rose blessings

Talking of abundance, remember that it is your birthright, and you are blessed to receive it all.

And to help you claim your birthright and your blessings, here are some positive affirmative statements from Catherine Ponder:-

“I am an irresistible magnet, with the power to attract unto myself everything that I divinely desire, according to the thoughts, feelings and mental pictures I constantly entertain and radiate.

I am the center of my universe!

I have the power to create whatever I wish.

I attract whatever I radiate.

I attract whatever I mentally choose and accept.

I begin choosing and mentally accepting the highest and best in life.

I now choose and accept health, success and happiness.

I now choose lavish abundance for myself and for all mankind.

This is a rich, friendly universe and I dare to accept its riches, its hospitality, and to enjoy them now!”

I wish you all a life of abundance

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