The Shocking Truth About Being a Nice Person!

Romantic Couple

I used to get very excited whenever someone would tell me: “you’re a really nice guy”.

I thought it was a fantastic compliment to receive!

Then I started noticing in my own life and the life of other “really nice” people that this label often came with less than favourable consequences. The more I noticed the patterns unveiling, the more being seen as “nice” began to trouble me and shock me.

So I began to change some of my nice guy persona and get more of an edge.

It was one of the best moves I have ever made!

Eventually, as a communication coach, I also began teaching others how to be less nice.

Today, my close friends and I have an insiders joke about this.

Whenever we say about a person “he’s a really nice guy” or “she’s a really nice girl”, what we actually mean is “this person gets used and abused in all imaginable ways for being a people pleaser”.

What Does “Nice” Mean, Anyway?

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