ask and receive!

During the summer of 2005, I took a lot of time out to reflect and rejuvenate.

A major breakthrough also happened for me during that period of rest and reflection – I finally began to ASK people for help and support. Though I had always been great at giving, I was relatively poor at receiving and asking for help. That changed that summer – I was no longer “Mr Independent” and it felt great.

That summer I learnt to follow my heart.

As you follow your heart, you will find that people cannot do enough to help you on your path. However, most people are reluctant to ask for help. But remember that even the most talented winners have had help along the way.

Until that summer, I was an expert at wanting to go it all alone and never asking for help. Thankfully that changed and I learnt that life is all about thriving, and not striving or struggling.

I invite you to also begin asking for help from today. And your life will rapidly become lighter, smoother and more joyous.

Here is a challenge for you – make a list of at least 5 areas in your life where you could benefit from help from someone else. And then make sure you ask them within the next week or even sooner.

People want to help and are just waiting to be asked. Just come from the heart and ask!

I will be delighted to make any useful connections, send you umpteen resources and engage with you in everyway that will help you follow your own heart and to help you blossom.

Just ask!

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