How to be Best of Friends with Everyone!

one is never too busy to hug and make-up!

Last Saturday, I held a charity cabaret evening to raise some funds for Nirvana School and also Shivia.

It was a wonderful evening with many brave people fighting their way through torrential rain, lightning and flooding. I haven’t been in the middle of such ferocious rainfall since my time in Pondicherry, South India many years ago when I visited Nirvana School.

By the way, here is a letter from Pondicherry .

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How to Get to Your Nirvana Through Kindness

time for peace and serenity

So many times in our life, people show us great kindness and yet are not even aware of the impact they have had on us and others as a result of their kind deed.

This is my own story about how the kindness of one man completely changed my life a few years ago. [Read more…]

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