Be the Change You Want to See in the World – Before it’s Too Late

Gandhi 140 years young

Today is the 7th anniversary of 7/7 – the day that changed the lives of many Londoners for ever.

7th July 2005 was the day when 4 separate bombs led to 52 deaths and over 700 injured.

The bombings came a day after London was awarded the 2012 Olympics – and here we are today, less than 3 weeks away from London’s biggest event ever.

I can already feel the excitement really building in my home City – and one thing Londoners do well is to party and arrange global events as witnessed by the recent Diamond Jubilee celebrations to mark the Queen’s 60 years on the throne. We are ready to party big time!

It’s incredible how quickly the years have gone by.

The key question for me is what’s really changed for us since then and if we have learnt our lessons from 7/7?

Surprisingly, I have seen very few references to the 7th anniversary of 7/7 – and perhaps here in London, we are all just focussing on the forthcoming Olympics.

For me, despite all pain and anguish, 7/7 offered us a lot of hope – and this is what I wrote 5 years ago about hope from the heartbreak of 7/7.

Hope from the Heartbreak of 7/7

What we need today is more people who have a vision for a better world – and they are doing something about it.

What we need is to be THE change we want to see in the world. Before it’s too late.

Positive change in the world begins with me and you.

“My vision is that one day generations of children to come will ask their parents if something called “war” ever existed. They will wonder if people really did blow each other up in cold blood, and how humans ever let that happen in the first place. They will also ask if children really died due to a lack of food.” – Arvind Devalia

What’s YOUR vision for the world?

When will you begin to manifest it?

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”Mahatma Gandhi

To help you create your own vision for your life and the world and be the change, I have searched through the 550+ articles on my blog and have chosen my 7 Top posts for the 7th anniversary of 7/7.

These articles have been inspired by some of the most inspirational people the world has ever known – Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Dr Martin Luther King, John Lennon and others.

These articles will fill you with hope, inspiration and a desire to change the world for the better in your own way.

I invite you to read through these articles, share them, bookmark them and return to read them again and again.

1. 6 Key Lessons in Life from a 140 Year Old Man

2. 6 Key Life Lessons from a 100 Year Old Woman

3. I Have a Dream

4. Imagine a Peaceful World – It’s Easy if You Try

5. Let your Life be Your Message

6. Feel the Fear and Change the World Anyway

7. Why the World Needs More Dreamers Like You and Me

These are the 7 most appropriate articles for a day like today.

As the last article above says, what the world needs is more dreamers like me and you.

Are you a dreamer? And do you have a dream for creating a better world? If so, then share your own vision in the comments below.

And begin to work on that dream TODAY.

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  1. Arvind, thank you for making these very clear points. We live in a truly important time and each of us is here because we are suppose to make a positive difference. Gandhi is a great influence for all of us to follow.

    It seems to me the expanding of minds and opening of hearts is so important today. The answers to the world we have created is in our higher states of consciousness and in our ability to have compassion for all.

    Thanks so much for spreading such a bright light out into the world,

    • Joseph, welcome to my blog – and thanks for your kind words

      Gandhi is indeed a great example for us all to follow.

      I wish you well with being the change:-)

  2. I so enjoy your positive energy Arvind. I’m going to be savouring your posts each day to bask in the positive vibrational energy you bring to the world.

    If we can be inwardly directed to the positives in our world and not outwardly distracted by what’s going on around us, then it begins. We are becoming the change we want to see.

    I can’t wait for the summit. Woohoo ~ it’s free.


  3. My heart aches at 7/7. That’s a very good round up of suggested reading. I’ve read most of it and I am going to read the 2-3 I’ve missed.

    Thank you.

    • Vidya, the 7/7 victims were beautifully remembered during the Olympic opening ceremony.

      And the Olympics are proving to be a great showcase for all that’s so great and noble about us:-)

  4. Graham Dragon says

    The Buddha said “What we are today comes from our thoughts of yesterday, and our present thoughts build our life of tomorrow: Our life is the creation of our mind.” So for those who feel it is too difficult to “be the change you want to see in the world” it really is not!

    • Graham, spot on!

      The Buddha shared so much wisdom with us – and I love your quote.

      And thanks for sharing the Tony Robbins video – I have bookmarked it for viewing again soon:-)

  5. Epic post! How do you find the energy and enthusiasm…a true star and every good wish for Happiness Summit Spot..well done..

  6. Hi Arvind,

    I really loved your vision! My vision is for each of us to overcome our own fears and reach a position where we can look back in years and say, “I am where I am because I had the courage to overcome my fears”.

    I’m really looking forwarding to reading the posts you have linked to. I read ‘Feel the Fear and Change the World Anyway’ earlier today. It was brilliant.

    Do check out the blog when you can. I have a little surprise for you! 🙂

  7. It will take a lot of time, but if we people put our conscious efforts into it, we can make this planet a better place. Although we have to recall those sad events, we should use them as a reminder to be positive.

    • Matt, yes it may take a lot of time, but I really do believe that we can make it happen and make this planet a better place:-)

      Those sad events such as 7/7 only serve as a reminder for us to be vigilant always…

  8. The message is spreading quickly. More and more people are becoming braver and letting their light shine, positively changing the world, rather than just becoming caught up in the current. Thanks for the vision you are sharing.


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    […] (Tweet this) As Gandhiji said, let your life be your message. Also, remember to be the change you want to see in the world. So the question for you on this auspicious day is this – how are YOU fulfilling […]

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