1. Arvind,
    I can sit here in the comfort of my home (and I’m sure there is a chocolate bunny or two around here somewhere) – and feel blessed for all that I have (esp. in comparison to some parts of our world). And your reminder here today…well, it reminds me that – as blessed as I am – what am I doing for others who aren’t as fortunate??

    …and that one reaches to my soul…

    Thanks so much for all that you share, for the gifts this space provides, and for today’s reminder about our world…one in which we’re all connected to…

    Happy Easter.

    • Lance, welcome to my blog again.

      We are all indeed really blessed. By being aware of this, we also become open to ideas and opportunities to make a difference to others.

      May you and I connect with other like minded souls here and make the contribution that we are all meant to make to others.

      Happy Easter to you too:-)

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