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I have just come off the phone after talking to a friend about a personal matter. She wanted some advice and as I listened, I realised how sometimes we complicate our lives so much.

What would our lives be like if we could just simply cut out the drama? How can we make something happen in our lives smoothly and simply so our life becomes joyous and free-flowing?

To start with, simplicity is key. With a clear intention and just a little bit of prior reflection and planning, everything we do can be made easier and simpler:-

1. Keep it simple. Spend a few minutes reflecting and how you can do something simpler. Cut out the drama.

2. Just do it! Get started and into the flow. The rest will be easy once you have got the momentum

3. Ask others for help. Learn to ask – there is no weakness in seeking help. Delegate if appropriate

4. Don’t do it! Ask yourself – does it really need to be done?! You could be working on the wrong thing. You can even decide never to do it.

5. Clear up as you go along. As you finish one task, tidy up your space and minimise your clutter. Of course, having very little or no clutter in the first place will really help.

6. Be smart about doing it. Learn new tools and techniques to help you do things. Focus on the end goal and don’t spend all your energy on learning for the sake of it.

7. Set a tight deadline. Be realistic but at the same time stretch yourself. Get some strict accountability if it helps you.

8. Make it fun. Otherwise, why do it? Make what you do as enjoyable as you can.

9. Focus on the end goal. Be very strict and disciplined with yourself and stick to the task until done. Cut out all distractions.

10. Celebrate when you have done it. A key part of achieving anything – acknowledge yourself and those who have helped you get there.

There we are – some simple tips to make it happen. We are capable of doing so much more and applying these tips will certainly help towards making that a reality.

Start today by doing that one thing which you have been putting off for so long.

Bonus Tip – Mind your own business! Let others be and follow their own journey – you get on with your own life.

Focus on yourself for now – and soon we can begin to look at the bigger picture and solve the world’s challenges!

As Gandhi said – “The difference between what we do, and what are capable of doing, would solve most of the world’s problems”

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