look below the tip of the iceberg!

I came across the above image again recently after first seeing it many years ago when a friend shared how much we all had to offer the world.

His point was that we only ever look at a person at a superficial level but when we take some time to get to know them better, they have so much to offer.

We are all far more capable than we believe ourselves to be – or indeed allow ourselves to be.

In the same way, there is so much more to life and the world – we just have to look for the beauty within us and outside of us.

Ironically, as global warming begins to melt our icebergs, more and more of the tips are melting.

In the same way, what will it take for us to melt the protective barriers we put against ourselves and against other people?

The anwer surely is to take some time to get to know people better, dig just a little and you will soon discover the gold that we all have within us.

What gold within you is just waiting to be discovered?

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