1. Kavit Haria says


    You are so right! So much of the time, we expect corporations to step up and show responsibility in the community. Never do we think; “wait a minute, it should start with me!”

    PSR – for me it means be thoughtful and show no harm to myself, those around me and ecology. This is my social responsibility.

    – Kavit

  2. Dear Mr.Devalia,
    I need your articles for my English thesis.Would you do me a favor?I would really appreciate it.Thank you very much.
    Best wishes.
    yours sincere,
    Jie Shi

  3. Dear Arvind…LOVE & DESIRE TO HELP OTHERS is the foundation of SOCIAL WORK…May do more for others in need>>>Chandravadankaka.
    PLEASE REVISIT my site & also show the contebts to your MOTHER..& your new comments appreciayed…I wish you visit my site again & again & your comments will bring back the SWEET MEMORIES of your dad & his friendship….

  4. Dear Arvind,
    Thank you for this article. I was becoming despondent and depressed due to many social issues in my country, South Africa. First of all, I wrote an essay for my psychology course on “subtle/colourblind/liberal racism”, which really depressed me when I realised how this must have such a negative effect on my Black student friends and colleagues. I felt hopeless and helpless, knowing that there is nothing I can do about this that will protect anyone from being the victim of this type of racism. It is so difficult to address and change. Secondly, the day after I handed in this essay, the xenophobia attacks broke out in Johannesburg. It is awful, terrible, atrocious acts that are commited to human beings. All of this with the pain in Myanmar and China felt too much. I wondered how can I just continue with my normal life if there are so many innocent people suffering… It was good to read your article, just to realise that in my very small way, I can make a change, even if it feels hopeless and useless. I gave my daughter some extra hugs and kisses and told her a few times how much I love her. I also feel more encouraged to keep on telling people around me how important and special they are to me, to be kind to people in general… Maybe, it all does help a little.
    So, thank you for your website and what you are writing. It touched me and inspired me way down here in South Africa.

  5. You’re right. I’ve never heard of Personal Social Responsibility but of course love the concept of CSR and hope more corporations join suit. It only makes sense that us as individuals should do the same. I’d love to help spread this new buzz word. Thanks for making me think!

    • Janet, welcome to my blog!

      I am glad you like my concept of Personal Social Responsibility. All we need now is to get more people around the world similarly interested, engaged and active in PSR activities 🙂

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