1. Yoga Life – February 2016

How to Become a High-Achiever

YogaLife February 2016

2. Yoga Life November 2015

Arvind Devalia’s Road map for Changing the World


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5. Podcast – Arvind Devalia talking about “Peace in Our Time” event he hosted in September 2015 with Holocaust survivor Eva Schloss:-

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7. Coaching Book Chapter featuring Arvind Devalia:-

Finding Your Nirvana Through Helping Others

(“Finding Your Nirvana Through Helping Others” was published in “A Coach’s Story” by Gerard O’Donovan in 2011, pages 41 to 50)

8.  Podcast  interview with Leda Sammarco, the Book Detective:-

The Case of Being Sunny Side Up

9. Get the Life you Love Interview with international entrepreneur Angelique Tsang:-

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