My 10 Life-Changing Lessons from Running the London Marathon

London Marathon

This Sunday, on 26th April, I shall achieve one of my lifetime goals and finally take part in the London marathon!

Over the years I have applied through the ballot and got a space and then had to pull due to injury. One year, I got injured the day before playing mixed 5-a-side football. One bad “tackle” from a female opponent led to a sprained arm and that was the end of that year’s marathon.

Two years ago, I had a place again in the London Marathon but an injury meant I had to pull out and defer my place.

So finally, come Sunday I will be one of the 36,000 participants at the start line and my goal is simply to finish. A running injury in February curtailed my training and rather than pull out, I am going to walk the whole route. It may take me over 8 hours but I shall be there at the finish line!

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