How 30 Minutes of Intense Chest Pain Changed My Life For Ever – and Will Change Yours Too
Have you ever had a deep life-changing experience?

An experience which left your previous life in tatters and forced you to face up to life like never before?

There you are – one day simply meandering through life, care-free and thinking that life was going to go on forever.

Then what happens…

Suddenly you are jolted by a thunderbolt – and life is never the same again.

Something happens personally that hits you deeply in the groin of your soul – and you have no choice but to take stock of your life. And then perhaps you can choose to actually start living the life that you really want.

You see we all go through life as if it is going to last forever. In our head and in fairy tales, we get to live happily ever after.

Except that it’s never ever forever. And most of the time, it’s hardly even happy.

And the insane thing is that though logically we know that this life is not going to last forever, we live our lives as if it is going to last forever.

The reality though is that one day we die. And then a few loved ones and many strangers come along to pay their final respects.

They all look as serious and solemn as they can, address your coffin and tell you what a fine fellow you once were.

And soon after all the lofty eulogies which never saw any daylight whilst you were alive, they bury you and throw some mud over you. Or in my case, being of Hindu origin, they’ll burn me. Then scatter the ashes in some polluted river.

The worst and the most harrowing bit is this – like it or not, every day brings you and me closer to just such an ignominious end.

So what comes between now and that solemn but frivolous ending? And when are you going to wake up and get that your clock is ticking?

Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock. Tick Tock.

We all have two lives. The second one begins when you realise you only have one” – Tom Hiddleston

Are you ready to wake up and truly live your life? Or are you going to be just like the masses who are living with this illusion of immortality?

So what do you do? Become despondent and depressed that this is all there is and what a failure you have been?

Become fatalistic as it’s all going to go belly up one day anyway?

Or do you finally get clear about your life and focus on the legacy you are going to leave behind? And at the same time, you have a blast and have some rip-roaring, rollicking fun along the way!?

How about living a meaningful life?

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How to Detox in Just Five Days and Enjoy It!

When was the last time you went without solid foods for a week?

If you haven’t ever done so, here are some tips to do so easily and to enjoy it at the same time.

It’s now a week since I finished my Green Juicing Fast – and what a journey it’s been!

For a few days afterwards whilst my body adjusted to solid food again, I almost wished I was back on my juicing fast.

The key learning for me was this – most of us eat much more than we need to!

The body uses up so much energy to digest and clear out the “junk” food which we eat – and when we stop eating such food, our body has so much more energy for us. We feel that much more vibrant, healthy and alive!

 “I saw few die of hunger; of eating, a hundred thousand.” ~ Benjamin Franklin

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Green Juicing – Your Secret to Health, Vitality & Youth

Just how healthy and fit are you?

Are you energised, full of vitality and youthful? Or are you over-weight, drained and getting old before your time?

To create a big and bold life for yourself, you need to be in optimum health and to eat the most nutritious foods. Just as important is to regularly detox your body and to rest your digestive system.

Let food be your medicine and medicine your food.” – Hippocrates

Today I am delighted to interview my friend Farnoosh Brock who blogs at Prolific Living about her new “Green Juicing Guide

Farnoosh’s new product is a very comprehensive “Guide to Green Juicing”, and it also comes with a bonus – “Your Juice Fast Guide”, which takes you through a 5 day juice fast.

Whilst speaking to Farnoosh last week, I suggested that we should try out her 5 day juice fast together. She didn’t hesitate and took up the gauntlet – and so here I am, already on the first day of my “fast”.

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Become Active to Get Life Balance!

time to get life balance

Are you a couch potato or a dynamo?

Do you live a healthy balanced life or are you stressed out and overwhelmed with challenges?

No matter where you are in your life right now, you can start making changes today. Rest assured that it’s never too late!

A few days ago I shared with you how one of my blogger friends Steven Aitchison is on a quest to help you become energised and bouncing around with just five hours sleep a night.

Now I am delighted to share with you the wisdom and exuberance of another blogging friend Anastasiya Goers of Balanced Living who is launching an online retreat to help you go from a sedentary to active lifestyle in 1 month.

I don’t know about you, but I endeavour to fit in as much in my life as I can. If I could get by on no sleep, then I would be out enjoying life 24 hours a day!

But then my life would soon be a mess and even I would be washed out.

Clearly we all need a balance in our life between work and downtime as well as play and rest.

Anastasiya and I have been friends for over year, ever since we met on a blogging bootcamp.

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Clear a Heavy Head in Just 10 Minutes: Get a Haircut!

bald man

Do you ever suffer from a heavy head?

I had a heavy head yesterday morning and it didn’t feel great. Maybe you can relate to this – a sheer feeling of heaviness and sluggishness.

So I found a simple solution – I had a haircut. And immediately I felt so much better.

It always helps to let go of all that extra weight:-)

Now I also know why some of our most popular bloggers such as Seth Godin and Leo Babauta are bald. Surely having less on your head means you can get more out of it?

Looking around, Gandhi was bald too.

Dr Wayne Dwyer, one of my inspirational teachers, is also folliclely challenged or should that be folliclely gifted? Or maybe it’s just old age:-)

Let me point out that I didn’t go the whole way and have a bald hair-style, but given the chance, my barber would have loved to have shorn off all my hair.

So here’s an idea for you – next time you feel heavy headed, go and get a haircut.

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Why it’s Time to Dump that Young Lady from Your Back!


This is a guest post from Stephen Farah

I am delighted and truly honoured to be hosting Stephen’s first ever guest post.

I once heard a line in the movie A House of Games (1987) which I have never forgotten:

“When you have done something unforgivable, I will tell you exactly what to do. You must forgive yourself.”

This makes sense because to live in blame, be it blame of others or ourselves is just not a way to live. At least not if we want to live a meaningful and fulfilled life.

We also learn that in order to live our lives forward rather than backwards, we need to assimilate everything that has ever happened to us. Be it good or bad.

What do we mean by Assimilation?

The Oxford English Dictionary defines assimilation as:

1.    Take in and understand information.
2.    Absorb people or ideas into a wider society or culture.
3.    Absorb or digest food or nutrients.

This gives us a good starting point in understanding assimilation. However in the sense we use the term here, let’s broaden that definition slightly:

Take in, understand, digest, utilise, collate and make part of oneself, information, experiences, tool/s, technology, education, culture etc.  Such that these things no longer remain outside and alien to yourself. They are no longer at arms distance.

Absorb and digest food, nutrients yes, but also medicine, ideas, teaching, toxicity, experiences good and bad, happenings, dreams, intuitions, successes and failures.

I even speculate that the whole of psychology and the myriad of New Age therapies all concern themselves with just one single issue – a  lack of assimilation.

Whether this is called hysteria, neurosis, stress, psychosis, a lack of adaptation, it all boils down to a very simple idea:-

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How You Too Can be the Oldest DJ in Town!

oldest dj in town

Just how healthy are you nowadays?

Can you remember the time when you were really young and you had boundless energy?

Do you still go through life with a bounce in your step?

Today I am sharing with you the story of my father who had boundless energy and went through life with a bounce in his step. He was actually a radio DJ in his sixties in his home town, and would have still carried on if given the chance.

He was indeed the oldest DJ in town!

So what was my late father’s secret for longevity and zest for life?

I am reminded of him today as right now I am writing this from the very desk that he used to write from until his last days when he was almost 80 years old.

It’s already over 2 years since his untimely death and a lot has happened since then as I have tried to get my life back together again.

Though I will always have my father’s lessons in compassion, one of his many legacies for me was his way of living, his zest for life and his energy that would put to shame people half his age.

You are never too old to be fit and healthy.

And it’s never too late to start looking after your health and fitness.

Today, as I am finally able to look back on my father’s life with fondness rather than sadness, I am reminded of his health habits which we can all learn from:-

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Go for a Walk and Let Go of Any Baggage At Once

walk in the park

Do you know how much stuff you carry around with you unnecessarily?

By stuff, I mean not just physical but also the mental clutter we have most of the time.

It is not always easy to get rid of the mental chatter, but you can certainly let go of the physical stuff quite easily.

Earlier on today, after a spell of writing, I fancied some fresh air and so off I went for a brisk walk. It had been snowing and rather than sensibly wrapping up, I decided to go minimalist and wore just a light coat over a t-shirt.

This time last year I was training to walk the London marathon so I am quite used to walking briskly and dressing lightly. It’s amazing how quickly one warms up by walking briskly, especially when it’s so cold!

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If You are What You Eat, Then Why do You still Crave Chocolate?

chocolate, glorious chocolate!

This morning I had a fabulous breakfast feast with home made bean sprouts, fresh coconut from the Notting Hill Carnival and garnished with vegetarian Furikake and smothered in oodles of virgin olive oil.

Furikake is a wonderful Japanese seasoning containing black & white sesame seeds, Nori Seaweed and Red Shiso leaves. (LINK)

Learn how to make your own bean sprouts.

I must say it was a wonderful way to start the day and I could literally feel the goodness in the food. My gourmet dish also looked rather attractive.

Now that was over 3 hours ago and I still have loads of energy and no hunger pangs.

This reminded me of the oft repeated phrase that you are what you eat. On that basis if I continue to eat fresh, healthy “live” foods, I will always be highly energised and healthy.

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Enjoy your Gifts and your Gold whilst you Can!

vibrant health!

True good health is a state of dynamic well being, one that is like that of childhood exuberance and joy, boundless energy, keen awareness of surroundings, positive emotional state and a natural love and zest for life. ” – William Woolcott

This is a quote sent to me recently by a friend and highlights once again the importance of our health. Everything we do in our lives either makes us more joyous or less.

If we could learn to be aware of how we feel at any time, we could then continuously make adjustments in our state and move towards greater joy.

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