How to Live Your Life as if Everything is a Miracle

miracle moth

Do you believe that life is miraculous?

Are you waiting for a miracle to happen in your life?

Just imagine what it would be like to live your life as if everything is a miracle.

“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as if everything is.” ~ Albert Einstein

Sometimes people look for some kind of miracle when their life is in a fix. Other times, people may pray for a miracle when a loved one is seriously ill or when they face a life threatening challenge.

I remember praying for a miracle when I felt I hadn’t done well in a school exam. Somehow I did pass and that was my first personal experience of my own miracle, albeit a tiny one.

In the recent Haiti earthquake, there were many “miracles” of afflicted people surviving for many days under the rubble without food or water.

“The invariable mark of wisdom is to see the miraculous in the common”Ralph Waldo Emerson

What’s a miracle and how does one recognise one?

Wikipedia gives us a number of interpretations of what we mean by a miracle:-

  • An unexpected event attributed to divine intervention.
  • A fortuitous event.
  • Any statistically unlikely but beneficial event, such as the survival of a natural disaster.
  • An event which is regarded as “wonderful” regardless of its likelihood, such as birth.
  • Survival of a terminal illness.
  • Escaping a life threatening situation.
  • Beating the odds.
  • Some “coincidences”.

In all of the above, the common thing is some unlikely or unexpected occurrence, or something that just seems so incredible such as the birth of a child.

I have never witnessed the miracle of a child being born but a few years ago, I was lucky enough to be just outside the hospital maternity where a friend was giving birth.

I heard some faint crying and then 20 minutes later, the beaming father invited me in to see their newly arrived baby son. And there he lay cradled next to his mother, with his eyes wide open and looking as if he had always been there.

It was one of the most beautiful and miraculous moments of my life – I can’t even imagine what it would have been like for the proud father.

miracle of a baby

Just how did that little baby boy happen?

“I am realistic – I expect miracles”Wayne Dyer

In reality, everything around us is a miracle if only we can learn to see and recognise these miracles.

By living your life as if everything is a miracle, every moment becomes something to savour and live in awe of. You naturally get to feel great appreciation and gratitude for your life, knowing that you are blessed with such miracles all around.

To help you become more present to all the miracles in your life – I have split them up into 5 specific categories.

As you read the remainder of this post, I invite you to treat this as your own personal journey into the world of miracles.

After every section, please pause for a few seconds, breathe deeply a couple of times and simply become present to that miracle.

Let’s begin our journey:-

1. The Miracle of Life

The greatest miracle is that you are alive and able to engage in this conversation with me.

Just think about it – how is it that a mass of flesh and blood is able to partake and experience what we call life? What allows us to experience the world through our senses?

What allows you to even lie back and reflect on this life?

If you have never thought about your very life as a miracle, please take a pause right now.

What is it that makes your blood go through your body – and what’s that universal intelligence that makes you tick?

Isn’t it a miracle that somehow life evolved on this planet we call earth, which just happens to be the right distance from our star and where during the course of billions of years, just the right conditions came about for some hydrogen and carbon molecules to gel together and finally evolve into you and me?

I am giving myself permission to repeat what I just said here, since I am so in awe – just how is it that a soup of organic materials somehow evolved into the wonder of you and me?

It all seems to happen like magic – and yet we hardly ever pause to reflect on the biggest miracle of all.

Life – our greatest miracle and gift – and even more reason for you to appreciate it every day.

“Each of my days are miracles. I won’t waste my day; I won’t throw away a miracle” – Kelley Vicstrom

2. The Miracle of Love

miracle of love

After the miracle of life, the greatest miracle is that of love.

But what is love?

Love is much greater than what we feel romantically. It is what makes us sing, dance and makes us human.

“Love doesn’t make the world go around, it just makes the ride worthwhile.”Franklin P. Jones

Love is the most amazing thing in our lives. It is what makes us human, what makes life worth living – in the grander scheme of things, nothing else truly matters. The size of our homes, bank balances, the beauty of our partner, the speed of our car – all those things pale into insignificance when we face the miracle of love.

“Where there is great love there are always miracles”Willa Cather

Love leads to other miracles such as kindness.

Have you noticed how great you feel afterwards when you have done someone a kind deed?

Through the miracle of our love, we can indeed transform the world – even a hug, a loving touch or just a smile can cause the miracle of healing others.

There are so many simple things we can all do on a daily basis to bring more love into our lives. Together we can all make this an even more beautiful and miraculous world than it already is.

So from today onwards, appreciate and acknowledge all the love around you and in you. Look for ways of spreading your love through compassion and making a practical difference to those around you.

3. The Miracle of Your Body

To experience this thing we call life, we need our bodies to function as well as possible. Our bodies somehow sustain themselves, grow, repair and fight to stay alive till the very end.

There are trillions of chemical reactions and exchanges going on within us every second and everything seems to run like clockwork. Even when disease or decay sets in, our bodies continue to strive and sustain themselves almost like magic.

The durability of our body is a miracle in itself – I remember when my first nephew was born a few weeks prematurely and he spent the first month of his life in an incubator.

It was heart-breaking to see this little guy, a tiny bag of skin and bones fighting for dear life and getting stronger day by day, ounce by ounce. Experiencing something like that sure opens you up to the miracle of life – and also makes you realise that perhaps there really is something much bigger than us out there and indeed within us.

From today onwards, why not commit to take great care of your body?

You only have to take some simple and practical self-care steps and your body will begin to miraculously heal itself and sustain you for the rest of your life.

4. The Miracle of Nature

the miracle of life

Where does one even begin to extol the sheer beauty of our natural world?

Let’s start with one of the main symbols of beauty in our society – the majestic flower. Have you ever looked at a beautiful flower closely and failed to be moved by its magnificence and symmetry?

“The miracles of nature do not seem miracles because they are so common. If no one had ever seen a flower, even a dandelion would be the most startling event in the world” – Author Unknown

A flower is but just one example of all the wonderful nature that makes up our earth and indeed beyond the earth. Look at the sky this evening and marvel at all the twinkling stars all around us.

Just how do those points of light just stay there? And who put them up there?

Everything in nature is so beautifully symmetrical and perfect – it is almost like a universal master craftsman or craftswoman was at work.

From today onwards, please spend some time in nature daily and simply appreciate the miracle of what’s around you – from the humble ant to the majestic oak. And then for the rest of your life, be in continuous awe of the nature around you.

miracle ant

5. The Miracle of Your Creativity

Only a few years ago, before the advent of the internet, it would have been impossible to even envisage you and I having this conversation via the medium of the blogosphere.

And yet today, we can send out a single message to thousands of people around the world in seconds.

As a species, we are incredibly creative and intelligent, and sometimes there seems no end to what we are capable of.

You are capable of so much – and probably a lot more than what you are currently doing. You can literally create your own miracles – if you choose to do so.

From my perspective, the challenge really is to channel this creativity into something that benefits the greater good.

So from today onwards, put your own creative gifts to work – and create your own miracles to make the world a better place.

“I have found in life that if you want a miracle you first need to do whatever it is you can do – if that’s to plant, then plant; if it is to read, then read; if it is to change, then change; if it is to study, then study; if it is to work, then work; whatever you have to do. And then you will be well on your way of doing the labour that works miracles.” Jim Rohn

It’s in your hands to see life as a miraculous experience.

miracle of nature

Make the Rest of Your Life a Miracle

Your journey of seeing the world as a miracle has only just begun. From today onwards, your eyes and the other senses have been opened up.

See everything around you as the miracle that it really is – and your life will never be the same again.

So if everything is a miracle, how will you live from now onwards?

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  1. Anastasiya says

    It’s great that you have decided to publish this article on your blog. I was one of the people thinking that it is one of your best articles. It is beautiful (I know I’ve already said it in the comments on GLZ) and very inspiring!

    • Thanks Anastasiya – this blog post gave me a lot of pleasure to write and it feels great to share with more people.

      Can you imagine what our world would be like if more people saw everything as a miracle?!

  2. Rajni Rethesh says

    There are tears in my eyes after reading this. Do I need to pen down more words to express my feeling?

    • Rajni, sometimes words are just not needed and clearly this moment is one of them.

      And no words can truly express the magic we feel when we realise that life is indeed a miracle.

  3. Arvind, I was not lucky enough to have read this the first time around, so I’m very grateful you’ve republished. It’s simply beautiful – like a miracle; simple, but powerful and life-changing. Thank you.

    • Thanks Angela – and you are most welcome.

      The response already to this post today and also to the original version on Good Life Zen has been truly gratifying. It makes me want to write much more of the same vein:-)

  4. Marie Barton says


  5. It is a miracle to seeing your wonderful blog posts. Looking at life with a new set of eyes and expecting miracles to happen, brings with an energy that allows miracles to take place before our eyes.

    • Baker, you have got it spot on!

      I applied this learning only this afternoon and a miracle happend literally within minutes, before my eyes.

      I was speaking to a friend on my mobile about how i would like certain work opportunities to show up and 2 minutes later I got speaking to the couople next to me in business lounge and we discovered some amazing synergies.

      Miracles are all around us – we just have to be open to them.

  6. Love the article and love the photos. A miracle for me is a change in perception. Changing my perception brings me inner peace and love is born in what could have been an argument or negative thought etc. I’m happy you reposted.

    This could be one of those small books we give at graduation time.

    • Tess, great idea about creating a small book for giving out at graduation time. Maybe this post can become a mini e-book?

      Changing your perception is an amazing miracle for bringing you inner peace – may you have many more such miracles:-)

  7. One last thing…Expect A Miracle!

  8. I wouldn’t just say that this is your best piece but also one of the wisest pieces of writing that I’ve read in a long time. Observation of those miracles are what give life the deepest pleasure for me….In the past I’ve called it the mini miracles of life.

    You’ve outdone yourself with this piece Arvind. Bravo.

    • Amit, those are great words of appreciation and they mean a lot to me coming from someone like you. Thank you!

      Knowing what you have just been through, you are clearly someone who knows a lot about miracles, both mini and major.

      Here’s to many more miracles and deep pleasure all around.

  9. Hi Arvind,

    Yes, life indeed IS a miracle! Life itself, the seeming fact that love is the underlying note that resounds through everything, our bodies – you know how I feel about that! Art, music, all creative endeavors – it would be hard to imagine a world without these beautiful creations!

    We have so so much. It is good to remember daily.


    • Yes Lauren, knowing that love is the underlying note that resounds through everything is such a miracle and life would not be worth living without it.

      Look out for my new ebook coming soon – “Love is all that matters” 🙂

  10. Arvind, well, it is certainly a wonderful article – thank you so much for sharing it on your own blog. And as someone who loves photographs of natural wonders, I appreciate the amazing photographs. I think the Einstein quote that opens your article really says it all and for myself I choose to live as if everything is a miracle.

    From the mountains of Japan – Catrien Ross.

    • Thanks Catrien, I took a long time to get just the right photos for this post and I am glad so many readers have liked them.

      Einstein left the world with so many gifts, and quotes such as this one are also part of his great legacy.

      Life is indeed a miracle, and must seem even more so in the mountains of Japan:-)

  11. Arvind, I loved this post. And thinking of the miracle of life and of nature, I wonder if you or your readers know about the 11-part series called “Life” which is being shown in the U.S. on the Discovery Channel. (Last night was the second part.) The photography is absolutely spectacular and features life, ranging fram ants to humpback whales to meerkats to fruit bats. You may have seen it last fall when it was shown in the U.K.

  12. Arvind-

    Thank you so much for this post. I do believe that life is pretty miraculous – what are the odds of our existence in the framework of universe. There is so much to be stunned by – the beauty of the world around us, the amazing people, the joy of the spirit that flows around the world. There are so many small miracles too – the little things that make life so special. I love your post!


    • Phil, thanks for sharing your thoughts whiist you are on holiday in California!

      I will never cease to marvel at how we even exist – how did we ever come about and how did this amazing and wonderful world get created?

      Lots of small and not so small miracles are all around us if we only care to stop and appreciate them. Indeed, there is no such thing as a “small” miracle 🙂

  13. Luc Andria | Art of Legacy says

    Hi Arvind,

    I’m glad we are now sharing this “journey into the world of miracles.”
    That’s another great post, and I loved the pictures – Thank you!


  14. Anne Brandt Dias says

    Greetings Arvind!

    Thank you for opening my eyes and those of others who have read this beautiful article (I don’t like the word ‘blog’). We take so much for granted and never stop to appreciate all that we have and all that surrounds us. We should be more positive and appreciative in life rather than be so negative and critical – part of being human I suppose but still…

    I wish you A Happy Sunny?? Easter week-end!

    A warm hug from sunny Spain,


    • Anne, glad you liked this article.

      I too prefer to say “article” rather than “blog”. Article makes it sound much richer and gives the words some substance, whereas calling it a blog almost trivialises it.

      We could all be more positive and appreciative but perhaps part of the human condition is being a drama king or queen:-)

      Happy Easter from a rainy and windy London!

  15. John Sherry says

    How often does someone say, “You will need a miracle”, as if an endeavour is unlikely or a result impossible? Yet the proof lies all around us as you wisely and beautifully observed Arvind. Proof if proof is needed is how our bodies, nature and life on Earth bear witness to the existence of miracles every single day. The miraculous walks the planet, flowers and blooms, evolves and exists, flows in seas and waters, soars high and flys, lives and breathes. From balls of dust the most glorious, heaven sent world has been fostered and we are priviliged to be its guardians for a while on our time here. We don’t need a miracle, it is already with us.

    • John, thanks for sharing your thoughts so eloquently.

      All around us indeed a miracle if only we open our eyes.

      And I love what you say about us being privileged to be guardians on this heaven sent world – we all just have to wake up this awareness and make the most of the miracle that’s our life.

  16. Wonderful article, Arvind. In our hectic western life, we often don’t take care of the spiritual side of ourselves. It is important to stop and quiet the “noise” in our head on a regular basis so we are able to experience the beauty and the miracles of the present moment. Regular meditation works wonders. Which reminds me of a quote by Blaise Pascal: All men’s miseries derive from not being able to sit in a quiet room alone.

    • Thanks Miss Footloose for sharing that quote from Blaise Pascal:-

      “All men’s miseries derive from not being able to sit in a quiet room alone”.

      As you say regular meditation works wonders – if only more people meditated, they too would then experience and be fully alive to all the miracles around them.

  17. Arvind,

    These 5 categories of miracles are perfect reminders, each one building on the beauty and incredibility of the previous ones. The photos really enhance the message too. When we really take a moment to look – our body is a miracle! Nature is fantastic! And how did we get here in the first place? Thanks for this lovely reminder.

    • Thanks Sandra for your feedback – great that you liked the post.

      As you said, how did we get here in the first place? That is a huge miracle in itself:-)

  18. Alex Blackwell | The BridgeMaker says

    Brilliant post Arvind!

    You’re right – miracles happen everyday; we just need to open our eyes to see them.


  19. Indeed, every day is a miracle, Arvind. All it takes is to open our eyes and really see, and appreciate. It is wonderful for me to start the day reading this fantastic post. Enhanced by the breathtaking photos. Wow. I think my son, Vidur will also enjoy this.

    Thank you for the privilege. I feel good.

    • Vidya, you should definitely share this with your son Vidur!

      Can you imagine how is life will be is he sees everyday from now onwards as a miracle!?

      And Vidya, remember to always feel good:)

  20. Simply powerful! I remember reading it almost two years ago and nothing has changed. It’s all a miracle!

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