miracle of a baby

How well do you take care of yourself? Do you sleep like a baby at night or do you fret all night?

Are you vitalised, energetic and sparkling with good health?

Your health and well being are the foundation of your life. You can have all the money and time in the world, yet without good health they would be worthless. You only have one body and today is the day to start taking care of it.

Just imagine how much better your life would be in the years to come if you had optimum health. Conversely how much more fun and vibrant would your life be today, if you had taken better care of your self years ago?

Are you willing to impose a regime of extreme self care?

Your body will thank you in the years to come. Your body cells look up to you, and they rely on you to do the best for them – do not let them down any longer.

The body is able and willing to heal itself if you give it a chance. Begin to take total self care today and you can soon repair the ravages of the years.

The emphasis here is on “total” and you must be willing to make major changes in long established habits.

Also, there’s no rocket science here or anything you don’t already know. You just have to get started!

Here are my tips to get you started today.

1. Eat the Best Food Possible

It is a cliché but so true – you are what you eat. If you eat junk food, then your body will feel lethargic, tired and suffer in the long term. Cut down on eating out – nothing beats fresh home cooked food.

Cut down on fried food, sugar, meat and dairy products. Consider becoming a vegetarian. Once you have a balanced diet, you will not need many supplements.

2. Drinks Lots and Lots of Water

A minimum of 2 to 3 litres a day will make an immediate difference as toxins get flushed out of your body cells.

3. Breathe Deeply and Often

Make sure that when you breathe, your stomach goes in and out. You will take in more air and feel better instantly. Your cells will glow with all that fresh oxygen.

4. Exercise Daily and Make it Fun

Remind yourself of the benefits, and adapt exercise habits as part of your daily routine of extreme self care. Find something you truly enjoy. Even the best treadmill won’t be worth much if you never use it!

5. Cut Down on Caffeine

Gradually cut it out completely i.e. no coffee, black tea or coke! Herbal teas are acceptable. You can wean your body off caffeine within only a few weeks.

6. Cut out Cigarettes

Smoking has no place in your regime of total self care. If you need help to give up, contact a hypnotherapist – if you are really determined, you could give up today. Within a few weeks of giving up, your body will literally have a new lease of life.

7. Reduce your Alcohol Intake

Drink more water instead! Alcohol is actually very toxic – just think of your body cells suffering with the influx of this poison. So cut down or better still, give up completely.

8. Get Adequate Sleep

This will help your cells renew and reinvigorate your body. Determine just how much sleep your body needs and make sure you get it. Avoid watching TV, reading, doing work in bed.

9. Get up to Date with your Medical and Dental Checkups

Deal now with any chronic aches and pains. If conventional medicine has not helped, then consider one of the growing range of alternative and complementary therapists such as homeopaths. Check one out today.

10. Relax

Make relaxation a state of mind rather than something you reward yourself with at the end of the day or the end of the week. Have regular holidays. They don’t have to be fancy – the important thing is that you are giving your body and mind a chance to rest and recuperate.

11. Adopt a Positive Attitude and Spend More Time with Positive People

Get aware of those people who drain you, and minimise your time with them. This may seem harsh but remember that you are adopting total self care.

12. Take Some Time Out for Yourself Daily

Get some stillness in your life. Take up meditation or yoga. Begin to get in touch with your spiritual self.

13. Reduce your Commitments

Become ruthless and take on less – every time you agree to do something, ask yourself – is this the best thing for me and my body?

14. Clear out the Clutter from Your Life

Be ruthless and only have things that support you in your chosen lifestyle and which give you joy and reflect your values.

Begin to take total self care today, and you will enjoy life so much more once you have optimum health. Life becomes a joy, and you will have the energy, passion and drive to make the most of it.

Remember that it is your birthright to be healthy.

Start today and reclaim your birthright.

S for Self Care!

Top photo courtesy of peasap