spidermanThis article comes with a health warning!

Some people are averse to Spiders, but by the time you have read this post, you may well love them!

Last night I saw a beautiful sight. Well, beautiful to me anyway.

Right outside my front door, I saw a giant spider’s web. Just to clarify the web was giant, not the spider, which was perhaps no more than an inch in size.

The giant web was about a metre high and almost the same in width. So believe me, it was giant! And right in the middle of it, beavering away was my new spider friend.

It was easily the biggest spider’s web I have ever seen.

Check out on Facebook the photos I took of my new spider friend.

What I saw last night was to me a masterpiece, a wonder of nature, a work of art.

Okay, spiders may not be your taste (has anyone ever even tasted one?). They may not appeal to you, but they can certainly teach you a few life lessons.

Like them or not, tiny or giant, spiders are incredibly powerful and awe-inspiring. If you ever get a chance, watch how a spider spins its web.

Nature at its most awe inspiring.

That’s what spiders do. They build webs. They are master engineers and they create engineering miracles.

What do humans do? They dream. But only a few of them go on to make their dreams come true.

Will you make your dreams come true? What will it take for you to be the engineer of your life?

Here are some life lessons spiders can teach you about achieving your dreams:-

1. Get Started!

A spider doesn’t look for the absolutely best location nor does it do any navel gazing before starting on creating its web.

It instinctively knows where the insects (its food) are hanging out, so it just gets started and once the first few strands have been spun, there is no looking back.

So get started today with whatever you want to achieve in life – don’t wait for that perfect day which will never come.

2. Believe in Yourself and in What You are Building

A spider’s web is incredibly fragile and yet so strong. Last night I tested it by gently blowing on it and it shook quite precariously.

Spiders know what they are capable of spinning. They get started and believe in their natural ability.

In the same way, start working on your dream today and know that you can do it.

Be creative and do the best you can.

3. Think Big and Cast Your Net Wide

The most impressive thing about the web I saw last night was just how big it was. I am sure the spider would not have thought of starting small and then one day thinking big.

You too can think big  – cast your net high and wide.

4. Persevere With Your Dream

The web I saw was clearly a lesson in perseverance and must have taken some time.

I am sure that by this morning the web will have been destroyed – either blown away by the wind, or “cleaned up” by a neighbour.  And yet the spider will continue to build and start again today and tomorrow.

Be prepared for knocks and challenges – and start again tomorrow.

So start with your dream and don’t worry about it being blown away.

5. Be Diligent and Hardworking

I have no idea how long the spider took to build its web last night. Maybe just a few hours but in that time, the spider would have worked non stop and diligently until it had created its masterpiece.

You too can learn to be focussed. Work diligently on your dream until it becomes reality.

6. Build Every Day

A spider builds a web every day – or every time the previous one gets blown away, destroyed and simply needs rebuilding or repairing.

Outside my living room window a spider created a web three months ago and I have watched how it’s kind of now settled into that spot. But I am sure if necessary it would start again everyday and build another web.

In the same way, you too can build on your previous days efforts every day.

Don’t stop and don’t get complacent. Remember the principle of Kaizen and continuous improvement.

7. Create An Extraordinary Legacy

Would I have even noticed the spider last night if it had created just a tiny little web in one corner of the garden?

Instead, it had created a masterpiece right bang along side the stairs to the front door, so the whole world could see it. Granted, that was probably also the best place to catch its food, but you get my point.

So why be ordinary, when you can be extraordinary?

8. Go Alone if Necessary

As far as I know, spiders always build their own web and on their own.

So you too can build your dream single-handedly. Of course, do seek out help and guidance from others, but do not rely on others to get started. Don’t wait till you have your “dream team” to start on your dream

Forge ahead on your own – and people who can help you will show up.

9. Don’t Seek Approval from Others

A spider doesn’t go around seeking approval of its creation, or crave awards from some design council in the insect world.

Just get on with the daily actions that will take you towards your dream. Don’t worry about what others think of you.

10. Start Again and Again if Necessary

So often in life, you will face some knocks and setbacks. But don’t let that hold you back.

A spider doesn’t give up and sulk in a corner every time its web is destroyed. It starts again and again.

In the same way, you too can start again – learn from your experience, remember the lessons learnt and next time do it even better.

“What you spend years creating, others could destroy overnight.  Create anyway.” – Mother Teresa.

Follow your Dream

Remember that building anything worthwhile takes time, effort and dedication. Learn from our spider friends and create your own wonderful web in your life.

And if you are still scared of spiders? Then just remember what they can teach you!

Image courtesy of Daren Higham

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