Make It Happen in 30 Days – Just Go On An Adventure!

Just how long does it take to change something in your life for the better?

If you find the idea of making a permanent change daunting, then why not do so for just 30 days?

What would it be like to go on a 30 day adventure during which time you do something everyday you have always wanted to do. Or indeed, you stop doing something?

I first came across the idea of creating success in just 30 days from Steve Pavlina.

The concept of doing something for only 30 days works well at many levels as it is just something you do or not do for 30 days – after that you are free to choose to make it a new habit and a permanent way of being. Or you can go back to your previous way of being.

The choice to make it a new habit or return to your old ways is entirely yours.

The beauty of a 30 day “challenge” is that after 30 days you are more likely to make it a permanent change. Also the idea of giving something up e.g. fizzy drinks will not seem too painful if you know it is only for 30 days.

Actually I don’t like calling this idea a 30 day challenge, as the word “challenge” implies that it is going to be hard. I also considered describing it as a 30 day crusade, but that too sounds like something you have to fight for and struggle against.

This shows just how our language impacts our view and perception of the world.

I therefore prefer to call it the 30 day Adventure.

So are you ready to join me for a 30 Day Adventure?!

You can do so in any area of your life and if you like, you can choose to do more than one thing.

However, remember that by definition, your 30 day adventure is meant to be fun so only take on what you can realistically handle. There is no need to feel overwhelmed or to beat yourself up afterwards for not having done all the things you wanted to do!

The benefits of doing something for 30 days are many. You also learn a lot about yourself when you put yourself through a test like this.

To get started, decide just what you will do or not do over the next 30 days. Then do whatever it takes to make it it happen.

Create an incentive for yourself, build a support team and get some accountability from a close friend or partner. Maybe you could also invite them to join you by creating their own 30 day adventure.

The key is to enjoy the experience and the journey. You must have fun doing it.

I know how some people just love an adventure (but not a challenge!) so I am inviting all of you to join me on this 30 day adventure beginning Sunday, 1st November.

By the end of the month, 30 days later, you will have achieved something you have always wanted to do.

Of course you can go on your own 30 day adventure anytime you like even if it is the middle or end of the month. Just decide what your adventure is going to be about and get started!

Here are some ideas to get your juices flowing:-

1. Kick Start your Health and Fitness

If you could change just one thing in 30 days why not do so in the area of your health? Once you are vibrant and energised it is easier to have adventures in other areas of your life.

Keep it simple – do some form of exercise each day e.g. walk, gym, yoga. But do be intentional and commit to one specific thing you will do each day e.g. walk a minimum of 30 mins.

It is even better if you can do this the same time of the day such as early morning.

If you are a smoker, how about not smoking for 30 days? Or how about forgoing fizzy drinks?

Did you know that in the USA, cocacola is used to clear up the bloody road after a car accident?! So if that stuff is so potent, imagine what it is doing to your insides!

2. Sort out your Finances

Make the next 30 days the time to get your finances in order. This is as good a time as any to review where you can make significant savings.

How about making a saving of $1,000 in 30 days?

At least in 30 days time, you will have a better idea of your financial picture.

3. Simplify your Life

Just how simple and minimalist is your life?

Over the next 30 days become passionate about simplifying your life (or is being passionate about simplicity a contradiction?!).

How about reviewing your life over the next 30 days and doing something each day to simplify it?

This could be as simple as clearing out one physical product from your home each day for 30 days? You can either throw it out or give it away.

Just imagine how much more space and energy will be freed up in your life as a result.

To really take on minimalist living, check out Leo Babauta’s new website –mnmlist.

4. Create your Legacy and Do Something for Others

This is a big one for everyone and it would be wonderful to devote 30 days in a row for this.

Create a legacy for your children that is worthy of you.

Your legacy doesn’t have to be something huge right away, though it will be one day.

How about just doing something kind for one person each day?

Here are 29 ways to carry out random acts of kindness every day. You could actually do a different thing each day and on day 30, you can repeat one of the other ones:-)

5. Improve all your Relationships

How about doing something special for your partner for each of the next 30 days, over and above what you would do usually?

You will reap the benefits of doing so in the long term.

As for the other relationships in your life apart from your partner, over the next 30 days, you could also improve all your relationships with this powerful yet simple trick.

Also check out these 11 streategies to instantly improve all your relationships. 

6. Strive for Excellence

Do you want to improve a skill or learn something new in 30 days?

How about taking up salsa or brushing up on a new language?

Read some inspirational books and learn from other people who are experts and world class at what they do.

One thing I am looking to do more of in the coming 30 days is meditation – please join me!

7. Find your Joy

This is a key activity for your adventure and my favourite – simply do something fun everyday for 30 days!

Reconnect with the child in you and play a game! Create more moments of childlike joy everyday.

Remember, why would you want to grow up anyway!?

For some of you, it could be quite a breakthrough to simply do less and have more moments of joy. So create at least one new joyous activity in your life each day for 30 days.

8. Do Something New and Different Each Day

If variety is the spice of life, why not make the next 30 days a time for really spicing up your life?

For example, walk a different way to work, taste a fruit you have tried before, learn a new word, sleep in a different room, listen to music you would never do so otherwise.

You can really go to town on this one – unleash your imagination!

9. Become more Effective in your Workplace

In your work and business life, there are all sorts of things you can either start or stop doing.

For example, in you are in sales or run your own company, how about making 10 sales each and ever day?

Look for ways of becoming more efficient at work. So stop checking your emails so frequently and assign a time to do so. Allow yourself only 10 minutes or less per day on mindless surfing.

You will be amazed at how much more efficient and effective you will be in 30 days time.

10. Make more Time in your Life

Over the next 30 days, look at areas in your life where you waste time – you can then do more quality and fun things.

For instance, stop watching TV for more than an hour a day – or give it up completely. Try getting up an hour earlier than you do at the moment.

Here are 50 ways to spend your time productively.

You can also create more time in your life by getting up an hour earlier than what you do now. I really do believe that we all sleep too much.

Celebration time!

Finally after the 30 days are up – remember to pat yourself on the back and celebrate.

Always acknowledge yourself and celebrate in someway – otherwise, why would you do it?!

You could of course continue to maintain your 30 day adventure as a new habit:-)

As we all embark on this 30 day adventure together, apart from my usual writing, I am committing over the next 30 days to get up at 6am, clearing out at least one item from my home and doing something new and fun each day.

What will you take on over the next 30 days?

Please do share about own ideas and adventures below.

And do remember to share just how you get on:-)

(image courtesy of bingbing)

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  1. Actually, I wrote a novel and I did it once last year; I tell you, if you make a change a follow it even for just 15 days, it will become a habit. Well, it never made to the publishing because it’s kind of ludicruous. 🙂

    What I have been implementing know is patience. I know that patience is not an easy task to master but I believe in the virtue you have stated here. I believe that by mastering patience I can conquer everything. 🙂

    • Walter, why not join me this year and use the 30 days of November to brush up your novel?!

      And yes we could all do with mastering patience – if only we had the patience to master it:-)

  2. What a fabulous adventure Arvind! hmmm still deciding what i’ll undertake….but tell me, what’s your novel going to be about- go on, in 15 words or less!
    Tania x

  3. Ideas With A Kick says

    I like this idea a lot Arvind. I think that the time limit of 30 days is very powerful. It makes this adventure seem more manageable and increases motivation.


  4. Thanks Arvind for mentioning my articles in your post (a might nice thing of you to do).
    I loved your idea enormously. I feel that the next 30 days will definitely be filled with adventures for me (hopefully we will move to the area we like a lot). We’ve had a few family issues that came up in the last couple of days so in the next month I will have to work on restoring my inner balance. I also hope to become more productive in my workplace (however, this will interfere with spending more time with the family). Phew, so much balancing work to do in the next couple of weeks. I think it’s time to get started 🙂

    • Anastasiya, you are most welcome:-)

      It certainly sounds like you have an adventurous month ahead of you.

      It might help if you focus on just one or two areas in the coming month and have a specific goal e.g. spend 2 hours a day with the family every day.

      Good luck with the balancing – if anyone can do it, you can. After all, you are the expert!

  5. I think I am going to do just this and take up the 30 challenge from tomorrow….

    I’m heading back to the gym and will stop doing bad things for 30 days and see where it gets me…

    thanks Arvind, this is really inspiring….


    • Sheetal, that’s great – today is as good a day as any to get started:-)

      And remember that there are no “bad” things, only things which no longer resonate with you.

  6. The idea of 30 days (no pressure) is a great approach. And of course as long as you choose the right approach to improve, chances are it will stick!

    Also, love your idea of calling it a 30 day adventure. Makes me want to go out and start on an adventure today!


    • Krishna, just as I thought, most people would rather go on a fun adventure than be faced with a daunting challenge, though they could be exactly the same thing:-)

      Good luck with your 30 day adventure – and keep us posted with how you get on!

  7. Jeffrey Tang says

    Just a little off-topic, but I’m curious: why 30 days? There are a lot of 30-day challenge ideas out there, but is there something special about 30 days?

    • Jeffrey, it seems that if one applies a new habit everyday for a number of days e.g. 21 or 30, then it becomes a regular way of being.

      I guess the 30 days comes from it being a month and easier to track:-)

  8. Arvind,

    I accidentally stumbled upon your blog today and really loved it. I have way too many mental blocks and afraid to take on any new adventure or commitment. I love to make a some difference to the society. I have good nutritional knowledge and many times advice friends and family. I see few people over eat and many poor can’t even afford to eat. I want to do my part in some way and help the needy. As always, don’t know where start.

  9. Niluka Weerasinghe says

    Adventure is part of life. at least we have do it once a year, we gain experience


  10. Thanks Robin for sharing your post for my readers – very useful indeed:-)

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