Warning: The #1 Secret to Success in Life Which You Ignore at Your Peril!

steve jobs
Do you ever wonder why some people are more successful than others?

Maybe you are even frustrated seeing how some people are doing so much better than you?

And have you wondered what it would be like to discover the #1 secret to success in life? What differentiates you from Steve Jobs or Richard Branson?

Well, in the next few minutes reading this blog post may just change your perspective on life forever. No pressure!

I had a dear friend around for lunch last week – and as we often do when we meet, we got talking about life and what the next few years will bring us.

We all come to a crossroads in our life when we face having to make some major decisions – and depending on the path we take, our life may change one way or the other. Sometimes quite dramatically.

So often a life-changing event such as say a serious health challenge or the passing of a loved one causes us to reflect and review our life. And yet so often, we do nothing to change our life as day to day commitments and challenges take up our time, focus and energy.

My friend who came for lunch shared this powerful prayer from Marianne Williamson:

Dear God/Universe/Source (insert here whatever word you prefer),

“Please impress upon me the vision of whom I am meant to be – reveal to me the bigger life you would have me live and undo the forces that keep me bound so that I might serve you more” – Marianne Williamson.

Marianne Williamson is one of my favourite teachers and I have been privileged to be the “mike-runner” at a couple of her talks.

So that’s it – the number one secret to success in life! 

At the end of the day, it all comes back to being of greater service to others. As the late and great inspirational teacher Zig Ziglar said:-

You can get everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want” – Zig Ziglar

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Happy Father’s Day – and FREE Kindle Books to Celebrate!

time to honour your father on father's dayAre you celebrating Father’s Day this weekend? 

Most of the western world celebrates Father’s Day on Sunday 16th June, whereas other countries and cultures celebrate such a day at different times of the year.

Initially I found the concept of having a special day for fathers a bit strange – in my Indian culture, it’s our duty to always respect and honour our fathers and mothers. So I used to wonder why anyone would even need a specific day just for that.

However the idea of having an extra-special day with your father is a fun thing to do and I hope that where ever you are, all fathers and their families are having a fabulous day of celebration.

To me, Father’s Day will always be a time for me to remember what my father has done for me.

At the same time, do avoid all the commercial circus – I suggest you be sensible and do not succumb to all the hype around this day.

Honour, appreciate and remember your father for what he does and has done for you.

As long- term regular readers will know, I lost my father a few years ago – and incredibly it’ll be 6 years next December since he left us. He still lives on in our memories, and in my siblings and me. His essence will always be with us.

One thing that he always encouraged me to do was to write and publish more books. In the last year of his life, every time I saw him he would ask me if I had published another book – even though I had only seen him 3 weeks before!

If he was alive today in the days of kindle books, I could probably answer in the affirmative and say that yes I had just published another e-book on Amazon kindle:-).

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101 Ways to Live Cleaner and Greener for Free – Book Interview

Green Living with Anna PittHow clean and green is your life? Are you aware of the concept of “Green Living”?

Do you even have any awareness of your impact on the environment around you?

Every now and then, I meet someone who is just so passionate about what they believe in and what they stand for.

One such person is Anna Pitt whom I met a year ago at my talk at the Millionaire Author Bootcamp. That was the day I overcame my fear of public speaking on a big stage!

I vividly remember how Anna met me after my presentation saying how I had changed her life! She was really inspired to finally get her own book out there about green living and today I am proud and honoured to interview her about her first book “101 Ways to Live Cleaner and Greener for Free (Amazon USA /Amazon UK).

By the way, if you also want to Make it Happen and get YOUR book out in the world, then contact me today for some Kick-Ass Make It Happen Coaching

Green Living

Green living is something I am also interested in and whilst I was composing this blog post, Anna sent me the feedback she received from one of the first people to apply the ideas in her book:-

“Reading Anna Pitt’s book has really surprised me of how much I could do to recycle and reduce waste – flicking through the pages I’ve either thought or said to myself, I either do that or I could try that.  Recently I have copied some ideas in the book.  It has turned a full bin in to half a bin!”

Which makes me even more excited to share Anna and her book with you and to further spread her message about green living:-

1. Anna, your book idea totally resonated with me when we first met. Please tell my readers more about your book.

101 Ways to Live Cleaner and Greener for Free is about reducing waste.  It gives the reader 101 simple ways in which families can be kinder to the environment without having to spend a single penny.  There are tips on how to reduce food waste, how to save water, energy and fuel and how to recycle and reuse your stuff.

The really important thing is that my book takes a look at the maths and the science behind all these green efforts and shows exactly how much difference small changes of habit can make.

A few years ago I started a project to try to show the next generation exactly how and why we need to rethink our attitude to waste.  I believe that we need to embrace whole-heartedly the circular economy and shun the linear economy that is destroying our planet.

However not enough people are allowing this message to sink in and then doing something about it.  

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How to Always Look on the Bright Side of Life – Even if You Don’t Want To!


Are you a positive person? 

Or are you a merchant of doom and gloom?

There are some people who somehow always seem able to look on the bright side of things, no matter what is going on in their life.

Then are other people who seem to delight in looking at all the things that are wrong in the world and all the things that could go wrong for them. And you may have noticed how things invariably go wrong for them!

Do you know someone negative who is like this?

Or maybe it’s you!?

Yes, things can go wrong and stuff can happen – even if you are a “good” person.  It’s all just simply part and parcel of the tapestry of life.

It’s how you deal with whatever life throws at you is what matters – and it’s what will ultimately help you grow as a person.

Let me share my own story of what happened a few years ago – I had just lost my job, split up from my wife and was also about to be thrown out of my rented apartment.

Yes, I can’t even imagine now what I went through then. And yes, things looked dire but I realized over time that in the grand scheme of things, my stuff really didn’t matter.

If you are currently facing many challenges, then perhaps you want to consider this – maybe life would become rather dull if it became plain sailing!

I am not advocating creating drama in your life for the sake of it – clearly you don’t want to consciously create negative experiences for the sake of it. What I am advocating is that once stuff is happening in your life for whatever reason, it’s how you deal with it that matters.

I am also not suggesting that you become a happy, clappy smiling person, oozing sickly sweet goodness and beaming positively without any grasp of reality!

Here are my 3 steps for getting things in balance and to always look on the bright side of things:-

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How to be Outrageous and Change your Life For Ever!

Arvind wearing a red wig!When was the last time you were truly outrageous!?

Indeed when was the last time you really let your hair down and you had some fun?

Next time you are on a train or a bus, just look at the people around you. I bet you will see some really serious faces, especially if you are in London travelling at peak time.

Everyone seems to be on some important mission to get somewhere fast – and they are oblivious to all that’s going on around them.

At one time, I too was like that – Mr Determined (and also Mr Angry) full of self-importance living in my little self-deluded world, full of lofty dreams.

Strange, as I wrote the last sentence, the lyrics from the Beatles haunting song “Nowhere Man” just came to my mind. Nowhere man indeed. Perhaps the opening verses apply to all of us in some way:-

He’s a real nowhere man,
Sitting in his Nowhere Land,
Making all his nowhere plans
for nobody.

Doesn’t have a point of view,
Knows not where he’s going to,
Isn’t he a bit like you and me?

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Why Love is all That Matters Beyond 21.12.12

Did you know that the world is supposed to end today!?

Unless you have been living in a cave, you have known by now about all the hype about the world ending today. Hollywood made a blockbuster movie about 2012, very imaginatively called 2012 and even the BBC got in on the act this week.

Come to think of it – living in a cave is probably the safest place to be today if all the predicted doomsday stories come true!

The world is of course not going to end – but I would like to imagine and hope that a new consciousness is being borne and with it a new way of being. A way of caring, sharing and giving.  Before it’s too late.

Life will continue; hatred and negative force are ending” – Shaman Juan Osco.

As my good friend Zeenat Merchant-Syal, India’s  leading personal development blogger, put it so eloquently in her latest blog post 21/12/12 The End of the World or A New Beginning:-

“I think this is going to be a day like any other day. Yup! No big changes or earth shifts. What is going to change and has been changing are our thoughts.”

I could not agree more!

Yes, there may be significant energy shifts going on at a cosmic level – and if that means that it shifts human consciousness for the better, than I am all up for cosmic energy shifts!

However, unless we consciously change, all these perceived or real energy shifts will mean nothing. Zilch. Zero.

Then perhaps we would be better off if the world did end! Nothing would matter if we don’t become a more caring, sharing and loving race in the coming “New Age”.

That brings me very nicely to the question of Love.

What does the word LOVE mean to you?

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My Greatest Thanksgiving Gift of all – A Life you Love!

Happy Thanksgiving today and every day!

Happy Thanksgiving Day everyone!

I am sending you all a huge tiger hug:-)

I love the idea of having a special day of thanksgiving whereby we can express our gratitude for all that’s good in our lives.

Welcome to new readers and a big hello to old readers. It feels great to be back and writing on my blog. To be honest I have had some technical and health challenges and these are now all behind me.

The time away from my blog has given me great insights into how I move forward with my blog and the direction to take. More on that later.

Well, a lot has happened in the world over the last few weeks. Against all the odds, President Obama got elected again to a second spell of 4 years and the world can breathe easily – for a while anyway.

If you look around, the world faces umpteen challenges today and it’s really time for us to rise to the challenge and make it happen for a better world for all us. At the same time we have to make the most of our own lives and make the most of what we all have.

Earlier this week, I had another reminder of the need to make the most of each day and our limited time on earth.

An aunt suddenly passed away in hospital after a series of illnesses. Yet she seemed perfectly well when I spoke to her on Indian New Year’s day only a week ago. That telephone conversation turned out to be our last ever conversation.

Of course it is not how or when you die, but ultimately what matters is how you lived your life – and the legacy you created.

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The Most Powerful Zen Mantra for Coping with Pain – “This Too Will Pass!”

Have you ever been in a situation where you could simply not see a way out?

Or a time when you were in so much pain or turmoil, you just wanted it to end?

Well, I had some major dental work done last week when I needed some root canal work done. If you have ever undergone such a surgical process, you will know how painful and traumatic this can be.

But of course I got through it as I survived to write about it:-).

My dentist took an hour for the whole process and it seemed like a very long hour. I got through that hour simply by telling myself that this too will pass.

Every few minutes with my eyes closed I kept repeating mentally:-

“This too will pass”.

This is a little trick you can use for other times in your life too. For instance, last week in a coaching session, I reminded a client about this way of coping. He is going through a relationship breakup and I suggested he should keep reminding himself that this too will pass. And it will, as in time his pain will get less and he’ll get to see a positive way forward.

All of us have so many fears, it’s useful to know how to overcome our three biggest fears.

I also reminded my client that we are already enough.

Conversely, it’s also useful to remember this Zen mantra during the good times.

For instance, here in London, autumn has arrived with a vengeance and just today we have had a month’s rainfall in one day in some areas as well as strong winds.

Our incredible summer of the Olympic and Paralympic Games is just a distant but delicious memory. I remember thinking at the time that I had to make the most of each day of the Games and immerse myself fully, as soon it’ll all be over.

And now all I have left from the summer of London2012 is some wonderful memories and literally 1,000s of images from the Games on Facebook . Plus a tooth that’s no longer keeping me up at night in pain:-).

So maybe the real secret to happiness in life is to be completely neutral in terms of what we feel, no matter what’s going on in our lives i.e. no highs or lows. That sounds like Nirvana – and maybe a topic for a future post.

For now, just remember that this too will pass

So there we are – no matter what troubles and challenges you are currently undergoing, just remind yourself that this too will pass.

And at the same time, make the most of each day and immerse yourself in the joys of your daily life as this day too will pass.

Please share your tips too

Now over to you – what’s your technique for coping with challenges? Please do share in the comments below…

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Don’t go Through Life so Fast!

Do you go through life so fast that you miss out on real life!?

What would your life be like if you simply slowed down enough to notice the people around you and to truly connect with them?

Here in London, it’s really rather quiet and surreal now that the London2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games are finished and all the athletes and thousands of visitors have gone home.

I can honestly say that the last 6 weeks in London has been my best life experience ever. I have never experienced so much camaraderie, excitement and sheer joy.

London2012 may sadly be all over but the memories will live on forever.

What made it so special was being amongst so many people who were equally on a euphoric high and were simply enjoying being. And long may the feel-good factor last…

For me and for many others, the best experience was to witness the Paralympic athletes who reminded us to never ever feel sorry for ourselves again.

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Top 10 Reasons Why Losers Give Up: And How Not To Be a Loser Too!

How many times have you decided upon something and then just given up?

How many times have you tried something and you quit as soon as it became hard?

How many times have you postponed taking action till later, because you did not feel like doing it right away?

The simple and sad fact is that most of us give up far too soon!

Imagine if Steve Jobs had given up at Apple! He faced so many challenges and yet he never gave up.

The rest is history – he went on to become one of the world’s greatest winners of all time.

So why do most people give up so easily?

Below are the top 10 reasons why losers give up too soon – and more importantly, key ways of getting around this:-

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