Mother Teresa – 6 Key Life Lessons from a 100 Year Old Woman

mother teeresa

Today is the 100th anniversary of the birth of Mother Teresa.

She would have been 100 years old today had she not passed away in September 1997.

A while ago I wrote about the 6 key lessons in life from a 140 year old man.

Just like Mahatma Gandhi, though Mother Teresa may not be around anymore, her legacy and message of peace and love live on – something that we need in our lives more than ever before.

A while ago, I wrote about Mother Teresa and what she had to say about loneliness, love and peace

We need more compassion, understanding and acceptance of other people and their cultures. As I wrote only last week, Muslims love their children too.

(As bloggers, a lot of us already know about love and being a great lover – check out my 12 reasons why bloggers make the best lovers).

On this day of celebration of her life, what inspiration and learnings can we take from her life?

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Muslims Love Their Children Too – Just Like Me and You

Pakistan flood victims

Have you ever had your home and all your worldly possessions swept away by a giant wall of water?

If you are able to read this right now, then probably not. But for a quirk of fate, this is exactly what could have happened to you. And this is just what’s happened to over 20 million people in Pakistan.

We are in the middle of one of the worst human tragedies ever – probably the greatest overnight displacement of human beings in our history.

Unless you have been avoiding all media for the last 2 weeks, you will know that there has been a major natural catastrophe in Pakistan, where millions of people have been affected by the worst flooding in almost a century.

Thousands have died and millions have lost everything they own.

As you see these images, you cannot fail to be moved by the plight of all these millions of people.

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How to Suffer Excruciating Pain and Live Again

excruciating pain and grief

What’s the most excruciating pain you have ever felt in your life?

I don’t mean physical pain, but the pain of the loss of a loved one. How did you get through?

A while ago, the football (soccer) world was shocked and saddened by the death of the German goalkeeper Robert Enke who committed suicide by walking in front of a train in Germany. It became clear afterwards that he had been suffering from severe depression.

Then in November 2011, Gary Speed one of my footballing heroes, also took his own life.

Maybe it is beyond most of us how one can be so unhappy or depressed to take their own life.

How can one be driven to such despair?

I have often written here on my blog about making the most of our life and our time on this planet. I also speak about how there is always a brighter side to everything and how we should always try and be positive.

Well, there is always another side of being positive and this sad case is just one raw example.

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The Day I Saved a Drowning Bug and Why

insects want to have a great life too!

A few days ago as I brushed my teeth in the morning a miracle happened just before my eyes.

I turned the tap in the bathroom sink and as the water strarted gushing out, I saw a tiny speck swirling about in the rushing water. I jumped and quickly plugged the sinkhole and switched off the water.

I looked more closely and the tiny speck was indeed a tiny bug. I am not sure what swimming stroke it was doing, but it was certainly very frantic and inelegant.

I grabbed a piece of tissue paper and as gently as I could I rescued the bug from the water and started blowing on it as softly as I could, hoping to dry it out and bringing it back to life.

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Lessons in Compassion from Tsunami

time for more compassion in the world

It is 3 years to the day today since Tsunami caused so much distruction and death in South East Asia.

On 26th December 2004, the world changed for ever.

As the Tsunami waves caused death and distruction, the world re-discoverd what it was like to be compassionate.

Then in 2005, Katrina devastated New Orleans and the surrounding region; and there was a huge earthquake in Pakistan. Again there was a huge “outbreak” of compassion.

But just how do we harness this force for good? How can we encourage people to carry out acts of kindness and compassion during “normal” times and not just during a natural catastrophe?

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Mother Teresa on Loneliness, Love and Peace

mother teresa preaching peace

Mother Teresa left behind many poignant and deep quotations about LOVE.

The common theme of her words reflect her work with the lonely, the sick, the dying and the destitute. Her unending love came through in her work and in her words. She was forever compassionate towards the loneliness felt by “wealthy” people who on surface had it all. She was also very concerned about the breakdown of families.

Here are a selection of her words which say it all:-

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Lessons of Life and Death

Celebrate life and cherish the memories of our loved ones

In the last two weeks, I have attended three memorial services – one for a dear friend, one for a friend’s father, and one for a friend’s grandmother.

These have been poignant, moving and timely reminders of the sanctity, sacredness and also fragility of our lives. As one of the people delivering a brief eulogy stated, let us not mourn the passing of a dear one, but instead let us celebrate their life.

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Get over It, Girl!

Time to get over it and move on!

I recently wrote about how it was time to let your light shine.

During that talk by Marianne Williamson in central London, she spoke with a lot of humour and compassion about supporting the people around us.

Supporting the people in our lives is all about empowering them, helping them to connect with their highest self and encouraging them to be the best they can.

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How to Be Human and Vulnerable

nirvana children at play

How do you react when you see someone in a wheelchair? A quick shift of the eyes away from theirs or do you acknowledge them?

A while back I wrote about treating others the way you want to be treated.

So just what should you do when you see someone in wheelchair? Or indeed anyone handicapped / disabled in any way?

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Comedy Show Marriage Proposal – Love is all that Matters!

love is all that matters

On Sunday evening I went to the Open Air Theatre in Regents Park to watch their annual comedy show. This event featured players from the famed Comedy Store.

I have managed to watch this show every year for the last few years and is a highlight of my social calendar.

But this year was even more special, as just before the interval, the MC announced a very special request. Alex Sperling had requested permission to propose to his girlfriend, Mel, during the show and it had all been pre-arranged to happen just after the first half of the show.

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