hurry up now!

I am lucky and blessed to have some very successful and enterprising people in my life as friends. Also, through my work I constantly meet inspiring and go getting people.

I am always curious about what makes such people tick and I often ask them to share their secrets and tips for what got them there.

A while ago, a good friend shared with me her secrets of success.

She mentioned how all successful and wealthy people have a HUP – “Hurry Up Programme

Most tasks are acceptable as good enough – just have to get it done!

The key is to let your personality shine in whatever you do.

During last weekend whilst attending the Buzz Marketing Masterclass, another friend Kavit Haria shared his principle of NOW – No Opportunity Waits.

So by combining HUP and NOW gives you 2 keys for success. Apply them both from now onwards and see the results in your life change dramatically.

Just remember:-

HUP – Adopt a hurry up programme in your life.
NOW – No opportunity waits – just grab it and do something about it.

Also, what lessons for success can you share with the world?

What one success acronym can you share with me?

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