5 Simple Keys for Taking Massive Action in Your Life

time to take massive action!

This is a kick-ass guest post by Henri Junttila

You already know that taking massive action produces results, so the question becomes: why aren’t you doing it?

Probably because you’re afraid, overwhelmed, or even worried, and there’s nothing wrong with that. In fact, if you didn’t feel those feelings, there might be something wrong.

I didn’t start seeing success online until I started focusing and taking massive action.

I was scared, but I knew what I wanted, and I was willing to work hard and face my fears to get there.

1. Kill Your Fears

When you remove the obstacles, massive action happens by itself.

Think of a ball on top of a hill (sorry, couldn’t think of anything more awesome than a ball. Roll with it for now.)

If you have a lot of stuff in front of the ball, it won’t roll. But remove the stuff, and it starts doing what it was meant to do: bounce and move forward.

If you can get out of your own way, that’s exactly what will happen, but perhaps without the bouncing. It depends on your personality, I guess.

2. Clarity

What do you want to do?

I mean, what do you really want to do? If you just want to make money, that’s not strong enough. It might fuel you for a while, but you’ll end up with an empty soul.

You may not know exactly what you want to do, and that’s part of life. What matters is that you start trying stuff and learn what you like.

3. Uncover the Next Step

Taking massive action is about accepting the process, and the process is about learning what you want to do, what to do, how to do it, and actually doing it.

It’s about accepting the fear, the overwhelm, and all the other feelings that come along with doing what you actually want to do.

4. Dealing With Overwhelm

Overwhelm enters the picture when you think too much. The remedy? Think less, do more. Easier said than done, right?

Well yeah, but if you try to visualize everything you have to do, it won’t fit in your brain, and you will feel overwhelmed.

If you break everything into bite-sized pieces: no more overwhelm.

You know that saying: an elephant is eaten one bite at a time? That’s the concept I want you to take home here.

5. Taking Massive Action

Taking massive action happens by taking massive action. More often than not, the only obstacle standing in the way of the ball on the hill is you.

Stop thinking, and start doing. It doesn’t have to be perfect. The more mistakes you make, the faster you learn.

Embrace uncertainty, acknowledge fear, and reclaim your life, please!

Henri Junttila is a writer, and a creator of possibility. He shows you how you can get paid to do what you love over at the Wake Up Cloud. You can also find him on twitter @henrijunttila.

Image courtesy of 666isMONEY

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  1. Satya Colombo says


    That about sums it up. The more intelligent you are, the harder time you’re going to have with this. You have to break through the seeming limitations of your own intelligence, and get to the super flow state, where natural intelligence can flow through. Then, ease…

    First, let your mind go. Then, let the flow in.

  2. James Fulton says

    Its really true Henri, Most of the time i was very much afraid to took massive action in my life, responsibilities try to hold me up for most of the time…so still struggling with my routine life..

    BTW Nice article…


    • It’s funny how it can be so hard to start taking action, but once you get going, it’s easy, because your mind is out of the way (hopefully).

  3. Yes, feeling overwhelmed is my good excuse to be stuck. Thinking too much is such a misery. I´ll try to clear my mind and go for the full action.

    • But at the same time, thinking is awesome (when it isn’t taking over your life), and we can shut it off, if we want to 😉

  4. To the point, clear, concise, direct and logical – and sometimes these are the most difficult actions we (or at least I) take in life. Thank you Henri! Great read for my Saturday morning!

  5. How timely! I just this week gave notice that I intend to retire (from a job I have loved for a long time) at the end of this academic year, a massive action I have been contemplating over the last year. I am excited about the new opportunities that have already started pouring in, and indeed it is these opportunities that showed me it was time to move on.

    So interesting that much of my blog browsing these last few weeks has been about fear, openness, trust, boldness, faith. So many writers have inspired me, encouraged me, challenged me, taught me. Thanks to you and many others.

    • That’s awesome, Galen!

      Sounds like you’ve got the perfect attitude to crush it. Move forward boldly and claim your freedom 😉

  6. Henri,

    Thanks for sharing! I would have to say that uncovering what we really want can be the most difficult part. Sometimes is hard to really define the problem or goals specifically. If we are able to discover what we truly desire and are passionate about, it makes apply effort and following through that much easier.

    • Yes it can be hard to discover problems, goals, and passions, which is why I recommend taking massive action and seeing what works, and what doesn’t. Just like children. Go out, play, and have fun, then do more of the funnest thing!

      Keep rocking, Joe!

  7. Isn’t it amazing how fear of the unknown clogs our systems and paralyzes any move towards freeing ourselves. We create our own mental prison with our thoughts and to add insult to injury we’re the prison guards as well.

    Organize a riot and break out of Fear Knox. Free City is a great place to be!
    Just make sure you’re not a repeat offender by returning to your old fearful lifestyle and habits.

  8. Excellent guest post Henri, for its simplicity and its overall message. I especially like the second step, Clarity, as this was something that I struggled with for a number of years before I finally made some head-way, and I can certainly relate to the message at hand here.

    I look forward to reading more of your content Henri, take care 🙂

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