened.

    The volume is overwhelming us.

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