How to Succeed in Business Without Trading Away Your Soul!

Soul Trader

Are you trading away your soul or are you a Soul Trader?

Every now and then you meet someone who blows you away and inspires you to raise your own game.

Earlier this week, that’s exactly what happened to me – I went to the book launch party for my friend Rasheed Ogunlaru‘s latest book.

Like me, Rasheed is a coach, author and inspirational speaker and though we have known of each other for years, we only recently connected face to face. And yesterday was the publication date of his new book – Soul Trader (Amazon USA /Amazon UK )

Soul Trader is one of those life changing books that any inspiring entrepreneur or indeed any established business person should read.

As Rasheed says, brutal business is sick and dying. And welcome to the era of the Soul Trader

Practical and motivational Soul Trader is a coach yourself companion, with insights, inspiration, tips and tools to help you and your business progress whatever your stage.

“Cut the cost & raise the impact of your business – by following your heart” – Rasheed Ogunlaru

The book highlights we’re sick of running and working for soul-less businesses that don’t care about customers just our cash – which is many are crumbling. It replaces mindless business with heart-centred entrepreneurship.

“The world is changing and so is what we want from businesses. Mindless businesses are dying and heart-led ones are being born. We’re sick of soul-less businesses that only care cash not their customers. We want and need fulfilling, sustainable, meaningful ones in balance with our lives – that make an impact in the lives and those they serve and in the world. ”

Follow your heart, utilise your network, build rich relationships and you’ll cut the financial and emotional costs of starting / growing a business in tough, changing times says Rasheed.

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How to Make Your Dream Job Happen on Your Own Terms

Follow your dream job!

I find that most people want to eventually become self-employed. As a self-employed coach, I can totally understand this and I encourage it. Self-employment is not always rainbows and butterflies, but the associated freedom, flexibility and status are often highly rewarding.

This being said, many people are afraid of making a transition from employee to self-employed, and I find this has a lot to do with going into a new territory and not having a map to help them navigate in it.

In my communication coaching, I often work with such people and I help them build an effective transition strategy.

In this article, I’m going to share with you some of the most important steps such strategies encompass:-

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5 Smart Strategies For Your Personal Brand and Standing Out From the Noisy Crowd

steve jobs

Would you like to effortlessly attract more customers, business opportunities or even a new employer?

How about being able to increase your fee or salary? Pick and choose what projects and what people to work with?

The solution is to have a strong and magnetic personal brand. I am sure you have heard about it, but today we’ll look at what it is exactly. However, before we do this, we have to start with understanding just what we mean by a “brand”.

What is a brand?

A brand is the unique experience that people remember about a product or service. We are surrounded by products and services every day, some of them are very similar – you try distinguishing Coke from Pepsi in a blind test.

The reason marketers make use of brands for their product is so they can differentiate the brand from the competition. The goal is to position it as a premium brand so that consumers believe they are enjoying an exclusive product. We all know that adjectives like premium and exclusive are associated with higher cost, that’s what pays for the entire branding exercise.

What is a personal brand?

A personal brand is the unique promise of value of a person.

Simply put, it’s who you are and what you do – nobody else can be or do the exact same thing. Just like a product, a person can brand themselves to stand apart from the competition.

How can you make it happen for yourself and the world if no ones knows who you really are?

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Lighten Up and Light Up the World

light up the world!

Just how passionate are you about your work?

Do you still continue to be inspired despite challenges and rebuffs from other people who do not value what you have to offer?

Your passion for what you do can really light up the world if you give it a chance to do so.

There have been many times in my own life when I have suffered in pain and when I have lost the joy in my work.

Even in my blogging I have had my ups and downs as regular readers will remember from a while back.

It really is up to you whether you do something with joy or lethargy.

Let me tell you what I mean by sharing what I saw this morning, when I had a meeting in central London.

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Why Working from Home is the Future

home comforts

I was recently interviewed by a radio show about working from home, which has always been seen as a luxury for a few lucky and high profile people. But now more and people are looking at flexible working as an exciting prospect.

The question though is whether working from home equals higher productivity. Just what would it be like to say leave the buzz of going to the office and having the social life with colleagues and working from the comfort of your own home?

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How to Create Bliss at Work

put a bliss plate on your office at work!

As an employee, you carry out a very important role in your company, one that may not always be recognised. You might also face some of the following challenges:

• Little fulfilment at work
• Long working hours
• Conflicting demands on your time and loyalty
• Little balance between personal life and work commitments
• Tight deadlines
• Time management pressures
• Strained relationships with the important people in your life
• Tight personal finances
• Lack of any say at work
• Internal politics and a rigid company structure
• Bullying within the workplace
• Few promotional opportunities

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How to Stay on Top of Everything Despite Growing Demands on your Time

focus on 20% of your key activities

As a senior manager, you may well be facing growing demands on your time. Perhaps you are facing some of the following challenges:-

• Long working hours
• Tight deadlines
• Time management pressures
• No balance between personal life and work commitments
• Lack of optimum health and fitness
• Lack of hobbies
• Stress and burnout

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Get into Action and No More Excuses!

there is time for both fun and work!

Are you very creative when it comes to thinking up excuses?! Would you rather be a beach bum than get on with the really important things in life?

Having fun on the beach is of course fine – as long as you have made the time for it 🙂

Procrastination is the art of putting things off and most of us are highly skilled at doing this!

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Leadership in the Current Climate of Change

we need high flying leaders today

The world is today changing rapidly and this is affecting the world of business as never before. Globalisation, the Internet and emerging economies such as in India and China are bringing huge challenges to businesses in the UK and the western world.

Organisations are generally driven to change either by the desire or philosophy to be the highest quality, best, first or leader in an industry; or they are forced to change through painful circumstances such as high turnover, loss of revenue or loss of industry position. Our focus here is on change due to the latter.

It is more pertinent than ever for effective leadership to create and lead change. When change is completed effectively, the organisation adapts and learns, and achieves its goals. However all too often change efforts fail as they are met with resistance and fear. Change can be as minor as relocation to a different office or as major as rapid growth or downsizing.

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12 Smart Tips for Working from Home

home sweet home

As more and more people seem to be working from home, here are my simple tips for making it a success:-

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9 Smart Ways to Focus in the Age of Distraction


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