Isn’t it funny how the moment you get clear about what you want to do and you set your intention that things begin to happen!?

Over the last few days I have really focused and got clear on just what I want to do with my life and also my aims for 2007. Looking back to last year, one of the things I did was to work a lot of projects on my own.

It was a deliberate period of soul searching, healing and enjoying my own space and time. The key lesson was that though I can succeed and thrive on my own, to now really progress with my projects and to make a bigger contribution, I need to work in teams with like minded people.

With the onset of 2007, I decided to create larger, universal projects and got clarity about just the sort of people I want to work with.

Already, just the right people are showing up in my life, and today alone I have had great conversations with three friends and we have planted the seeds of future alliances. Suddenly, my projects have a new energy about them and much more seems possible.

So what are the learnings here for you?

1. Firstly, know that you are in the perfect place right now for where you need to be.

Though 2006 may not have been one of my best years, it is now history and I have learnt some key lessons. So it is now the time for you to move on and focus on what you would like to create in 2007.

2. Get clear about what you would like to achieve this year.

Whether you are employed or you work for yourself, set an intention for what you would like in your work life.

Also, review all areas of your life and decide what you would like to have happen in each area.

3. Decide just who you want in your life to support, nurture and inspire you in every area of your life.

Look back at the people you have had in your life in the past who have energised and uplifted you.

Reflect on their special qualities that you resonated with.

4. This may also be the time to let go of people in your life who no longer resonate with you. Review your friends.

Ask yourself: what am I getting out of this friendship? Does this person lift my energy? Do I love being in his or her company?

Harsh as it sounds, begin to gently let go today of any friendships that no longer support and nurture you. It will be good for both of you.

5. Believe in a world of abundance. Do not fret about sharing your ideas and aims, in case they are “stolen” or you get ridiculed.

Have a light, breezy approach and just chill out. Remember you are the creator here of your life.

Expect the right people to show up in your life and they will.

Have fun and enjoy the process.