How to be Best of Friends with Everyone!

one is never too busy to hug and make-up!

Last Saturday, I held a charity cabaret evening to raise some funds for Nirvana School and also Shivia.

It was a wonderful evening with many brave people fighting their way through torrential rain, lightning and flooding. I haven’t been in the middle of such ferocious rainfall since my time in Pondicherry, South India many years ago when I visited Nirvana School.

By the way, here is a letter from Pondicherry .

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Detox Your Body and Your Life!

food, glorious food!

I am back with my article for Friday and as one of my regular readers has already pointed out, I missed the article on Tuesday.

Well, the reason for that is I chose to take some time out for a green apple juice detox.

I have been carrying out this apple detox regularly now and it always leaves me energised and ready to take on the world. It gives my digestive system an almost complete rest for a few days.

What I have also enjoyed is the simplicity of my “meals” – I am not expending any time or energy on deciding what to eat, how to prepare it etc. The long term benefits will be considerable too as over the next few days my body detoxes and gets cleaned up.

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