Glorious Food for Spring Time!

glorious food for spring time!

Food is one of my favourite topics!

And what better time than spring time to try out new recipes and new experiences?!

As I write this from my home office in London, it is a typical British spring day – beautifully rainy, blustery and cold!

Regardless of that, spring is certainly in the air and I can feel the freshness of new ideas, people and events coming into my life. How about you?

As is the custom, I have cleared out a few things (physical items, commitments, even people!) from my life and have made the space for new things more suited to where I am now in my life.

Another major thing to bring in the freshness of spring is that this week I am honoured to be hosting the Carnival of the Recipes and what a wonderful set of mouthwatering and refreshing recipes are coming your way.

Though I am a vegetarian and cannot say hand on heart that I will be savouring all these recipes soon, there is enough here for all tastes and preferences. Enjoy!

1. To start with, please do check out my own recipe for the ideal food feast for a spring morning.

I also grow my own bean sprouts, and you can do it too now – no more excuses!

2. Lokendra Rathore presents A Fish Curry Recipe From Jaipur,INDIA posted at Karan’s Guest House.

This does sound quite spicey and tasty – I can almost recall my own trip to Jaipur. Being a vegetarian (ie no fish), I will be trying this but with tofu instead of the fish.

3. Deb Bixler presents Tomato Soup with Quinoa ยป Increase Metabolism & Live Healthy posted at Increase Metabolism & Live Healthy.

Deb adds that whole grains are more than just wheat, so do try this fun, fast and healthy soup…

I certainly will try this out soon, especially since I love Quinoa – read more here about Quinoa, the soul food of the Andes.

4. This one from Katy uses a secret ingredient- Fennel! I use this ingredient a lot too – do check it out how Katy cleverly uses this – Steamed Mussels with Tomato and Fennel posted at sugarlaws.

5. Jennifer presents Cinghiale My Love posted at The World of Jenotopia.

Now this is definitely not for vegetarians or if you are in a hurry – allow 2 to 3 days preparation and great if you like venison or boar! One I shall definitely NOT be trying out – not in this life time anyway.

6. Jenny presents Share The Food You Love posted at the so called me.

7. Heidi Saxton presents Getting Ready for Easter… posted at Mommy Monsters Inc..

She adds – “Our annual Easter morning tradition: Easter Egg Bread!”

8. Marsha Hudnall presents Healthy Recipe: South Pacific Chicken posted at A Weight Lifted.

9. Tea Party Girl presents Tea Party Girl Answers Seven Tea Party FAQs.

10. MBB presents Be A Vegetarian Part Time posted at Money Blue Book.

11. Expat Chef presents Going Green for St. Patrick’s Day posted at The Expatriate’s Kitchen.

This is an all-green menu in honour of the holiday with some excellent BONUS tips from two renowned pediatrician-authors on how to get your kids to eat green foods!

Green Pasta! Another one for my try out list ๐Ÿ™‚

12. Katy presents Goat Cheese Soufflรฉ posted at sugarlaws.

13. Kathee presents green chile chicken enchildas posted at Chicken Recipes. Another one for me to try out with tofu or soya chunks instead of the chicken!

14. Bill presents Irish Flag Cookies posted at Famous Recipes.

15. Drink Recipes presents Outback Margarita copycat Drink Recipes.

16. Famous Recipes presents Baked Breaded Chicken Breast Recipes.

17. James Brausch presents Costa Rica Drinks posted at Costa Rica HQ.

18. Bothenook presents “Old Time” recipe: Quick Corned Beef and Cabbage. posted at a geezer’s corner.

19. Leo and Catherine in their own imitable style present Food In The Fort — East Meets West Chicken.

And here’s a call for action from them for anyone who thinks they have no time for cook anything. Think again! In the time it takes to make Top Ramen you can make this delicious chicken dish AND follow it up with their favourite lumpy garlic mashed potatoes.

Funnily enough here is just the recipe for their favourite lumpy, garlic mashed potatoes

Leo adds – “Who doesn’t love mashed potatoes? But why does everyone leave out the lumps? And the garlic? You can’t have mashed potatoes without lumps and garlic!”

Okay -mashed potatoes I can certainly eat ๐Ÿ™‚

With lumps of course!

20. Jennifer in OR presents He Makes Pancakes With Such Purpose posted at Diary of 1 – all about how her son makes pancakes ๐Ÿ™‚

Indeed, pancakes a child loves to make!

21. Laura Williams presents Chocolate & Peanut Butter No-Bake Cookies.

22. Elisson presents Dinner with Denny.

23. Woman Tribune presents Natural Mango Banana Soup.

This sounds divine – a recipe for mango banana soup, an all-natural soup that will lift your spirits!

Phew! That will take some getting through. But exciting foodie times ahead this spring

Enjoy and share these recipes with others.

Next week’s carnival will be hosted at – please do send in your favourtie recipes for Greens, Eggs & Ham. Please submit your recipes to recipe.carnival@gmail by 12 p.m. CST, next Saturday, 22nd March.

And of course if you would like to host a future carnival, please send an email to the same address with the word host in the subject line.

Enjoy! And remember the recipes above are not just for spring time.

On that note I am off for a Thai lunch ๐Ÿ™‚


  1. Laura @ Laura Williams' Musings says

    Thank you for hosting this week!

  2. Thanks for hosting, this all look mmmmm, good!

  3. GO! Smell the flowers says

    Gotta love the flowers in that display your showed Arvind!
    Happy Easter to you from all the gang,


  4. I love food too and the flowers are gorgeous!

  5. aussiecynic says

    oh arvind I had no idea you love food like me.. and my fav is fruits and seafood… I think I might visiting you recipe page often

  6. Hi Arvind… what are those in the pic? flowers? fruits or vegetables ๐Ÿ˜€ sowi, makes a good centerpiece I think

  7. Hi Arvind, thank you for listing all these recipes — I love to cook, and especially love discovering new dishes. Happy Spring!!!

  8. Canny Granny says

    While you are celebrating Springtime, and oh, how I long to have a day which is “beautifully rainy”, I am dusting down my shelves, pruning back the garden, dragging down the bag of socks, sweaters and long pants from on top of the wardrobe and generally getting my house in order for Autumn.

    This is the time I think of soups, and of my Slow Cooker.

  9. Thanks so much for including my post!

  10. I love food recipe’s also and sometimes try to cook them when I have time.