jump for joy!

Today as the world celebrates Christmas Day, I would like to remind you that no matter what, we do live in a wonderful world!

Here is what I wrote on Christmas Day 2 years ago – Its a Wonderful Life

At the same time, let this time of warmth and generosity be a reminder to us that there is much more we can do in the New Year to make our world an even better place.

In a few hours time, I shall be a on a plane from London to India, the land of my forefathers.

India evokes all sorts of emotions in people and I know that it will be a life changing experience for me, just like a previous trip was.

On that time, experiencing unconditional love for the first time changed my life forever.

I will be away in India for 2 weeks and I will be sharing my experiences in future articles. Also look out for some guest posts.

I wish you all well for Christmas and of course for the New Year. And always remember that no matter, it is a wonderful life!

time to celebrate!

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