Have you ever wondered why we say so much when saying less says so much more?

Yesterday I was invited to a personal development seminar by a friend which I found very useful.

Upon returning home I sent her a simple email with the subject header “Two words”.

In the body of the email I then included two words which we all like to hear again and again.

And what were those two words? Yes, you have guessed it.

Thank You. 

We all crave for appreciation, acknowledgment, a sense that we count and a feeling of belonging.

The best way of giving that to others is to thank them – and to say it like you really mean it.

You can even just thank them for being who they are. Or maybe even for who they are not?

So often, when someone pays us a compliment, we wave it away and say that it’s nothing. Or we get all coy and comment how we are not worthy of having such nice things said about us.

That actually disempowers the other person. Whereas all that you need to do in such a situation is simply to gracefully accept all kind words and just say thank you.

So let’s keep it simple today. First go and master the art of saying thank you.

And then from today onwards, let’s create a crescendo of those two most important words going around the world.

Thank you.

Please do share your own thoughts below.

PS What are you most thankful for today?

Image courtesy of cplbasilisk

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