1. Hi Arvind,

    I remember the last time you posted this – it is so apt for today! We are becoming so disconnected from each other and the earth and this is a beautiful reminder.

    Personally I think eating organic is one good way of protecting the earth and oneself – even though there has been a report out saying that there is no difference in organic and non-organic food – I think they are missing the point – less chemical pollution, no hormones being passed into the water and land and our bodies. Obviously recycling as much as possible and being careful with the electricity and gas and how much water we use. I do my best on a daily basis not to waste these resources either. I feel we also need to connect more to each other – to realise the truth of what is said in that poem. How many times on buses and trains do you see someone who wants to get off at a stop just getting up and either pushing past the other person or just giving them a look – when did we lose the ability to speak to each other and just say excuse me or can I get out please! Please can we all be more caring and considerate of each other – a little word and a smile goes a long way.

    best wishes

  2. Thanks Hilary for your heartfelt words. We are indeed more than ever in need of these sentiments.

    What I have found is that it takes so little to make a difference and to show consideration for other people.

    By the way, you are correct in mentioning this article being posted before – I previously wrote this post on my blog about Personal Social Responsibility – I am now focussing only on this, my main blog. The other blog will soon become just a site for my book.

    This will make it easier for my readers to follow my writing and of course help get get more focussed on just one blog.

  3. Arvind, As someone who has lived in Seattle for many years, I really appreciate this post.

    It’s amazing what senseless damage we’ve done to our planet. In the US, we destroyed the Native Americans’ way of life, including slaughtering the buffalo– animals which had lived and thrived here for countless millenia. And then we imported cows from the British Isles–animals not at all well equipped to withstand brutal winters on the Great Plains.

    By the way, a fascinating book on man’s effect on the environment is Collapse by Jared Diamond, a professor at the University of California.

    • Madeleine, thanks for sharing your own personal insights.

      It really breaks my heart to see the irrevocable damage we are causing to our planet and the harm we cause to our fellow human beings.

      However I get a lot of hope and great inspiration from people like you and other readers who genuinely care about the world and other people.

      Thanks for the book tip – I have just put it on my Amazon wishlist:-)

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