The Ultimate 40 Love Posts For Valentine’s Day and Every Day

What are your plans for Valentine’s Day?

Is it a time of the year you enjoy or dread?

Today, I am writing a post with a difference. To celebrate Valentine’s Day, I am bringing you some of the best blog posts from around the blogosphere, including some of my own previous articles.

Valentine’s Day is a fun and loving day for many people and there are so many wonderful blog posts out there about all aspects of relationships. I have searched high and wide and these are in my opinion some of the best wisdom you can get, no matter where you are in your relationship.

I am proud to know a lot of these prominent bloggers as friends and it is a privilege for me to share their work with you.

Do take your time reading through these articles, bookmark this post and come back to it again and again as you create a wonderful and happy relationship.

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Why It’s Crazy and Dumb to Only Celebrate Your Love on Valentine’s Day!

be special to find the special one!

So how do you celebrate Valentine’s Day?

Do you spend some quality time with your loved one – or isit just another day for you?

It always amuses me to see people spending a small fortune on just one day every year to show their love for someone!

What happens during the remaining 364 days of the year!?

Why not make it a fun Valentine’s Day every day?

As for me, last year I did have a friend over for lunch on Valentine’s Day – and yes I too made a special effort by preparing some love based dishes.  It was a fun day but to be honest, no more than usual:-).

Check out my pictures from Valentine week on Facebook🙂

My point is this – you CAN create love every day of the year – and it’s simply crazy and dumb to specially do so on just one day of the year!

valentines day lunch

Today I would like to share a couple of stories about love which will touch and move you.

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Valentine’s Day – the Perfect Day to Bring more Joy into your Life!

Happy and Charming Couple!
Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love, an opportunity for us to truly reconnect with the real meaning of this day. It is about LOVE, sharing and giving.

Rather than just focusing on what fancy gift we can give to our loved one, or how elaborately we can celebrate the day, let us focus on what we can actually give of ourselves.

Even if we are single, it is time to give more of ourselves to others. To me, it’s really not about us anymore – it is about others and what we can do for others.

“To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance. ~ Oscar Wilde

On Valentine’s Day in the past, I have written extensively about this day and here is a selection of my best posts from the past:-

1. Valentine’s Day – My Top 10 Relationship Articles of All Time

2. The Ultimate 40 posts for Valentine’s Day

3. Valentine’s Day – Enjoy Life as a Single Person

I invite you to visit these 3 posts and book mark them for future reference.

There’s enough in these 3 posts to get you enlightened about love and relationships!


Speaking of enlightenment, last weekend I had an amazing experiential weekend with Sadhguru when I took part in his Inner Engineering course.

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Mother’s Day – What Does Your Mother Really Mean to You?

Arvind's mother in her youth!Happy Mother’s Day everyone!

Here in the UK we are celebrating Mother’s Day today whereas in other parts of the world it is usually celebrated in May.

No matter when you celebrate Mother’s Day, it’s all about making it a special day for the person who brought you into this world.

A while ago I wrote about what my mother means to me and how it was important to honour and love your mother every day and not just on Mother’s Day.

In that article, I wrote about just what my mother means to me and how I can simply not imagine my life without my mother.

Though she lives less than hundred miles away from me, rarely does a day go by when I do not speak to her. [Read more…]

Valentine’s Day – My Top 10 Relationship Articles of All Time

Love is all that matters

So how is your Valentine’s Day going?

No matter what, it really is just another day – if you can ignore all the commercial hype and media pressure. And I know – here’s yet another post for Valentine’s Day!

However, today I would like to invite you to see this day, and every day henceforth as an opportunity to improve all your relationships, not just with a significant other.

A year ago in February 2011, I wrote a post about relationships for the whole month – and I have listed all 28 articles at the bottom of this post for you to go through in your own time.

Before that, I am sharing with you my own favourite relationship posts from my blog.

I invite you to go through all ten posts in your own time – doing so will transform your relationships.

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How to See the Beauty and Greatness in Any Tragedy

excruciating pain and grief

Have you ever suffered great sadness?

Has life dealt you such a blow that you wondered if you’ll ever recover?

Every day we face so many challenges in our daily lives which can knock us out of our stride and daily routine.

Yet in the greater scheme of things, what most of us consider to be a challenge is usually nothing!

So what if your train to work was late or you got stuck in traffic on your way to an “important” meeting!?

What I am talking about here is life changing events and challenges that we sometimes face.

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10 Top Relationship Tips for the Royal Couple

Royal CoupleOn Friday, half the world will be looking on as the most photographed couple in the world say their marriage vows.

As Prince William and Kate Middleton say their vows, billions of people will look on and share their happiness.

I am writing this from central London and it really is buzzing here.

It’s hard to get across the excitement that is building up. So imagine what the Royal couple must be going through right now!

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The Shocking Truth About Being a Nice Person!

Romantic Couple

I used to get very excited whenever someone would tell me: “you’re a really nice guy”.

I thought it was a fantastic compliment to receive!

Then I started noticing in my own life and the life of other “really nice” people that this label often came with less than favourable consequences. The more I noticed the patterns unveiling, the more being seen as “nice” began to trouble me and shock me.

So I began to change some of my nice guy persona and get more of an edge.

It was one of the best moves I have ever made!

Eventually, as a communication coach, I also began teaching others how to be less nice.

Today, my close friends and I have an insiders joke about this.

Whenever we say about a person “he’s a really nice guy” or “she’s a really nice girl”, what we actually mean is “this person gets used and abused in all imaginable ways for being a people pleaser”.

What Does “Nice” Mean, Anyway?

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Stop Being an Approval Seeking Machine!

Are YOU an approval seeking machine?

Do you go through life forever seeking love, appreciation and approval from others?

Well, if so then welcome to the human race. We all seem to be genetically programmed to seek from others what we feel we don’t have within ourselves.

Today is the 28th and last day of our relationships adventure, which began on 1st February. You can read the previous 27 articles via the links at the bottom of this article.

How have your relationships improved over the last month?

My idea was to go through all the key aspects of our relationships and share my ideas and tips to improve all the relationships in your life.

Life is meant to be an adventure and so are our relationships. And that’s the approach I wanted to adopt for this month.

I wanted to show you how all your interactions with other people can be light, fun and joyous. And I hope that you are doing just that.

If not, then you know where to find 28 great relationship articles:-)

Remember always that the key to great relationships is this – nurture the roots of your relationships and one day you can enjoy the fruits of your efforts.

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4 Simple but Meaningful Ways to Thank the Divine Every Day


Do you believe in a higher power?

Or do you believe you and I are just freaks of nature?

Perhaps there is something incredibly powerful that makes us tick. Or maybe everything is just completely random and we are here purely by chance?

As I write this on a beautiful Sunday morning here in London, maybe you have been to church. Perhaps you’ve been for a walk in the park. Or maybe like me you may have spent some time in meditation and quiet contemplation.

When you slow down and look around, you get to truly appreciate what a wonderful world we live in.

So how did it all come about – and who or what is the master orchestrator?

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