How You Too Can Win the World Cup of Your Life

Mr Mandela with the World CupIn case you have not noticed, the 2010 Football World Cup started today.

Even if you have no interest in the game and find all the news coverage overwhelming, you can not deny the global appeal of the world’s biggest sporting event which happens every 4 years.

For me it is a very proud moment that the World Cup Finals are being held in Africa, the continent I was born in and for which I will always have a special affinity.

Also, sport has always been one of my passions and I find fascinating any sporting activity, whether individual or team, which tests human capacity for greater proficiency and striving.

What’s the appeal of the World Cup?

It’s a sheer carnival and the biggest multinational party on the planet – and best of all, it brings together people from all around the globe.

As with any mass gathering of people, you do have your fringe elements but at the end of the day the majority of people are there to enjoy a memorable life experience.

Then there are the football matches themselves – a supreme example of individual and team skills – and what human beings can aspire to.

No matter who wins in 4 weeks time, you can rest assured that there is a lot of drama and excitement to come before the new world champions are crowned.

What can you learn from the eventual champions to apply in your life?

A while back, I wrote a post about how to win the world cup of your own life.

So on the day the World Cup kicked off, I thought it was high time to share with you the many useful and relevant articles I have written since my original post.

Here are my tips for winning your own World Cup using the WORLD CUP acronym:-

1 . W – Winning attitude

Winning teams and individual believe in themselves. Reach for the stars and believe in yourself and remember that your attitude determines your altitude.

At the end of the day, in life you are not competing against anyone else. Just strive to do your best in everything you.

Strive for excellence, just begin

Always do your best and get used to “winning” against yourself  – that way you will quickly develop a winning habit.

Work hard and aim to win at whatever “game” you are playing.

2. O – Organisation

The team that wins the world cup will be supremely organised with each player knowing his role.

Get organised and first do the most important things in your life. Let go of any distractions / clutter and remain focused on your ultimate goal.

To start with, declutter your life – answer my 20 questions to simplify your life forever.

3. R – Responsibility

Winning players take on their duties and appreciate just what is at stake. Take responsibility for your own life – carry out your duties and fulfill your roles to the best of your ability. No hiding.

Take responsibility for your own life and for the greater world around you – remember that personal social responsibility is here to stay.

4. L – Leadership

Winning teams are usually full of leaders, taking others through thin and thick. Become a leader in your own life – and take yourself to the top. Indeed, everyone is a born leader – just grab the opportunity to shine.

Learn from the best leaders – who better than Gandhi and Mandela to start with?

5. D – Determination

Have the drive, belief and awareness that you can do what you want. Develop an iron resolve to remain focused on achieving your goal and always doing the best you can.

Remember my 10 simple tips for making it happen every day.

At the same time, also be a little selfish

6. C – Courage

It takes guts, audacity and flare to succeed at anything, and especially in the World Cup.

So keep going against the highest odds, believe in yourself and do not let anything stop you.

At the end of the day you area creating your legacy. Remember my 7 beliefs to build your life and your legacy.

7. U– Unity

Winning teams are united and focused on their end goal. Create a winning and united team around you to help you get to your own worthy goal.

Apply my 10 secrets for becoming likeable and learn how to be best of friends with everyone.

Atthe same time, remember to stop bending over backwards for other people all the time.

8. P – Persistence

Keep going against all odds and do not give up. Tenacity and sticking to it will take you a long way towards your goal.

Be like bamboo and reach for the sky.

At the same time, remember that you can get your goals with less pain and also that “no pain, no gain” is a myth.

May the best team win!

At the end of the day, no matter which team wins the World Cup, it promises to be a month of drama, entertainment and sheer excitement.

Like millions around the world, I am really looking forward to the coming days and weeks and even my fancied teams do not go far in the tournament, it will be a fun time.

In the same way, as you go through your life, enjoy the journey and remember that taking part and doing your best is ultimately more important than winning, whatever “winning” means to you.

The “Cup” or the honour you will give yourself is the knowing that you did your best and you reached for the stars.

So go out and win the World Cup for yourself in your own life.

Enjoy the World Cup everyone – and be sure to invite me to any parties you are holding:-)

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  1. Hi Arvind,
    I’m not a huge football fan, and yet I’ve found myself drawn to tv coverage of the World Cup over the last few days. I know I’ll be following my country’s team, and I’ll be keen to find out the end result. I think there are so many things we can learn from major sporting events, whether it’s football or athletics or cycling, whatever. Like, committing to an end goal no matter what, putting your heart on the line, working as part of a team, putting a plan into action, rising to the challenge against all odds, and on it goes. I’m not planning on having any parties, but when I’m up late at night with my hot chocolate and marshmallows, watching the games, I’ll be thinking of you and wondering how your team is going. Not sure what will happen if your team ends up playing mine! May the best team (meaning mine) win!!

    • Topi, the World Cup is the biggest sporting event by far and I am so glad it’s here again. It is easy to see why even people like you who are not a huge fan get drawn into following.

      Yes, there is so much the World Cup can teach us – and one of them is to have fun and also not to take life too seriously. I know how much it means for people for their team to do well – and even the fans of the less fancied teams will be hoping in their heart of hearts that their team goes far in the tournament against all odds.

      Which brings me what you say about your team playing my team. You haven’t mentioned your team but for me it’s more important that the matches exciting, full of sporting behaviour and great skill. This is again how life should be – you work and play fair with integrity, honesty and endeavour.

      And yes, may the best team win!

  2. Gip @ So Much More Life says

    Arvind, this is a great way to show off some previous posts while being topical and presenting new material as well. Since my blog is recently being followed by more people, I’ve been thinking of doing a “best of” post, and this is a good model.

    Of course, here in the U.S., the World Cup hardly gets a mention in the media. I don’t follow sports, but I always think it’s interesting how large the crowds are for World Cup. It makes the tiny little Super Bowl (being held in my area next year) and the World Series look very small.

    • Gip, welcome to my blog and I am glad you like my way of freshening up an old post by incorporating value leaden recent posts. This is a great way of showing your best posts rather than just presenting an ad hoc list.

      As for the World Cup not being given much mention in the US media, maybe all that will change if the American team starts doing well in the tournament:-)

  3. Arvind, this is a fun, exciting and inspiring post. You’ve captured what really makes the World Cup amazing for you and brought it back to us, your readers, helping us to live life by some very sound and heart-felt principles. Nicely done.

  4. Arvind,
    Another winning post!

    I watched the opening television show last night with all the recording artists from all over the world and it was really exciting.

    The steps you outlined to winning your own World Cup were excellent. I saw some of your old posts that I missed in there too. I think I’ll have to go back and read some of them.

    Enjoy the games!

    • Thanks Angela – I have certainly enjoyed all the matches to date. Well, most of them!

      As for you, enjoy reading some of my old posts you missed:-)

  5. Hi Arvind!

    We don’t have TV in our home – and I only miss it when “big” sporting events occur, like the Olympics. You really captured all of the reasons that these games are so important – they make me want to be a better person and value my connections with others more.

    This post also reminded me that 8 years ago I was working with Doctors Without Borders in Mexico and our medical team just happened to be in a tiny town where we could watch the World Cup. We watched as many games as we could and I felt the kinship with my colleagues who were from Mexico, Cuba, Britain and the Netherlands grow a lot during those matches. (I also remember the US beat Mexico that year and for a while after I told the Mexicans I met that I was from Canada!)

    Thanks so much for such a thoughtful and memorable post! Take wonderful care, Stacey

    • Stacey, I don’t have a TV either so have been watching the matches so far with friends and also in local bars. There was an amazing atmosphere here on Saturday when England played the USA.

      At the other matches, I too have experienced the great sense of kinship amonst the TV audience. Just imagine what it would actually be like to be in South Africa!

  6. Sibyl-alternaview says

    Great post. I am actually watching the World Cup right now. I really liked what you said about taking resposibility for your own life. We really do have so much control over our lives and we can shape our future, but we do have to take matters into our own hands and choose to take advantage of that reality. I also thought what you said about looking to other leaders was really important and we can really learn some good lessons simply by noticing some of the things that the greatest leaders are doing and how they have approached both opportunities and challenges. Thanks for passing along all your great insights.

    • Sibyl, I hope you are enjoying the World Cup so far as much as I am. For me everything else seems to come to a standstill during the Word Cup weeks.

      And as yuo say it is about taking responsibility for your own life and doing whatever it takes. It helps too to also have some fun and downtime – and what better way then to watch some great game sof football?!

  7. Wow, Arvind, this post really brought home how many inspiring posts you’ve brought us. Thank you for exemplifying the qualities you’re highlighting in your post.

    And seeing Nelson Mandela reminds me of the power he demonstrated in seeking unity through sports – as portrayed in a recent film about him. What a remarkable human being.

    Now I’m off to read your post on 20 questions to simplify my life – I’m ready!

    Thanks Arvind.

    Warm regards,

    • Lauren, good luck with simplifying your life – you sound like you are finally ready.

      I really enjoyed writing this post – and combining some of my best posts. I actually learnt a lot myself by revisiting them:-)

      Enjoy the World Cup in California – hope your USA team goes far in the competition.

  8. John Sherry says

    Arvind this is F.A.B.

    Fantastically well constructed and full of in depth advice, all in a simple style

    Awesome – a great read and jam packed with feel good energy

    Bonus filled being great content but also leading to other posts with even more great tips

    In World Cup terms you’re certainly a team player managing to encourage us all to go forwards onto goals galore. Many thanks Fabio-in-disguise!

    • Many thanks John, though I am not sure about the Fabio-in-disguise bit. Maybe more Maradona with all his high energy antics on the sidelines!

      Actually creating this post made me aware of just how much good stuff I have written – there, I am blowing my own vuvuzela:-)

  9. Chania Girl says

    What a fun post, Arvind! And so timely! 🙂

    World Cup Fever has definitely taken over at our house. Hubby has started growing a beard (a la Maradona) and I am now hearing vuvuzelas in my dreams at night — YIKES!

    Hope you enjoy this month and all the excitement it has to offer.

    • Chania Girl, World Cup fever seems to have taken over the UK too!

      Enjoy the next 4 weeks – and I hope your hubby’s team does well. I am assuming it’s Argentina.

      I am still not sure about the Vuvuzelas though:-)

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