How You Too Can Be An Energiser Bunny for 24 Hours a Day!

energiser bunny!How much energy and zest do you bring into your day?

Do you manage to keep going at full throttle or do you start slacking half way through the day?

One of the great things of my life is the many amazing people in it – inspirational people who make my life what it is and who continue to inspire me.

Some people have so much energy, they are like an Energiser Bunny!

Now those of you who don’t know what I mean check out this Energiser Bunny video:-)

As a child growing up in Kenya, I remember we had a little Energiser Bunny and it fascincated me how it kept going and going…

Maybe we too were like that as children – boundless energy, before we “grew up”.

So how does an Energiser Bunny do it?

Being the NLP practitioner that I am, I always seek to learn and model good behaviour in others.

The question I asked myself is what can I learn from an energiser bunny’s way of being and how can I bring it into my own world?

Here is what I have observed and learnt so that we too can all be like an energiser bunny for 24 hours everyday:-

1. Be Committed to Serve Others

Without a doubt I believe this is the single most important quality that makes one stand out – having a selfless commitment to serve others through ones’s work.

Regardless of what you do and your current life situation, find some way of serving others.

Whatever line of work you are in, you can see it as a way of giving back and serving others.

I believe that ultimately, we all want to serve others and we want to give something back – but as we go through life, this noble desire gets lost in our day to day challenges.

Your passion for your line of work will be ignited when you can connect with this deep, deep desire within you to serve and contribute.

“This is the true joy in life, the being used for a purpose recognised by yourself as a mighty one; the being a force of nature instead of a feverish selfish little clod of ailments and grievances complaining that the world will not devote itself to making you happy.

I am of the opinion that my life belongs to the whole community and as long as I live it is my privilege to do for it whatever I can.

I want to be thoroughly used up when I die, for the harder I work the more I live. I rejoice in life for its own sake.

Life is no ‘Brief Candle’ to me. It is a sort of splendid torch which I have got hold of for the moment and I want to make it burn as brightly as possible before handling it on to future generations.”George Bernard Shaw

2. Have a Loftier and Higher Goal

Tied into the concept of cultivating a desire to serve others is the notion of having a higher life purpose.

At the end of the day, the energy and enthusiasm you bring into the world is about your mission or purpose in life. Call it what you like, but what is it that really brings you alive?

What makes you jump out of bed every morning?

Whatever your life goals are, if you keep a higher goal in mind and come from a place of wanting to serve others, your life will be transformed.

If you are committed to a higher goal, your life too will become vibrant. You too will be juiced to enjoy every moment of the day.

Also, don’t sit around all day waiting for your life purpose to mysteriously become clearer to you!

If nothing else, simply make it your life purpose to lead a life of kindness and service to others – and you will be making a wonderful contribution to the world.

3. Have an Infectious Zest For Life

What comes first – zest for life or the desire to serve a higher cause and to lead a life of service?

I would say that by getting clear about what your life is about and what you stand for, you will naturally develop this zest and oomph for living life to the full.

You can also create this zest for life by looking for the good side to everything

The key is not to take life so seriously – a lot of people go through their days as if the whole weight of the world was on their shoulders.

Lighten up and light up the world.

So chill out and lighten up – life is too short.

4. Save and Build Up Your Energy Reservoirs

If you know that your life is for a higher purpose and you want to serve others, then you really don’t want to fritter away your energy and life force in nebulous or wasteful activities.

Focus only on the important things, and blank out everything else.

Simply do nothing more than what’s at hand. Sounds easy and if you need help, there are numerous resources out there to help you focus,

At the same time, don’t let your environment drain your energy.

Declutter ruthlessly and answer my 20 questions that will simplify your life forever.

Do also plan your day and stick to specific work times – don’t let your energy be sapped by unnecessary tasks.

5. Have a Daily Meditation Practice

A great way of keeping your energy high and being ground is to cultivate a meditation practice.

Regardless of your spiritual and religious path, have a meditation practice daily, even if it’s only for 15 minutes in the morning.

A lot of myths have built up about the right and wrong way of meditating but all you need to do is to sit still quietly in one place and let whatever thoughts come and go.

You may even want to attend the occasional meditation retreat once you really get into it.

6. Cultivate a Childlike Zeal for Learning New Things

Develop a childlike curiosity about the world and how things work. Do more of the things that you enjoy and bring out the child in you.

I remember how fascinated and in awe I was when I first saw the Energiser Bunny all those years ago. But where does that childlike wonder go?

Just imagine what the world looks like to a child – a world full of awe and wonder

You too can learn to live your life as if everything is a miracle.

miracle moth

7. Develop a Love of Teaching Others

A great way of lighting up the world is to share your own passion with others. What better way is there to live than to share your special gifts?

And believe it or not, you do have many gifts that the world is just waiting for you to unveil and share.

Decide which ones of your gifts you want to share with the world – and find a way of doing so.

8. Create a Great Team Around You

Any great leader needs a supportive team of like minded people who complement each other’s skills.

To really focus your own energies on the task at hand and to make the most of your own gifts, you may ultimately want to create a great team of people around you – people who will support you in shining your light and spreading your spark.

So look around for like minded people with whom you can create something greater – people you gel with and with whom you can create synergistic relationships.

9. Recharge your Batteries

Even Energiser Bunnies need to recharge!

When you are working, work. When you are not, take time out and do what recharges you.

Spend time with loved ones – have ample time with the people in your life who matter, even if it’s nothing more than an evening walk in the park together.

Also spend time in nature – this could be a walk in your local park, on the beach or even your own garden. When I do this I can literally feel my energy rising.

Talk to your close friends regularly and share inspirational and uplifting ideas – you can “gossip” if you must, but keep it minimal:-)

Of course if you are focused on your higher purpose and a loftier goal, then any tendency to gossip will whither away rapidly anyway.

Imagine your life as an Energiser Bunny

If you are not currently jumping out of bed every morning full of beans, then from my tips above, what will you start doing from today?

We need more Energiser Bunnies to light up our world.

And you can now start today and be an Energiser Bunny yourself!

Image courtesy of Beverly & Pack

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  1. Sibyl - alternaview says

    Arvind: Wow…what a great list. You shared some really great insights in this post. I really liked your advice to cultivate a childlike zest for learning. It is so important that we notice and continue to be amazed by everything around us. It just elevates our mood and positively impacts all of our experiences. Thanks for all the insights.
    .-= Sibyl – alternaview´s last blog ..What You Must Do if You Want an Amazing Relationship =-.

  2. Great list Arvind, I particularly like the suggestion to “Develop a childlike curiosity about the world and how things work.” I think being curious is one of the best ways of keeping energy high – you just can’t help but be excited by each day when you approach it with curiosity – even the most challenging experiences become a source of learning and exploration.
    ps I too grew up with and love the Energiser Bunny, an icon from my childhood!
    .-= Topi´s last blog ..5 lessons I’ve learned from my children =-.

  3. John Sherry says

    Mary is energy in action. Not just the amazing zest filled stuff but the calm, self assured style too….all at the same time. She activates herself and draws more energy to her through helping others and contributing to the greater good. A role model for how to live, be and shine. In a crazy manic world Mary extemporises that the chill out put something back ethic is what we all benefit from. Super post Arvind in every word!

  4. As good as all of these suggestions are, I believe the most important catalysts for great energy is good nutrition (low carb, whole foods), good sleep, and light-to-moderate regular exercise.

    • Debra, in a way I agree with you that the most important catalysts for great energy are good nutrition, good sleep and light to moderate regualr exercise.

      These are great points you have mentioned and thanks for bringing them up.

      However your body may be really healthy and fit but if say your mindset is only about looking after yourself, then I am guessing that what others “sense” about your energy will be different than what they would sense about my friend Mary Jaksch.

      I believe it is a combination of all the things I mentioned plus having a good foundation of nutrition and self-care, as suggested by you.

      Thank you.
      .-= Arvind Devalia´s last blog ..How You Too Can Be An Energiser Bunny for 24 Hours a Day =-.

  5. Eileen O'Shea says

    Great suggestions here. While I “know” many of these strategies, it’s so helpful to be reminded of them. Thanks, Eileen O’Shea

  6. I too am inspired by Mary Jaksch enormous spirit. Thanks for a great analysis of what makes her tick. Gives me some new ways to follow her example. Thanks Arvind.
    .-= Linda Gabriel´s last blog ..The Amazing Power of Micro-Gratitude =-.

  7. Yes, Arvind, yes. Inspirational!

    You are right up there with our lovely Mary in offering so much of yourself and teaching us all how to be better bloggers and better people.

    I’m in awe and hope to learn more and more from you. See you in the forums.

  8. Arvind – This is such an inspirational post. Both you and Mary are amazing people. Thank you for being such a good teacher. See you on the bootcamp forum. 🙂

  9. I have not reached Energiser Bunny status, but I do find that my energy soars and my life feels lighter the more I can live like a child. I remember so well jumping out of a bed as a young girl – no thought to a “to-do” list or expectations. No, I would race to the window to see the sunshine and birds, fly down the stairs to enjoy my breakfast, and then charge out the door to play. I think we know everything we really need to know when we are young 🙂

  10. Hello dear Arvind,
    I think you have some ancestors in the Energizer family too! You reflect Mary’s zeal and enthusiasm. Of course, she is infectious. She has everyone in the Bootcamp hopping!
    Love this post and so glad my bunny comment to Mary inspired you. Now I have to go and fluff my tail. 🙂

  11. Arvind…I agree with Barrie. That Energizer Bunny you had as a child must have been brother to you. Mary is remarkable. And you are inspirational.

    I agree with every one of your points above, and thank you for the reminder on daily meditation. It’s easy for me to skip it…and then feel the effects of the lack of clarity.

    Also, key to me is to CREATE every single day. Whether it’s working on my novel, writing a blog post, or taking photographs. Making something beautiful or useful brings even more creative energy back to me.

    And also to feed off the creations of others–reading good books, going to art museums, listening to music, watching films, reading your wonderful essays here, Arvinc.
    .-= Jean / Habithacker´s last blog ..I’m telling you straight: don’t subscribe to all posts. =-.

    • Jean, welcome to my blog and thanks for your kind words!

      You are correct in implying some blood relationship somewhere along the way with an Energiser Bunny:-)

      I do have lot of energy but it has not always been channelled properly. Now it’s the time for me to do so.

      I hope that from now on, you don’t skip your daily meditation any more – it really does make a lot of difference to me.

      Great insight too from you about CREATING with focussed intention and getting more creative energy back – another example of giving back manifold what we give out.

      Thanks again – I am just off to feed off the creative energy on YOUR Blog:-)
      .-= Arvind Devalia´s last blog ..How You Too Can Be An Energiser Bunny for 24 Hours a Day =-.

  12. Anna Allen says

    Great article! All of these things are very important, but you must also remember to drink lots of clean water, eat local & raw as much as possible and incorporate some exercise in your daily routine..this time of year is perfect for nature walks & hikes! Though I’ve been a yogini since pre-conception, some people are still totally freaked out by the word ‘meditation’ let alone the act. To ease into it, I teach classes on deep breathing exercises that help calm the mind and body; followed by affirmations to lock in good habits & positive mindset 🙂

    • Anna, great points about nutritious raw food, plenty of water and of course exercise.

      Great to know that you have been following this message all of your life. It’s only in recent years that I have incorporated meditation and yoga into my life – and I wish I had got into it much sooner in my life:-)

      Thanks Anna for sharing all your great ideas which have supplemented my original article.
      .-= Arvind Devalia´s last blog ..How You Too Can Be An Energiser Bunny for 24 Hours a Day =-.

  13. Scott Dinsmore says

    Excellent points Arvind! I am just about to start a post along the lines of How to be the Most Passionate One in the Room. Fits very well with this. Leo and Mary obviously have that one down! Meditation has been a huge savior for me as well. For a while I had a daily practice of 20min when I wake and 20 before bed. Amazingly powerful. Sadly my sitting time has decreased since I moved in with my fiancée ;). So many more fun things to do now!

    Leading with passion and compassion is definitely the way to go. Dedicating yourself to lifelong teaching and learning doesn’t help either…

    Very well written,
    .-= Scott Dinsmore´s last blog ..How Not to Get Caught Up In the Chatter =-.

    • Scott, good to know that this post will help you with your own article.

      As for cutting down on meditation now that you have more fun things to do with your fiancée, maybe you can both meditate together?!

      Also the quality of your nocturnal activities will be even more enjoyable if preceded with some joint meditation:-)

      And as you say, leading with passion and compassion is definitely the way to go.
      .-= Arvind Devalia´s last blog ..How You Too Can Be An Energiser Bunny for 24 Hours a Day =-.

  14. Shang Lee says

    You know Arvind, because of the bootcamp, I now wake up at 4.30 every morning, due to the time difference to watch the bootcamp!

    I would say it’s a great side effect, on top of all the amazing things learnt there.

    I’m still buzzing… 😉 This post is such a great way to reflect on the bootcamp and Mary’s spirit. Good job.

  15. Great inspiring post Arvind.

    I just simply adore Mary. She exudes such calm and cool yet she is so passionate and energetic. A great teacher and I’m lucky to be part of this wonderful group.

    You are one of the most inspiring people as well. The points you mentioned are very useful to someone who wants to have more energy and fun in their lives.
    Thanks for sharing your inspiration with us.

    • Dear Manal,

      Welcome to my blog!

      Mary is certainly a great teacher and one who really walks her talk. Indeed we are all lucky that she co-created this wonderful group.

      And thanks too for your kind words – I am glad that I was able to share my knowledge and inspiration during the Bootcamp – it’s always good to give something back:-)
      .-= Arvind Devalia´s last blog ..How You Too Can Be An Energiser Bunny for 24 Hours a Day =-.

  16. Jonathan, welcome to my blog!

    It makes sense to live this way, but most people don’t yet. That’s fine too, as everyone has their own journey.

    And then once in a while we meet someone like Mary who transforms our way of being:-)

  17. Wilfred, it will be great to have you join us at the next Bootcamp!

    You are so right in saying that having a passion for what you do is one of the greatest sources of energy. Hence why most bloggers comment early in the day:-)
    .-= Arvind Devalia´s last blog ..How You Too Can Be An Energiser Bunny for 24 Hours a Day =-.

  18. Greg Blencoe says

    Hi Arvind,

    Thanks for the post.

    I was really happy to see that you discussed meditation in your post. I have been meditating for a couple of years and the results have been extremely positive. I now meditate every morning. The feeling of unconditional love, complete acceptance, etc. that meditation gives me is extraordinary.

    Furthermore, I’m pretty big into minimalism, so I liked #4.

    And I completely agree that surrounding yourself with great people (#8) is VERY important.
    .-= Greg Blencoe´s last blog ..30-day money challenge: Day 12 – 7 short YouTube videos of trips I made over the weekend to help me be in alignment with what is on my vision board =-.

    • Dear Greg,

      Welcome to my blog – and thanks for sharing your experience about meditation. I too do so every morning and this has been a major part of my life in recent years.

      Who needs caffeine and coke when you can simply meditate every morning?!

      Also, I thought I had minimalised my life quite a bit already, but there is always more to do:-)
      .-= Arvind Devalia´s last blog ..How You Too Can Be An Energiser Bunny for 24 Hours a Day =-.

  19. Dear Arvind,

    You have a way of creating the most beautiful, inspiring posts.

    I can see that all the aspects fit well together to inspire and motivate us to live the life we dream of. There’s no reason not to.

    The more trips around the sun I have, the most amazed and thrilled I am to be in this body on this planet. The opportunity is a tremendous gift.

    Passion for creating something that provides a benefit is a wonderful feeling. Believing that you can make a difference in your small sphere of influence, that perhaps someone will feel a bit more unburdened or more joy as a result of something you might offer.

    A “team” or support network in which we give to one another and provide love and encouragement is irreplaceable. I never realized this was available on-line. That’s the beauty of life – everywhere we turn, there is love and caring.

    Humans truly are remarkable and love really is the basis of our life here on earth. Could it get any better than this?

    Thank you for reminding us what a wonderful opportunity we have – and how to be “energizer bunnies”.

    I’m so excited that The Energizer Bunny will be staying with me for a couple nights soon! Mary is going to provide a bit of training for those of us here in the San Diego area. I especially love watching her videos as her beauty and radiance shine through in a remarkable way when she speaks.

    Thank you Arvind!

    Warm regards,
    .-= Lauren´s last blog ..A Relationship With Loneliness: How To Cope =-.

    • Lauren, welcome again to my blog and thanks for your wonderful comment.

      You have so beautifully summed up what it takes to inspire and motivate us to live the life we dream of.

      It must be one of the best things one could do – having a passion for creating something that provides a benefit to others and at the same time allows you to create and sustain the type of life you want.

      As you say, humans truly are remarkable and love really is the basis of our life here on earth – no it doesn’t get any better than that!

      And I hope you had an amazing time with “The Energizer Bunny”! I reckon you should write a post just about that:-)
      .-= Arvind Devalia´s last blog ..How to Contribute to the World from the Heart and not Just the Pocket =-.

  20. I love this article! Both you and Mary have a contagious energy. Much of what you wrote jumped out at me and made me think about the times in life when I have been unstoppable. I say a hearty yes to your words,
    “Have an infectious zest for life”
    “don’t let your environment drain your energy”
    “daily meditation practice”
    “Cultivate a childlike zeal for learning new things”

    I already feel the energy of the energizer bunny!
    .-= Aileen´s last blog ..Power Partners …Sharing the Key to Success =-.

  21. Arvind –

    i really like this list. I definitely subscribe to many of the points and particularly the meditation practice (which I think of as my secret weapon). Any tips on how to get through my personal energy dip between 2pm and 4pm?


    .-= Phil – Less Ordinary Living´s last blog ..Break free – Learn to beat procrastination for good =-.

  22. Lynn Fang says

    Hi Arvind,

    Great post. Always inspiring me to stick with authentic and humanitarian goals =]

  23. This is a great list. I am so glad you included #9 “recharge your batteries”. It is so important to maintain great health and energy by taking care of yourself. Without a strong healthy lifestyle, it is hard to inspire others to make healthy changes and to take care of the ones you love!
    .-= Courtney Carver´s last blog ..10 ways to improve your health =-.

  24. Wonderful tips, Arvind! It helps if one focuses on the positive aspects of his life. Focus on what you have and not on what you do not have. This motivate you towards your goal. If an individual starts to think about the negatives, this saps one’s energy. Positive thoughts keep a person motivated and inspired.

    • Welcome to my blog JM – I just rescued your comment from my spam folder.

      Indeed, positive thoughts keep a person motivated and inspired but it seems to be so easy to get sucked into a whirlpool of negativity since so much negativity is all around us.

      So no matter what, without denying reality, one should focus on the positive aspects of life.

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