be friends with your knee!

This afternoon my mother had a major operation – she had a knee joint replaced. Considering how major the operation is, she was very brave and was actually looking forward to it. Years of chronic pain due to arthritis are now hopefully behind her.

A few years ago she had the same operation on her other knee and it gave her a new lease of life. From being in constant pain and being limited in her movement, she was able to do much more. This second knee joint replacement operation should have her whizzing around in no time. It will be like having a new mum! Indeed, a bionic mum 🙂

I wonder if she will set off airport alarms next time she travels abroad, what with all these new security precautions.

Having learnt what the operation involved, it is quite amazing what medicine and science can do now. However, to me such experiences highlight the need to look after our selves much better. For example, our knees will be taking us around for rest of our lives so why not treat them with a bit more tender loving care?

If you are overweight, why not focus on reducing the burden on your knees? Apart from all the other benefits of losing weight, your knees will literally breathe a sigh of relief 🙂

If you are stiff in your legs and body generally (like yours truly), then how about some yoga classes to loosen up? I have recently rejoined my local yoga club so I will soon be able to do my rubber man impressions again.

Of course your diet is key in maintaining healthy joints in the long term. Review what you eat and learn about healthy eating. More of that another time.

For some people, a number of hereditary factors might cause arthritic deteriotion of joints and I guess that is something we just have to live with. But we can certainly do everything possible that would alleviate the damage and pain in the long term.

So remember that a healthy knee is a friend indeed :-).

You only have one pair of knees in your life – look after them.

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