How I Got My Mojo Back – and Now So Can You!


Have you ever wondered what you are doing on this planet? And why?

I have been asking myself the same questions lately – and I have to be honest – I still haven’t got much of a clue!

I always seem to do a lot of soul searching at this time of the year. And that’s because today is my birthday. Yes, I am officially a year younger today!

Of course, I’ll never ever be a grownup – I mean WHY would you ever want to grow up anyway?

My late grandfather always used to mock our birthday celebrations by saying that it was nuts to celebrate a birthday – it just meant you were that much nearer to your ultimate demise i.e. death.

So you may even think it’s kind of taboo talking of death on my birthday. But in some spiritual circles they suggest that you “die” at the end of every day – and every morning you are reborn. In which case you and I have already died and been reborn thousands of times!

Before we go any further, I have something for you – a birthday gift from me to you:-).

In my last blog post, which was about how to be outrageous and change the world, I announced the launch of my Kindle book “Get a Life”. Well, it’s FREE today and tomorrow on Amazon.

Please go and get your copy from here ASAP – get your copy from here – Amazon.Com / Amazon.Co.UK

Get a Life front cover

I hope you get a lot of value from “Get a Life” – it was the first book I ever published and it’s a simpler version of my Amazon best-seller “Get the Life you Love”.

It has the same chapters but is punchier and to the point, so you can get down to taking some key actions right away.

It’s apt that this book’s title is “Get a Life” whilst we were talking about birthdays and life and death.

When my grandfather mocked our birthday celebrations did have a point though – every birthday means you are indeed getting closer and closer to your own end.

What he also said was this – it’s what you do and how you live your life in between your birthdays is what counts.

So what have you done in your life since your last birthday?

Maybe we should see birthdays in a different way from now onwards and do what we do at the beginning of a calendar year i.e. look back on the previous 12 months and plan out the coming 12 months. Make “birthday resolutions” – but ideally resolutions that you’ll not break within 2/3 weeks!

My Last 12 Months in Perspective

Looking back on my own 12 months, it has been quite an eventful period.

I spoke for 90 minutes in front of over 300 people for the first time, my book “Get the Life you Love” became an Amazon bestseller in its category and I got back my passion for coaching.

And perhaps most importantly, I resumed my daily yoga and meditation practice under the guidance of world visionary, mystic and yogi Sadhguru Vasudev.

I’ll be writing more about the impact of Sadhguru on my life in a future post but for now check out why we should all listen to this motorbike crazy mystic.

The only area in my life which from my perspective has stagnated has been my blog. Over the last 12 months, I have hardly written many blog posts, though there have been some super guest posts and book reviews.

Over the last year, somehow writing on my blog had become a chore and I had lost my mojo and my energy. Fresh ideas were no longer coming and I felt the blog had become jaded and in need of a revamp.

Strange how life works – the less I liked the look and feel of my blog, the less I was inclined to write anymore. Quite simple really – you like doing what you enjoy, and you enjoy what you like.

Then a couple of months ago in January, I hit rock bottom. I picked up a nasty cold which took many weeks to shift, and I struggled to write anything fresh on my blog. Here I was trying to inspire people for the New Year and I was badly in need of some fresh inspiration and energy myself!

Then came a day when I almost packed up my blog – I felt it was a waste of time to be masquerading as an inspirational blogger whilst I was so short of inspiration myself. I only learnt after as it turns out that so many people were similarly afflicted in the first few weeks of 2013. Apparently something to do with the planetary cycles, the new consciousness since 21st Dec 2012 etc etc. I actually think that it was just a nasty cold:-).

Miracles CAN Happen:-

Then miraculously, a couple of timely things happened which probably changed the destiny of this blog and ultimately my destiny.


1. I interviewed my good friend Mel Carnegie upon the publication of her life changing book “I am still standing” – you can get it from (Amazon UK /Amazon USA)

You can read Mel’s inspirational book interview here – How to Keep Standing No Matter What Life Throws at You!

For that post we had loads of comments and readers were opening up their hearts and sharing their deepest wounds.

Okay, granted that Mel and I were offering 3 lucky readers a copy of her book in return for commenting on the post, but still we were both astounded at the feedback and reaction we experienced.

This experience made me realise that my blog and my writing were making a significant difference in people’s lives. It was even more heartening to be able to write to the 3 book winners who were in Malaysia and the USA – and there I was thinking no one read my blog!

2. This was about the same time that my book “Get the Life you Love” was available for free as a Kindle book.

Out of the blue, I received a wonderful email from a lady in the USA who had downloaded the free Kindle book. She wrote a long and lovely email about how the book had changed her life and this is one of the lines she wrote:-

“Your book reinforced my moral duty.  Death is certain and love is risk, it’s that simple.”

I had tears in my eyes as I read her full email – suddenly it all felt worthwhile! It was so worth all the effort I had put into my books and my blog.

About the same time, I received a few more messages on Facebook and emails in my in-box thanking me for various blog posts and Kindle books.

It was almost as if someone up there (or anywhere, for all I care. Which way is UP anyway!?) had decided to turn on a fountain of goodwill in my direction – or someone was simply trying to tell me something.

There was no rocket science needed here – I just HAD to continue with my blog and other writing and do whatever it took to make it even more useful to as many people as possible.

I also had the benefit of some kick-ass coaching from my good friend Masha Young who very kindly pointed out that I had so much already going for me and my blog. She was instrumental in me getting my mojo back!

Something else which I had allowed to bother me was the apparent slow growth of my blog in terms of number of subscribers and social media followers etc.

Yes, like so many others, I had succumbed to the lure of large number of friends, fans, followers, tribe members – call them whatever you want!

About this time, I saw on twitter a mention of a new book called The Small Army Strategy (Amazon.Com / Amazon.Co.UK)  by my blogger friend Srinivas Rao which really brought home to me the futility of trying to build a large following of so-called fans without having a clear foundation or offering.

And so this brings me to my key take-away from my special birthday post.

If you are going to do something, you have to do it well and to the best of your ability – otherwise why bother?

time to change the world

You and I cannot strive to change the whole world in one fair swoop – we can only start by doing our own little bit in our own way and see where that leads to in the future (without being attached to the outcome).

We just don’t know what our simple steps will lead to – or how great an impact our tiny acts of kindness can make on someone.

Ultimately, we all want a better life and we want to make a difference to others. We really want to change the world and make our mark – and it just needs a few of us crazy enough to do so!

“The ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones that do”.  Steve Jobs

What’s Next for Me and My Mojo? !?

So where does this leave me?

As I stand on the threshold of another year in my life, I feel rejuvenated and excited about what the next 12 months hold for me.

Today, I am feeling as excited about my blog, my books and my coaching as I did all those years ago when I wrote 100 blog posts in just 31 days. I don’t know what the next year will bring but I do know that it will be life-changing for me and hopefully for some of you readers too.

I have already made some significant changes to my blog – you may have noticed it is now running much faster. This is thanks to my super new hosting service from Synthesis. I recommend their hosting service to all bloggers.

I have also got a new blog theme called Genesis – and you might have also noticed some subtle design changes.

To come next is a revamped design so that it becomes easier to navigate around my blog. Can you believe I’ve got almost 600 blog posts and yet most of them are hidden away?

I’ll then be launching some products and services to help you make it happen in your life and in the world.

I have also cut down on the time I spent on Social Media whilst I focus on my writing and coaching. Don’t get me wrong – Social Media is a great for spreading your message but it can be quite a black hole for your energy and time. Use Social Media sensibly and cleverly. Hm – I can sense a future blog post about this huge topic:-).

And I have been ruthless with my incoming emails and archived emails. Recently in less than an hour, I tidied up my emails and dumped over 10K+ (yes 10,000+!) old emails which I had kept as records and future referral! Dumb or what?

Action point for you – I challenge YOU to empty your inbox in one hour today.

Unsubscribe from newsletters if you need to – even mine! I can take it, but more importantly I want you to have a simpler inbox. Please do whatever you need to.

So that’s enough about me and my blog! Let’s talk about you – what do you think about me and my blog!? I wrote that last sentence in jest – it’s my birthday so I am allowed to indulge in myself:-)

The Way Forward

Seriously, it’s over to you now.

What would you like from me and my blog?

How can I best serve you?

What would be the best way of us working together?

Please add your suggestions in the comments below.

By the way, it’s also okay to tell me to stop blogging and to find something else to do. I can take it as long as you also tell me why!

I started this blog post by asking if you ever pondered on some key questions such as wondering what you were doing on this planet and why. And maybe you don’t need to know. Maybe you just need to focus on being a good person and doing your best for yourself and others.

That’s all fair and good – and you are likely to be a happy and content person by adopting such a philosophy.

However, I feel we are asking and answering the wrong questions here. A more powerful and pertinent line of questioning would be:-

What positive and big things would I like to do on this planet? And why not?

Wow! Now doesn’t that just open up so many possibilities for you!?

Feel the fear and change the world anyway!

I say positive and big things as there’s no inspiration or excitement in thinking small.

Win a Make It Happen Coaching Package!

So over to you now dear readers. Tell me below in the comments just what major, positive thing you would like to do on this planet? And please also tell me why you must do this in your lifetime.

Right, now this is where I would like to really help one reader make it happen. I am going to offer one reader a package of 6 x Make it Happen Coaching sessions with me. The usual price of this package is £1,495 but is actually priceless as how can you possibly put a price on something that will change you and the world?

The 6 sessions will be over Skype and I guarantee that the life of one reader will never be the same again. I’ll choose one reader based on how inspiring their idea is and how committed they are to make it happen. I’ll make my choice in 2 weeks time on Monday, 1st of April.

So over to you now – tell me what you would like from me as well as sharing what you must do on this planet and why. What will it take to get YOUR mojo back?

And remember to download “Get a Life” today or tomorrow – (Amazon.Com / Amazon.Co.UK).

PS Finally, here’s an example of what’s possible when someone is intent on making it happen. One of my first ever coaching clients, Georges Sokol is now an accomplished concert pianist and film producer. This is what he’s just created – look out for a familiar name in the credits:-).

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  1. Well, honestly, I am not sure about what I definitely ready to do next, but I can say that your blog post was encouraging. And, enjoyed hearing thoughts such as this one:

    “As I stand on the threshold of another year in my life, I feel rejuvenated and excited about what the next 12 months hold for me.”

    I should add to the word “encouraging” this one… “challenging.” You have reflected, reached out, taken action, acknowledged others, and shared your dream/desire relative to keep moving forward in the direction you feel you should go: “challenging!”

    Have a great day and of course… “Happy Birthday!” (Not sure if it is belated, or what because I came over from FB post and I know there can me some time passed when something is seen at the top of the news feed).


  2. Things I am committed to achieving in my lifetime –

    Reminding people they contain inside them sacred, remarkable gifts of light and compassionate love, no matter what past tragedies or circumstances have befallen them.

    Every person contains within them an amazing source of unlimited wisdom, creativity & potential. It matters not our race, gender, culture, beliefs. We all have incredible, remarkable, beautiful, miraculous lights to shine our as brightly as we can.

    All paths lead ultimately the same direction.

    The only way I have seen and personally experienced to transform a world so often torn apart by apathy, war and conflict is through giving and receiving the breath of life: unconditional love, compassion, empathy & sharing in our moments of delight and our moments of despair. If we can teach people to alleviate conflict in the world by learning to release the inner conflict that exists within their hearts and minds and use language that encourages such love, compassion and empathy to be expressed, we can change this world — in our lifetime.

    This is something I believe.

    Is this inspirational enough for you? I don’t know. I have a story about my struggles to heal myself from a past I’d really rather not disclose here. We all have stories and we all have pasts we are learning from. Believe it or not however, I am simply on a path, journeying, like you. Only you have a book, I do not. Not yet, anyways.

    Every day for me is simply a series of moments. Just taking a moment at a time, breathing in, breathing out, resolving to be… so that I might transcend the moment before and experience another moment – of peace. of simply being. I believe we are given the gift to be borne anew each morning, if we take that as a gift forward with us, we are able to create our lives anew each day, and renew our vigor joy and delight for life, rather than allowing our pasts to rule over our heads like masters.

    If we can each learn to resolve our inner conflicts and turmoils and learn to manifest our abundance, light, joy, peace and inspiration from within, I believe global transformation will happen quite rapidly. There will be a day when the world knows peace…

    … it will happen the way a camp fire sends out sparks one by one… maybe one might start an uncontrollable global wildfire -and this is what we must each be… our own little sparks of light radiating out from beyond our tiny inconsequential beings, all hoping to start a wildfire of shift in awareness and change in this world.

    However, I don’t know where to begin, except to begin from within and to make a request of the world and hopefully the world will respond in like kind. A coach would be a dream come true, especially one who understands what it feels like to be conflicted at times and other times lose your mojo completely. This is a lifelong dream of mine, but I’m very much s-t-u-c-k.

    Fear and scary doesn’t even begin to cut it for me. Terrified is more like it.

    what would give me my mojo back? Seeing each person turn into one of those sparks. Knowing that what I write, what I teach, what I share is having an impact on the world around me. That would inspire me to work harder, to do more to share more.

  3. And dear beloved arvind, Happy birthday. Celebrate it with Delight. You are a light. May this day be a gift made anew for you. :-)*

  4. Linda C. Thomas says

    Happy Birthday Arvind! You are wonderful human being. I love receiving your post that truly warm my heart. My soul longs to help people elevate their thoughts and feelings about race.

    Cheers to you Arvind. You amazing soul.


  5. Happiest Birthday to the sweetest Guy I know 🙂 May this coming year bring you so much joy and peace that it totally blows your mind in the process 😉
    I love this post for so many reasons…one being its encouraging and two, its kinda kicking my butt to re-start my book…hmmm
    I am honored to know you and to share in this journey with you Arvind. I think you spread happiness wherever you are(online or offline)….and thats an amazing quality.
    With immense love and gratitude,

  6. Mel Carnegie says

    Hey Arvind – I’m so pleased that our project helped to re-ignite your mojo my friend. As always, an absolute pleasure spending time and working with you – and you know what? So far as I’m concerned, that mojo of yours has always and will always continue to shine and light the way. You’re a wonderful person – your soul shines bright and strong – and I am honoured to call you my friend.
    Keep on doing what you’re doing. You ARE making a difference to the lives of many people – myself included 🙂
    Much love and smiles to you xxxx

  7. Happy belated birthday wishes Arvind. I love your new site. Each and every post is inspiring in it’s own way. I always get something that makes me sit back and think. A nudge towards clarity if you like. I have no suggestions to what I’m looking for because I don’t know until it jumps out.

    One of my favourite quotes is ‘Be the change you want to see in the world’ – Mahatma Gandhi

    Any changes would be from where your heart leads you.

    Many thanks Jan

  8. Dear Arvind,
    This is what I want to do: I want to inspire others, raise awareness on how we can live to make ourselves and the people around us happy by being fully HERE and not rush blindly through life. I want to be part of the tipping point, where enough people start living from their hearts and in full consciousness, so that a real CHANGE comes through here on Earth. Humanity needs to find back to our core values; to simplicity, trust, and real care for each other. It is so urgently needed and I want to help making it happen.
    With a smile from my heart

  9. Congrats on getting your mojo back Arvind. I like the new site design and your content is always inspirational. Thanks and best wishes for keeping that mojo going throughout 2013!

  10. Dear Arvind
    Thank you for your beautiful writing and for being a force for change in this world.
    Your blog is rich and generous I appreciate your heartfelt sharing and your championing of others.

    I knew at the age of 15 that my vision was to use voice as a healing tool of transformation in the world. For me, singing is medicine and since that early eureka moment I have witnessed – both in my own creative journey and throughout many years of leading groups, 121 sessions and performing – the miraculous changes it brings. When we reclaim our voices we totally change our resonance and way of being in the world. That’s what I seek to do for myself and for others – to support the evolution of authentic creative expression – for that’s what singing is – the expression of our hearts in action. The more we sing, the more we open our hearts.

    I want to see a heart-centred world in which we share resources fairly. I believe and experience that singing brings us back into a state of oneness which makes us more aware of our connection to all beings everywhere. For this reason I have run events and participated in Sing for Water events to raise funds for WaterAid projects bringing clean water, sanitation and hygiene to some of the world’s poorest communities. I want to use my music to raise a voice for those who are voiceless and to contribute to the growth of a more balanced way of interacting within our global community and a more sustainable relationship with our planet. I want to addresses areas of lost Mojo and to ground and grow my vision to use sound to make a huge difference personally, socially and ecologically.

    From meeting you and reading your work, I can see that you affirm the importance of making a difference in this world, that you empower people to express their authentic creative voice through writing and that you express yourself authentically and with kindness and compassion. It’s a great delight to know you and to experience your work and I am grateful for the call you make to all of us to Go Out and Make It Happen.

    Bless you!

  11. Happy birthday! I’m a new reader, so I don’t know what the old design looked like, but this one is great! I look forward to your future posts!

  12. Hi Arvind,

    I’ve just discovered your blog. Very inspirational! I feel energized and motivated to take positive action after reading your posts!

    See you around,

  13. Arvind. Okay, here I will make it public.

    About 3 1/2 years ago, my sister-in-law handed me The Secret. It really got me thinking if I was creating my own problems; it did seem like the same ones kept appearing wherever I went and my feelings were always the same. I was going through a rather bad patch, so it was much needed.

    I’ve never looked back. I carried on reading about helping ourselves, from the Power of Now, to the Secret of Quantum Healing, I read a few. It didn’t take too much reading, but more practice, mindful thinking and meditation. I practice AYP everyday. I’ve stopped saying bad things about myself. I have amazed myself at the change inside. I no longer wake up feeling anxious, I sleep much better, my everyday happiness levels have gone up, my relationships seem to have improved, I don’t feel so insecure and fragile and my health has gotten better. I know how to deal with worry better than ever. Sure, I’m not perfect, but the improvements are clear (and others have noticed it, too).

    I would love to teach others how to help themselves and it’s not that difficult either. It just takes small shifts in thinking and some quiet time. I often send emails to friends on how to heal ourselves with visualisation and meditation. I nearly always cure my own coughs, colds, flu, pain. (Not all). I’ve cured my own chronic back pain (that was many years ago using Sarno’s technique). People have said that things I show them have often helped them, from relieving anxiety, to sleeping better, from lowering blood pressure to eliminating pain. I think it’s fantastic that we carry these tools with us; we just need to learn a few.

    I wasn’t sure what my passion in life was, but it I think it’s this and I would love to pass on this information to the masses. I want this to be passed onto ordinary people, not just those who ‘seek’ self help. I want people to be able to help themselves before running to the doctor or resigning to a life of misery. I honestly was never aware of these things or it just didn’t click with me, until I needed it.

    I would love to have some your coaching (for free!) to help me do this. I do lack confidence in taking it forward, but it’s something I’m working on. (You know, make small efforts, but let go). I trust it will all fall into place.

    Thanks for a chance anyway.

    Avnita x

  14. Arvind,

    Happy belated birthday. I loved this story about getting your mojo back.
    I saw the secret for the first time also less than a year ago and my story is similar to Avnita’s. I have never been happier and have made tremendous strides in my personal development. I really feel compelled to help others and make a big difference in the worked for the better. I still don’t know exactly how I am going to do this yet, but I am slowly discovering one path.
    I have discovered a technology called brainwave entrainment, and it helps people to meditate. I have incorporated meditation into my daily life and it has improved every area of my life. I have started making it my mission to teach others about how easy and beneficial it is to meditate. My goal as of right now is to be able to earn a living teaching others about my passion for meditation and yoga.

    We’ll see. Thanks for the inspirational post!

  15. A very belated Happy birthday to you, Arvind! May god bless you with lots of blessings and abundance. And yes, i am the Malaysian reader whom always gets to her mails late but nevertheless by the grace of divine, i am able to read your wonderful blog and keep in track. Your blogs have made a world of difference in my life. Please continue sharing your light to the world. The world needs more light like you.

    In this lifetime, i would love to pursue my career in pediatrics(in another 6 years, hopefully) because i believe i am gifted with protective instincts which would serve best towards the children’s pain and needs. Children can be a huge motivator. They taught me many valuable lessons in a short period of time. I bow to their innocence, hope and purity.

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