How to Get More Bliss and Lightness in Your Life in the Next 31 days

serene sadhuSo what have YOU planned for this month?

It’s the beginning of a new month – and with a new month comes an opportunity to review and start fresh in different areas of your life.

A while ago I wrote a post about making it happen in your life by going on an adventure for 30 days.

This proved to be quite a popular post as the idea of an adventure resonated with readers – somehow it felt lighter and more fun than just trying to achieve some dry goals in 30 days.

Now here we are at the beginning of another month.

How has your year been so far?

Like many people, you may have set New Year resolutions – where are you with them!?

What happened to them? Forgotten or given up on them?

Though it has become part of our culture to set goals at the beginning of the year, you can of course do so at any time of the year.

So why not start today?

Maybe goal setting is not even for you. Maybe life is just great as it is – and actually, life is great, if only you can teach yourself to think like that.

Most people ultimately want to feel happy and peaceful. So what if you could be feeling blissful and light in just 31 days?

Having long term objectives is wonderful to motivate and inspire you, but for today let’s focus on the next 31 days.

What would you like to be feeling like in 31 days time?

Supposing there was a way of feeling really blissful and light in just 31 days time?

Well, I have the privilege and honour of knowing many blogging friends – and I am proud to share with you 31 articles which I know will help you transform your life in just 31 days and make it light and blissful.

Being overwhelmed is not something I talk about much, but when I read what these friends have to offer and share with the world, I do get overwhelmed with gratitude; and the deep awareness that I am sharing this journey with such wonderful people – people who also share my values and desire to make this world a better place.

(And that’s just about the longest sentence I have ever written on my blog:-) )

I suggest you read all these articles over the next couple of days and apply those teachings and tips that resonate with you.

Enjoy, apply and be prepared to transform yourself.

1. Why not start afresh in your life? Rip up the script about yourself and how your life should be – and learn how to live a scriptless life

2. In the coming weeks, throw out of the window some of the rules that dicate your life. Yes, it’s good to every now and then, break the rules and change your life.

3. Do rules rule your life? Don’t rue missed opportunies for fun – so stop rules from killing the fun in your life.

4.  Life is simple and about simplicity – so simply learn to  see yourself in an all new beautiful light.

5. A part of becoming blissful is to learn to relax and let go.  So its time to create a stress free zone. And if you are not already doing so, its high time you learnt to meditate.

6. Over the coming 31 days take a pledge to become fit and healthy. Strive for excellence, not perfection!

7. Why not follow Gandhi’s advice and let your life be your message?

8. Who said you always had to rise early to shine? Sleep a little longer  and forget about early rising.

9. Maybe you don’t even need any to do lists – just let go of the freaking never ending to do list! .

10. Perhaps its time for you to slow down – become like the buddha and make it happen mindfully!

11. Do your friends drain you? If so, learn about the 7 types of toxic friends and let go. And just remember the 5 signs its time to let go

12. Are you a perfectionist? Then strive for excellence instead!

13. Do you hold on to stuff and all that grimey stuff? Then just answer my 20 Questions to simplify your life forever.

14. At the same time, practice the art of being a minimalist – start with that delcuttering today!

15. What are you really afraid of in your life? Feel the fear and change the world anyway!

16. Look at what you really want to do in your life – and get committed to living a powerful life and who better than Gandhi to share his 11 key lessons to live a powerful life of commitment

17. Practice kindness and compassion – here are 29 ways to carry out random acts of kindness every day (disclaimer – this post is one of my own:-) ).  You could actually do a different thing each day and on days 30 and 31, you can repeat two of the other ones:-)

Any act of kindness will come back to you many fold – if nothing else, just remember this beautiful story of a kid, a tie and a chocolate smile.

18. Get a better picture of your finances and start saving and cutting out wasteful spending – set yourself a challenge to save a 1000 dollars in 30 days.

19. Do something for the world and help to save our resources. Are you really troubled by your trash? Recycling is taking off and so you can do your bit too:-).

20. Life is not all about succeeding all the time and at all costs. And enjoy being young for ever! Why would you ever want to grow up anyway?

21. Learn to become more productive with everything you do – discover the best productivity system.

22. Do you really enjoy doing stupid work? Then its simple – in the next 31 days stop doing stupid work!

23. No matter what you are going through right now, look for peace in troubled times.

And make sure in the next 31 days to have some downtime and a laugh, maybe even learn something new, odd and zany. For a start, go and find out why you can only judge a sheep by the size of its testicles.

I “kid” you not, it’s true:-)

quality sheep with big balls!

24. Is your body your temple? If not, then it ‘s time for you to eat healthfully

25. No matter how young or old you are, learn to grow old gracefully. And as your grow older and wiser, remember all the things you have already learnt.

26. Create the sort of legacy you will be proud of – start by teaching your kids and others the art of appreciation by sending thank you notes.

It’s a sign of mediocrity when you demonstrate gratitude with moderation.
-Roberto Benigni

27. What do you stand for? And what do you want your life to be about? Learn from Gandhi and let your life be your mission.

28. Are you present or do you have a thousand things going on in your head? Be present rather being somewhere else.

29. Learn to be selfless and successful at the same time.

30. Are you spiritual or religious? Or do you not believe in being religious? Just remember that spirituality is not a separate area of life.

Or maybe you are already fulfilled and perfect where you are at in your life – then forget  the search for meaning.

31. Finally, and most importantly, how to always live joyfully no matter what – profound message from Sadhguru.

There you are – the best 31 articles to help you find bliss and lightness in just 31 days.

So what do you intend to like in 31 days time?

Please do share. And then come back in 31 days to tell us how you got on.

Have an amazing, life-changing 31 days!

Photos courtesy of  Meanest Indian and Luke Bosman

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  1. bliss & lightness ahhhhhhhhhh, such an uplifting and inspiring post to read this morning.
    I look forward to reading these 31 articles over the next few days. Thank you for this compilation.

    Mid-year July 1st, a perfect time to check in with our year and how it’s going.I am one for goal setting indeed, however lightness of being is of the most importance since it’s harder to achieve a goal when we are weighted down trying to achieve it.

  2. John Sherry says

    Arvind, a masterstroke.

    A positive challenge mixed in with suggestions followed by links to blogs that help achieving them (including mine so my heartfelt thanks). A very clever, well thought out post delivered at the precise time at the start of a month. It also acts as a library for all the other amazing blogs out there which I am going to begin reading through now.

    If there is a blog that does exactly what is says then this one of yours is it. You make things happen and always help make a better world. Bless you for your honest sharing and caring.

  3. Arvind, you know you make me smile, don’t you?

    June gloom is over in the Bay Area and I woke up this morning with a strong resolve to somehow let the sun shine through me. I know I get really corny when I’m feeling great, but it’s so much better to spread sunshine than more gloom and doom. And you do that so well. Thanks to you and this generous post, my July is off to a great start.

    Sending you a virtureal hug,

  4. What a full post Arvind! I am amazed that you are able to keep your finger on the pulse of so many valuable and uplifting resources. I can’t wait to dig through all of these (I had even already read a few before hearing about them here). Your inspiration and passion for helping others is perfectly transparent. I love your congruency!

    As far as what I want to be like in 31 days? Well, when I started this year, I set a goal of “taking seriously”. Since making the commitment of taking my blog to the next level, I have experienced some amazing things. Not the least of which is getting to know you and so many other amazingly motivated and talented people in the personal development and writing space. It’s been an unreal treat and I have a feeling it’s only getting started. In the first 6 months, as a result of getting to know all of you, I have experiences awesome traction with both my blog and my relationships. I intend to do more of the same in the next six months and really focus in on the 20% that yields 80% of the results when it comes to writing and helping others. I’ve found that 20% to be writing the best content I can, being the most helpful to my readers and sharing that content on others’ sites.

    Excellent post!


  5. Arvind, what a wonderful post. I browsed through many of them, know many of them already and got a big dose of lightness and bliss when I watched that high jumper break the world record on Phil’s post about breaking the rules and changing your life. His is a very empowering post, as are many of these gems you’ve collected. Thank you for the time and effort you took to create this inspiring and varied list. There is something for everyone and I am honoured to be included amongst them.

  6. Arvind,

    You always seem to know what to say and explain it so well. Instead of making resolutions, I have been making small goals which are easier to track and do for me. However, this post is a great reminder to follow up and see where are we all.

    Thanks for sharing so many wonderful posts from around the blogosphere. We can do one each day and follow up.

  7. Arvind,
    Your goodness of spirit continue to surprise me. And inspire me. As do these links.
    Thank you.

  8. Mary Ann Pashigian says

    Great post. Now to make time to read it before the end of July!

  9. Manijeh Koolani says

    Brilliant!. I never enjoyed reading your article so much. Thanks Arvind.

  10. Arvind,
    Awesome post – something about it made even the act of reading it very peaceful. I’m going to have fun following the links to articles I haven’t yet read. Amazing line up.

    Thanks for the link and thanks for the amazing design help on my blog!

  11. Eileen O'Shea says

    Beautiful post, Arvind. Your goodness of heart and positive spirit shine through here. Thanks for the inspiration.

  12. Claire - Gratitude Connection says

    Hi Arvind,
    I’ve read most of these posts but now I’m inspired to go back and re-read them! They are wonderful, and so are you for bringing them together!

  13. Sibyl-alternaview says

    Arvind: 31 Days to Bliss and Lightness … who on earth would pass up that opportunity? 🙂 Thanks for putting this list together. I have been checking out the links and they are all really good and helpful. What a great idea and a great thing to focus on for the next 31 days.

  14. Arvind, you have written an amazing post! It is so helpful and all the tips you have mentioned definitely bring bliss, lightness (and balance :-)) into the life. It would be fun for me to come back to this article and read a new thing that I can do daily to bring a little more bliss and lightness into my life. (BTW, thanks for adding a link to my post too! It was really nice of you!)

  15. Hi Arvind,
    This is a wonderfully useful post Arvind. Thank you so much for including my post about sleep in #8. I am flattered! I am looking forward to clicking on all of the links. It’s like opening 31 little gifts.

  16. Hey Arvind,
    Thanks for listing the guest blog post I wrote for , i hope it was useful .

    (9. Maybe you don’t even need any to do lists – forget all this ado about to do lists.)

    Sadya Siddiqui

  17. Andrea @brite2briter says

    Great list with many good ideas! My favorite ones are the letting go and releasing fears. I’m a big fan of surrendering. 🙂 Loving blessings, Andrea

    • Welcome to my blog, Andrea!

      I have just visited your site and fascinating to find that you are an accreditated Journey practitionar. I have done a lof ot work with Journey in the past, thought never became a practitionar.

      I can see now why you are such a big fan of surrendering:-)

  18. Arvind,
    really fabulous post. lots of wonderful ideas to get inspired, especially while we’re in the middle of winter down under!
    thanks for the lightness as always,

    Tania x

  19. Brilliant post, Arvind!

    Masterly written with useful links and superb pictures.

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