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As we are now well into January 2007, how are you doing with your resolutions and plans for the year?

The key is you have to know what you wish to create. As you begin to get the life you love, just what is your vision of that life?

Do you love the life you have? If you had a chance to start afresh today, what would you do differently? Since every new day is also the first day of the rest of your life, ask yourself what you can do today, to help you create the life you desire, and indeed deserve.

A clear vision for your life is simply a picture of your future that you create with your imagination. This vision becomes a guiding image of accomplishment and fulfilment for you, and others. Seeing in great detail what you want in your future allows you to go all out and make more of what you want possible.

So ask yourself these questions:-

– What really excites you?
– What are you passionate about?
– What contribution do you want to make to the world?
– What do you want to be remembered for?
– What unique talents do you have to offer the world?

Spend some quiet time on your own, think about the rest of your life and ask yourself just what you would like to have achieved? Focus on those things you want to have done in your life before it is over. It might be to visit a place, a bungee jump, see all five continents, learn to drive and so on.

Get in touch once again with your passion and with that thing which you feel strongly about. Without passion, your vision may just remain a daydream – consider what activity makes you lose track of time, and what you are willing to dedicate the rest of your life to enjoy doing.

We can learn so much from ordinary people doing some extraordinary things, such as the athletes who compete in the paraplegic Olympics.

We might also consider figureheads such as Mahatma Gandhi, who dedicated his whole life to an independent India free from British rule and Nelson Mandela who stood by his commitment to a united and integrated South Africa despite being locked up for 27 years. They can inspire us to reach for the highest levels.


Project yourself into the future 25 years from now or whatever time period appeals to you and imagine looking back on your life.

– What accomplishments do you want to look back on with pride?
– What would you need to have done, for you to feel that you have had a full life and that you have lived to your full potential?
– Will you have maximised all your talents?

Spend some quiet time on your own. Visualise the things you want to do, in great detail. Get excited about your future. Write out a list of 20 things you want to do in your lifetime.

How would you feel if asked this question in the years to come: What do you wish you had done in your life?

Happy visualising.

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