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“You only have one life. Are you ready to make it BIG?” – Arvind Devalia


Coaching empowers you to live your life to your full potential and will unlock the keys to your ultimate success and freedom.

No matter who you are or where you are in your life, coaching is certain to help you.

The analogy I use with my clients is this – even Roger Federer, the greatest tennis player the world has ever seen, works with a coach.  And so does Tiger Woods.

A coach will empower and push you to live your greatest life. Because you only have one life. And why not create the best life you can?

What if you realised that your life to date was just a story you made up?

What if you finally saw that the only person stopping you from making your life the way you want it was YOU?

What if your life could be transformed after just a few coaching sessions?

I have done this for myself and a number of other clients. If you want to learn how an ordinary guy like me galvanised himself and transformed the life of 1,000s of people through my coaching, books, and talks, then my coaching programs are for you.

(Read my story about how I first got into coaching)

Let’s Make It Happen for YOU!

“Never underestimate the power of dreams and the influence of the human spirit. We are all the same in this notion: The potential for greatness lives within each of us.” – Wilma Rudolph

As your coach, I am more than your friend, confidante and cheer-leader! I act as your objective sounding board – and I can take off the blinkers which have been holding you back.

I focus on your challenges and we co-create life-changing solutions for you. I show you how to get real tangible results to get unstuck and finally make it happen in  your life.

I become your confidante with an insider perspective, and provide you a safe place where you can open up and say it how it is for you. At the same time, you also get to hear the tough truth of what you might be doing wrong and how to turn things around.

My 2 Areas of Specialty in Coaching

1. Kick Ass Make It Happen Coaching

This is for Smart People who want to finally get much more out of life: I teach you how to rock your life and take it a few notches higher. Regardless of where you are now and your circumstances, I’ll help you become healthier, wealthier and wiser.

My coaching will empower you to get authentic success from your wisdom, finding meaning and purpose, connecting to your inner wisdom and passion for life.

I will help you define and create the sort of life that is completely in line with your values, your desires and your dreams. A life that you will really LOVE.

Who is this for? This program is for you if you are a smart professional in the corporate world or a budding entrepreneur and want to finally step up in your life. You know you could do much better and you just need someone to push you much further.

2. Think Big Coaching

Think Big Coaching is for high achieving and smart people who want to go to the moon and beyond!

I work with you for a whole 12 months and take all areas of your life to stratospheric levels. It’s not for the faint-hearted as I require you to commit upfront for the whole year. But you’ll have the best year of your life – guaranteed.

Who is this for? This program is for you if you are already a high achiever in the corporate world or a successful entrepreneur and are ready to make a quantum leap in your life.

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Your Coaching Options with me 

Firstly it’s very important that we have the right fit between us.

You need to know that I am the right coach for you and that you are working with someone who can truly help you. Conversely I need to know that I can add value to you and you are the sort of client I want to work with.

We figure this out without any commitment on your part or mine, because I offer a 20-minute FREE Skype call to my prospective clients.


KickStarter 1-Month Plan:

(£250 GBP / $400 USD / €300 EUR)

This is the best package if you are new to a coaching program and want to experience the power of coaching and collaborating with a Professional Coach before making a big commitment. This is also an ideal option if you have a very specific problem that you are struggling with in your life, your career or your business that we can quickly solve together.

  • Two hour Zoom session
  • Detailed Plan of Action
  • Email support after your session

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Make It Happen Momentum Plan:

(£500 GBP per month for 3 months)

This is the best package if you are seriously ready to invest in yourself for a 3-month coaching program. This package will really help you build momentum – and momentum creates breakthroughs.

  • Six (two per month) 60-minute Zoom sessions
  • Detailed Action Plan and Observations after each session
  • Email support between sessions
  • Also, I keep you posted with any fresh ideas and insights I have between sessions.

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Make It Happen Immersion Fast Track Plan:

(£1000 GBP per month for 3 months)

We will go for a period of 3 months, collaborating on a deep level, covering a lot of ground to create truly powerful and lasting results, so this option is only right if you can make the commitment and if you want to see significant changes in your business, career and life.

  • Breakthrough session face to face of half a day where we’ll look at all areas of your life
  • Six (two per month) 60-minute Zoom sessions
  • Completion session face to face of half a day where we’ll plan out your next action steps
  • Action Plan and Observations after each session
  • Endless email support between sessions
  • Also, I keep you posted with any fresh ideas and insights I have between sessions.

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Make It Happen 12 Month BIG Adventure Plan:

(£1000 GBP per month for 12 months – or £10,000 GBP Upfront)

This is my BIG offering – a life changing and world changing package.

We will work very closely together for a period of 12 months, co-creating and collaborating on a deep level, covering a lot of ground to create truly powerful and lasting results in all areas of your life.

This option is only right if you can make the time and financial commitment upfront and if you want to see significant and lasting changes in your business, career and life.

  • Breakthrough session face to face of 1 whole day where we’ll look at all areas of your life
  • Face to face session of 1 whole day each month
  • Two 2-hour Zoom sessions per month
  • Completion session face to face of 1 whole day where we’ll plan out your next action steps
  • Action Plan and Observations after each session
  • Endless Email support between sessions
  • Also, I keep you posted with any fresh ideas and insights I have between sessions.

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Please see below what past clients have said about my coaching.

Client Testimonials:-

James McCartney and Get the Life you Love book“Arvind is one of the most inspirational people I have met! His energy, his commitment and his passion for making a difference to others is contagious. His presence, love, charisma and coaching has made a huge difference to me personally, both in my life and in my music career” – James McCartney, Musician





tanuauthorpic copy

“I am absolutely blessed to have Arvind Devalia in my life — a loving generous and always-positive spirit who is in constant practice of what he teaches. Arvind is extremely gifted at helping you implement little changes in your life–combined with the highly vital ‘opening’ of your own mind and heart to what these changes need to be–to truly create your best possible life and self in the here and now. I know of many people Arvind has coached (including, less ‘officially’, myself) –and, across the board and in every case: He has helped everyone he’s met come closer to realizing their dreams. A wonderful soul who can aid anyone, any age, gender, place–arrive at this space. He enriches our world, and the lives of all who come into contact with him” – Tanuja Desai Hidier, Author/Singer-Songwriter (books: Born Confused, Bombay Blues. albums: Bombay Spleen, When We Were Twins)





GeetaSidhu-Robb1“Being a busy achievement-orientated professional tends to leave you in charge on all levels and in control on none. You end up with no personal life, internal dissatisfaction and extreme feelings of loneliness. Arvind gives you something no-one else in your life does (including you) – focused, concentrated attention on YOU. Just you, your desires, your feelings, your goals.
He then goes one better and gives you that regularly, and for a set period of time.
You have just enough time to turn your life around if you want to, or start a flower garden. Whatever feeds your soul. Whatever you choose to do, 12 weeks is enough to ensure it becomes a habit with you.
That’s the ultimate beauty of what he does, it leaves you self-reliant and independent and in the bargain, you’ve gained a wonderful, kind and gentle friend.
Try it and enjoy.”
Geeta Sidhu-Robb, Corporate Lawyer and multi-award winning entrepreneur and founder of Nosh Detox


michaelvincent“Arvind is an extraordinary human being. His levels of generosity is boundless, he cares deeply for people and his contribution to my life has supported me in seeing my own greatness. His ability to intuitively see the gap between where I was and where I could expand my  self expression on a global stage has created another dimension for my life.  I fully endorse Arvind and his coaching practice.” Michael Vincent, Master Magician and International Speaker



Minelle Mir
I recall the day I sat down and spoke with Arvind about my life. It’s such a lucid memory. He has a way of summing up all the things that were in my mind in one sentence.
Just one simple sentence and I was rather quiet, which is a rarity. He is one of the most compassionate, selfless, kind and giving people I know.
In a world that is so fast paced he slows down and takes the time to find out just what composes you. Not because you may have asked him to, or he felt the need to, but because he felt it was important.
It is a privilege to call him my friend, one that encompasses such a wealth of knowledge and infectious, radiant positivity.
If you haven’t read his book there is no better time to pick it up, it offers a wonderful insight into the mind and heart of a truly lovely person.
” – Minelle Mir, Writer and Stylist, Toronto, Canada



“Arvind’s endless passion and commitment to his clients has helped me personally achieve the results I only thought were possible in my dreams.”
Helen Astrid, Soprano & Singing Expert, London The Helen Astrid Singing Academy.com


KavitHaria1Arvind Devalia is the consummate professional. He is the patient motivator that we all need on the journey to fulfilling our dreams, reach our ultimate potential and live meaningful lives.
Arvind’s guidance helped me achieve a level of clarity in my work and art that allowed me to serve my audience at the highest level.”
Kavit Haria, Internet Entrepreneur, London, Insider Internet Success


DavideDeAngelis1“One of the most powerful things we can do in life is to surround ourselves with people that want us to fully express our gifts and talents, moreover people who hold the space and guide us to be the fullest expression of who we truly are.
So if you want to express your gifts and talents to their fullest capacity and live authentically, Arvind is someone you need to connect with.
“If there is an area in your life that you absolutely want to have a breakthrough with, don’t waste any more time wondering what to do. Contact Arvind today… now… and get started on creating something amazing!”
Davide De Angelis – Author, Visionary Coach and Creative Rebel, London – The Money Shaman/


KatieRose1‘Arvind is a determined and endlessly generous coach who is 100% committed to supporting people to change their lives. A trustworthy adviser who champions his clients to see their own greatness, he brings a wealth of knowledge, wisdom and compassion to his coaching sessions.
True always to his motto ‘Make It Happen’, he is constantly looking for ways to empower others to take immediate, inspired action to manifest their dreams and visions.
As a writer, he creates accessible, thought-provoking blogs, articles and books to support people make changes at every stage of life. In the true spirit of kindness, Arvind creates community wherever he goes, bringing people together at wonderful events and celebrations.
Thank you Arvind for being a gift to this world!’
Katie Rose Singer, Musician, Vocal Coach and Sound Therapist The Rose Window


“f you get a chance to be coached by Arvind, consider yourself very lucky! 

Grab the opportunity and don’t look back because Arvind will transform your life. It will be the best decision you’ll make in a long time.

He is an incredible coach – you feel a real sense of companionship in his presence.”

I recommend Arvind highly!”
Georges Sokol, Concert Pianist, Magician, Web Expert – UK & France George Sokol


sheetalthaker1“I hired Arvind back in 2008 and again in 2010. He’s a great asset in bringing back the control and direction I need in my life, allowing me to broaden my mind and face up to facts be it positive or negative.
In the cases where things are going well, he found ways to further improve them and in areas where things were lacking or negative, Arvind helped me find a way to find a way to embrace or change them for the better.
Today, I no longer allow things to fester in my life, I try to tackle them head on and this has raised my confidence and self esteem tenfold.  Today when issues arise in my life, I look to find rational ways to handle them rather than burying my head in the sand.  It makes it easy to move forward now.
Arvind is a great coach and I will continue to recommend him to anyone who I think may need it.
Thanks Arvind for entering my world and allowing me to burden you with mine.”
Sheetal Thaker,  Digital Media Consultant and Entrepreneur London  – Junichi Media


margo2“Arvind’s coaching has served as a lifeline to me during a time when I felt totally overwhelmed and disillusioned with almost every aspect of my life.
Initially I was afraid I couldn’t afford the sessions but having known Arvind for some years I trusted him, took the plunge and now realize I couldn’t afford NOT to have had the coaching.
It is an investment I’ll never regret and always benefit from, I feel richer for it (and my finances are healthier).
The main benefits are restoration of self confidence and the high value Arvind places on fun and celebration, which we can so often push to the side as we are ‘too busy’. Re- evaluating my priorities and real desires no longer was a luxury I couldn’t afford. Life is so much better now and we have not finished the 12 weeks yet!
My ‘problems’ now seem like minor and manageable ‘jobs’ which of course I need to keep on top of but I am also ready to move forward and really take life by the horns!
It’s all very exciting, thanks to Arvind’s coaching, the catalyst and the sustaining energy.”
Margo, Businesswoman and Physiotherapist, London


JosieHill1“I decided to take on the services of a life coach because I felt it was time for me to be Superwoman – super fit, super organised, super successful and super happy. I was feeling dissatisfied with my life and did not know what the next step was, and I was stagnating.
Through our sessions, Arvind helped me to clarify my goals and identify strategies for how to achieve them, I learned to focus on what I want, and to get there by taking action. I have a lot more action in my life now. The biggest achievement for me was to learn how to relax and not put myself under so much pressure. I now know that it was never ME who wanted to be superwoman – it was a goal I felt I ought to achieve. I now focus on the goals that I really want for myself.
Life is a journey and with Arvind’s help, I am enjoying the journey and am no longer so focused on the destination.
After working with Arvind as a coach 10 years ago, the ripples are still being felt. Whenever I feel stuck, I apply the techniques that Arvind taught me and life quickly rights itself. I am living a wonderful, successful, happy life and my perspective allows me to actively enjoy it and to be present. I am so glad I gave myself the gift of being coached by Arvind. 
Thanks Arvind!”
Josie Hill, Country Manager – UK / South Africa




LashaiBenSalmi1“Arvind Devalia is such a motivational, wise and passionate gentleman. If you need inspiration, motivation, guidance or even advise, Arvind is the GURU FOR YOU. Arvind is also the author of MAKE IT HAPPEN which is a wonderful read and people from all walks of life can begin to change their life from his teachings.
Lashai Ben Salmi (13), co-author of Kidz That Dream Big










Arvind is an excellent coach and his sessions have been very helpful. The benefits include giving me space and support to look at the bigger picture in life, gain perspective on what really matters and consider if my actions reflected that. Arvind is encouraging, challenging and sincere in his approach. I felt more positive and motivated due to the work we did and I really recommend him!Georgina, London


“Since working with Arvind, here is what’s transpired for me in that time:
– I’ve lost ten pounds
– I haven’t touched a cigarette in 9 weeks
– I’m almost finished completing my first, self-produced album
– I’ve set up a budget for my family and have clarity on where the money is coming from, where it’s going to and where I want to go with it
– I’m gentler with myself
– But most important of all – I’ve figured out strategies for accomplishing my life dreams. Strategies that WORK FOR ME, not some self-help book “this is the way to do it” plan that, while good on paper, contradicts the way I operate naturally.
I would certainly recommend Arvind as a life coach to anyone who’d ask me. Our first conversation was a breakthrough for me, a left me feeling emotionally open and charged.
Somehow talking about my hopes and dreams with an objective outsider, who lives across the ocean, made me see things a lot more clearly. I used that first conversation as a catalyst for my transformation. And I’m not using that word lightly.
Everyone, from my closest friends to the guy who sells the sandwiches downstairs has commented on how “different” I am.”
Rekha Kaula, Professional Musician, Singer, Washington D.C, USA


“Arvind is an inspirational coach, his calm and patient approach made me feel comfortable throughout our 12 sessions and helped me make quantum leaps in my ability to manage time, improve my self confidence and build better family relationships with my family.
He has a wealth of experience, skills and techniques to help his client improve their lives, and I have greatly benefited from my association with him.”
Olu Bamidele, Senior Financial Consultant, Nationwide Building Society, London


“Arvind, you gave me direction when I was lost and completely at sea, you taught me how to refocus myself and that valuable lesson will go on long after our sessions have ended.
Thank you, I know it is your job and it is what I paid you for, but I can heartily say that you have been worth every penny and more. You haven’t changed me, but you have made me deal with everything differently, organised me, focused me and made me think about things that I would otherwise have buried and you helped me through some traumas with my children where no one else was objective enough nor close enough to do the job.
Thank you for helping me regain control of my life.”
Karen Malin, Director
J M Glendinning (Insurance Brokers) Ltd, Leeds


“Arvind is one of the most loving people I have ever met.
During my coaching with him I felt I was at all times supported even when I did not believe in myself anymore. He always presented a solution when appropriate and had soo much patience and interest to get to the core of what my issues where in a very quick time. I think he is a very experienced, loving, enthusiastic and sharing coach. He certainly turned things around for me and my life. I especially loved his tips on literature and his emails which make the coaching even more present.
I would recommend Arvind’s coaching to everyone in my life. It was a truly great experience which I would take up again at any time.”
Leoni Welss, Consultant, Thomson, London


‘After one session with Arvind I felt a great weight had lifted off my shoulders. Arvind’s insight into the areas of my life that needed working on was quite remarkable and his summing up of the facts and setting goals was impressive. He has a caring and understanding manner and the ability to motivate without pressure. I would certainly recommend him as a life coach.’
Jeannie Brooke Barnett, West Sussex, England


“From sceptic to optimist! In only twelve weeks, my entire outlook has been transformed. Not only did I achieve all three of my goals, I see beauty and possibility in all that surrounds me. Arvind’s insight and sensitivity were integral to my journey and discoveries.”
Coaching comes so incredibly naturally to Arvind.
Arvind brings to coaching a lifetime of experiences dedicated to bringing out the best in people.
And getting the most out of life. He truly lives and practices what he preaches.
I could not recommend a finer human being to coach someone in attaining their personal goals.”
Senior Teacher, London, UK


“Let me just say that coaching with Arvind was one of the most effective and positive things that I have done for myself. I am generally self motivated and a go-getter, my sessions with Arvind have gotten me going in the right direction.
Quick to locate the source of my life’s true desires and goals, the sessions have enabled me to move swiftly towards them. Coaching has taught me how to locate and remove my own obstacles and take immediate and effective action to attain my stated goals in a steady yet swift pace. It ultimately requires commitment and honesty on a personal level. The work is done by YOU. Not doing it fully or honestly only hinders your own advancement.
Having a coach to answer to on a weekly basis proved to be the missing factor in all of my other self motivational endeavours. Arvind is the objective yet constant and sensitive force needed to push you past the turning points, resting places or extended pauses one often takes on the journeys to reach one’s dreams.
As a coach, Arvind seeks not to wallow in the woe of personal tragedies, but to help you identify personal patterns of self sabotage that you may recognize them and push past them. His method seeks to encourage and push you toward realization and celebration of personal accomplishments by means and with tools personally suited to your own situation.
I fully recommend this experience to ANYONE who is serious about transforming their current life position into something extraordinary and personally designed. I kid you not, once fully engaged, it is hard work…and sometimes exhausting…change always is, but aaah, when you reach the other side and see what you have done!!! There’s nothing like it in the world.
Since the sessions last for 12 weeks, I find the change to be deep and lasting and find myself continuing in the habits and practices learnt whilst in coaching, to identify and realize my own goals.
Take the plunge and treat yourself to some magnificent rewards!
Good luck!”
Erica Horton, Artist, Fashion Designer. Texas, USA & Belgium


“Every session with Arvind has been an uplifting and motivating experience. He has helped me organise and focus my life.”Martin Bolding, IT Consultant, London, UK


“I am amazed the progress that I have made already and I am only on my 9th Session with Arvind. Arvind has a genuine interest in helping me to achieve my goals and is very inspirational. It is great to find someone to work with who clearly loves what he does. I never fail to be truly inspired after every session with Arvind and really feel empowered by the whole experience.” Rachel Saunders – Yoga Teacher, London, 


“UM! From my heart –
You are the most brilliant, understanding person I have ever encountered. Your life-coaching changed the very aspect of my life for the better. I am eternally grateful and have recommended you to all my friends.”
Jacqueline Suckling, Kinesiologist and Journey Therapist, Sussex, UK


“The day I had my first coaching session with Arvind was a very busy day at work and I was tempted to cancel.
However I was glad that I made the time as Arvind examined the key areas of my life and made me realise which areas I had been neglecting due to the time constraints of my work.
I would definitely recommend his coaching to lawyers or other professionals who feel as if their working life is taking over their life.”
Fleur Downard, Lawyer, City firm, UK / Australia


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