Just Imagine What YOU Can Do If You Truly Follow Your Dream!

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Are you in need of some inspiration?

Maybe you are feeling sorry for yourself?

Or perhaps you just want to hear or see something with a feel-good factor?

Then look no further than this amazing and inspirational video of a courageous and talented contestant from the Australian X-factor TV show.

I watched this earlier today and I have no shame in admitting that I was reduced to tears.

The guy in this video Emmanuel Kelly made my day, my month and my year! I shared this on my Facebook page earlier and I had lots of comments from my friends saying how much it had moved them too.

So now I am sharing this with all of you. I challenge you not to cry.

No, I take that back – I challenge you all to cry, and to cry openly.

What is it that so moves our human spirit?

Is it the sheer courage of this young man in following his dream?

Is it that we are tinged with pity?

Maybe we are immensely moved by the kindness and compassion shown by one woman and her courage and determination against such odds.

I’ll tell you exactly what it is.

It is our human spirit at its best.

Moments like this allow the best of us to come through. And they show all that’s great and noble about us.

It’s such moments that make life so wonderful and worthwhile.

Reminds me of the time I truly experienced unconditional love for the first time in India.

When we experience such moments, the world is suddenly alright again. We bask in this great feel good factor – and any of our own petty problems simply disappear in the light of our greatness.

Such moments may seem so short lived – but you can rekindle them anytime you want – simply watch this video again and again!

Do share below your own thoughts about this video and about Emmanuel Kelly.

What lights up your world?

And what will it take for you to truly follow your dream?

Remember – just imagine what YOU can do.


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  1. Arivind,

    Thanks for the inspirational post today. Isn’t it amazing what we can do with our lives.

    Emmanuel Kelly is a wonderful example of that.

    Thanks again,


    • Thanks Bryce for your feedback – it is indeed amazing what we can do with our lives once we take the decision to do something.

      Maybe the key is to find that ONE thing that will truly bring us alive:-)

  2. You nearly had me Arvind, I didn’t quite cry but I could feel the emotion welling up inside me.

    This young man certainly moves and inspires me more than the multi-billionaires and success stories out there who only had to work hard for their reward. They didn’t have to go through such a tragedy as Emmanuel did.

    Thanks for sharing this Arvind 🙂

  3. Alex Blackwell | The BridgeMaker says

    Thanks for sharing a much-needed dose of inspiration Arvind!


  4. Thanks for sharing Arvind – a good boost of inspiration for the day! you’re right – it is the best of the human spirit. Inspired by his mother as much as by him!

    • Arvind Devalia says

      Vishnu, you are most welcome.

      It’s always good to start each day with some inspiration:-)

      Like mother, like son!

  5. Ok Arvind. I took your challenge and I lost. Or I won. I don’t know. I cried and laughed and did my happy dance all at once. What a beautiful video and story. Thank you so much for sharing this!

    Super hugs,

  6. Rachel Lavern says

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful video. I love it when others share their stories of transmuting real-life pain and suffering and overcoming obstacles.

    • Arvind Devalia says

      Rachel, welcome to my blog.

      Glad you liked this wonderful video – isn’t it amazing how true life stories of overcoming challenges can be so inspiring!

  7. Arvind, I was bawling like a child – thank God I am sick so at home today. Imagine the scene it would have created at work? But then, I am in Melbourne and there has been some talk going about this video. Thanks for posting. It moved me to no end. You must have seen the famous video of another local who has got no arms and legs, and he is a motivational speaker? Awesome stuff.

    • Arvind Devalia says

      Marya, welcome to my blog – and congratulations for bawling like a child!

      Even if you had been bawling at work, that would have been fine too:-)

      And yes, I have seen the famous video of another local guy from down under who has got no arms and legs and is a motivational speaker. Awesome indeed!

  8. Wendy Krueger says

    Very beautiful. I can’t imagine anyone not crying who watches the video.

    Inspiring mother as well. You can see how much she loves them and has provided a wonderful life for them after all their tragedy.

    • Wendy, I also can’t imagine anyone not crying! So far I have not yet met anyone who’s been able not to cry – which is actually really heartening:-)

      Inspiring mother, indeed. But then again I do believe that we ALL have this inspiring capacity for compassion.

  9. I simply happened to come across this and its beautiful! Inspired me like crazy 🙂 Thank you for sharing!

  10. Anne Burgess says

    Wow. This video is so powerful on so many levels. I know its impact will remain for a very long time. Thank you for sharing!

  11. There people like us in the world, then there are people like Emmanuel Kelly, who despite being at a disadvantage from birth still remains a person of vision, courage with humbleness. What more can we ask for from people.

    Indeed, it is a inspiration to see such people live amongst us – It truly is a touching video.

    • Actually, I do believe that ALL of us have the same courage and ability to make the best of our lives and at the same time inspire others:-)

      Maybe it all needs is a serious challenge to show us just what we are capable of…

  12. Wow! What an inspiring young man. Thank you so much for making his dreams a part of ours too now.

    I think the reason we are so moved is a combination of factors. It was Emmanuel’s determination in the face of hardship. It was his mother’s and brother’s support. It was his mother’s selflessness and love and adoption of these wonderful boys. It was the statement of human goodness and decency. It was his talent and the passion in his voice. It was the emotional reactions of the judges and the love the audience showed.

    What a powerful thing it must have been for him. It was for me too.

    • Ken, yes a very inspiring man indeed!

      It was moving for all of the reasons you have listed so eloquently. And yes so powerful.

      The beautiful thing is that we can all recreate such occasions just like that simply by looking within out hearts…

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