1. Congratulation for the publishing of “Personal Social Responsibility”.. i am reading this book and it is such a wonderful book.
    I like the way of presentation and explanation..Currently i am working with a software firm, this book help me to understand true meaning of PSR.
    all the best arvindBhai…


    • Thanks Jignesh for your kind words and for already beginning to implement PSR in your workplace – keep me posted as to how you get on.

      Warm regards


  2. Congratulation What a great great topic. Yes being social responsible is so very important. The only way we can move forwards Good luck

    • Thanks Marja.

      In the light of what is happening today in Mumbai, I do believe that we all need to be more socially responsible than ever before.

      Onwards and upwards…

  3. Gundappa Srinivas says

    Public Social Responsibility Bill

    Deduction From Salary And Profits/Turnover

    An Appeal To All To Introduce This Bill In The Parliament

    We Beg With Folded Hands And Offer My Heartiest Begging Pranams And Namaskar To All Of You To Please Introduce This Bill, Please Dear All Of You Pleaseeeeeeeeeee

    The Latest Reports From Various World Organization States That There Are More Than 500 Million People In India In Very Poor Living Conditions. Also More Than 250 Million People Don’t Get One Full Meal Per Day.

    On The Other Hand We Have Seen That Central Government Employees Who’s Pay Is Being Raised By Huge Percentage, Corporate, Businessmen Are Also Making Huge Money Which Is Evident By Such Demand For Apple I-Phone, Cities Being Flooded With Luxury Cars, More Gold Sale, People Buying Houses Costing More Than 2 Crores, Very High Luxury Lifestyles, Etc.

    The Need Of The Hour Is To Involve Heart, Soul, Mind Of All Those Middle Income, Upper Income, Rich People To Work For The Up-Liftment Of The Down Trodden. Many Of The Fellow Our Brothers And Sisters Want To Help And Do Charity But They Are Unaware, Also The More Charity You Do The Better Blessings From God You Will Have.

    All Salaried People In Government, Public, Private Whose Total Allowance Is More Than Rs.10,000/= Per Month, Henceforth They Will Have To Pay Minimum 1% To Maximum Their Choice CSR Contribution, From Their Monthly Salary, This Will Be Deducted. A List Of Very Good And Noble Organizations Involved In Various Welfare Schemes Will Be Listed And Employees As Per Their Choice Can Donate The Money To Their Choice Welfare Organization. Directly The Amount Will Go To The Philanthropic Organization Account. Hundreds Of Good Organizations Are Doing Very Sound Social Service Infact India Is More Stabilized And Peaceful Because Of Service Of Such Great Ngos Who Are Doing Great Service To The Needy, They Need Further Resources And Financial Contribution Which Will Come Through This Contribution By The Public. The Great Saints Of All World Have Said Very High About Charity And Sharing, Its Immense Benefit To The One Who Give Charity.

    The Same To Be Done To All Kinds Of Business People, Who Will Also Have To Do The Same Contribution Based On Their Profits. Infosys, Wipro And Others Having Their Own CSR Organizations Can Request Their Employees To Contribute The Same To Their Foundation. All Business People Whose Business Exceeds 1 Crore Per Year Will Come Under This Contribution. Our Hon. Mps, Mlas And Those People Who Are Getting Pension Exceeding Rs. 10,000/= Per Month Also Has To Pay 1%.

    Hope The Citizens Of Mother India Known For Their Broadmindedness Positively Contribute To This Scheme And Thus Help The Poor Have A Better Life.
    Compassionate Citizens Forum


  1. Personal Social Responsilibity (24 February 2009) « Plog says:

    […] So I was pleased to get an email from ace networker, Andy Lopata, who put me in touch with the writer, Arvind Devalia (who’s email signature block ends with an inspirational “make things happen”). I’ve ordered a copy of his book “Personal Social Responsibility” from Amazon as I have it on good authority that some of themes in there resonate with the content of our humble CSR website.  Here’s a link to his blog page about the book. […]

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